Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Don't Really Know What This One's About...

Happiness (Noun)

1. State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

2. emotions experienced when in a state of well-being

I am truly happy, guys. I am content. I have a good life. I have been staying with my Aunt for the last little while, and it has honestly been some well needed time away from my usual surroundings. Although I miss the sidewalks, I like it hear. But I miss my family even though I talk to them on a regular basis.
I got a job I don't mind going to five days a week. I work with good people. I like my job. I like that it gives me time to run. I can run in the mornings or in the evening. I don't need to run in the middle of the heat anyways.
I like my running. I can stay happy if I can run.

I'm going to University. First on my mom's side of the family for University (my aunt went to College) and first on my dad's side for post secondary education. I know kind of where I want to go with my degree...Teacher? Fitness promotion?? That kind of a direction.
I know that things are going to change next year. I'm okay with that. Change can be a good thing. I think I have changed over the summer. I can't exactly pinpoint how but I think that I have matured just a very little bit. I still have my youthful exuberance and cynisism ( and always will) but I think that I can deal with whatever is thrown at me better.
On my birthday I was looking at what I had done the past year. (okay, well the day before actually cause I still don't remember too much). This is Birthday to birthday, not January to July...
1. I worked full time.
2. I realized what was best for me, and went bacck to school.
3. I went back to school not knowing anyone, and met some cool people.
4. I did pretty well in my courses.
5. I applied and got into University
6. I ran a Half Marathon!!!!!!!!! (Remember that?)
7. I realized that whatever comes to me, I worked for. It didn't just fall into place.
So, for next year, I have set a couple of goals out for myself.
1. Focus, and stay organized in school
2. Keep running a priority.
3. Get another, different job. More Experience. More Networking. More Friends
4. Enjoy th next year. Drink in the experience
5. Don't let the experience of University exams break my spirit.
6. Run a 1:35 at the Mississauga Half Marathon.
7. Do a triathalon (olympic distance, I think)
8. Build a big base
9. remember where I came from
10. work hard
11. Never take anything for granted.
So, maybe I do know what this one is about. It's about ME! Yep. I am happy.
I'm gonna be fine. I think I have known that for awhile but I truly realize it. I can handle whatever life throws at me. The bad moments only make the good ones sweeter, right? I am a good person, and if someone doesn't like me for who I am, that's there buisiness!
P.S. This is my 200th blog post. I encourage you to look back through the archives, and see how much I have actually grown up. Here's one post that's not worth missing...

To Do...

So, I am working out the logistics of actually running the Disney marathon, instead of just training for it...

The week of the race is like the first or second weekend after school get's back in. I don't know if I'll have work piled on or what..

I might have a room to stay in with people.

I can get a flight out of Toronto directly to Florida for $200.

If I leave Friday after classes, and come back Sunday after the race, then I am back for Sunday night, at which point I can resume classess..

Hmmm...? I gotta decide soon though cause the race is something silly like 90% sold out..

This is my To Do List (For going to school)

1. Get laptop.
2. Save as much money as I can
3. Get OSAP documents from my school
4. Take them to the Ministry of Training
5. Go back to school shopping. I dunno just need a cute bag and a nice pair of shoes or something...

Then starting on the 29th, it's FROSH WEEK!

I'm excited guys.

Did 20k on Sunday. Actually might have been more like 24, but I had to walk a little bit cause of the knee.

today I did hill repeats. The first one was REALLY hard and I couldn't figure out why, but I realized I was lengthening my stride instead of decreasing it and increasing turnover. I managed 4, until my knee started bugging me so I listened to master body, and I walked the rest of the way home. Might do an easy 8 later just because it's going to rain and I LOVE running in the rain.

It's off to work now friends. I will catch up with your blogs VERY soon.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quick End of Week roundup

First off, I apologize for the lack of blogging this week. It has been busy.

On Tuesday, I went for a tempo run, and my foot/ankle kind of rolled over, and my ankle went one way and my knee went the other, so since then my knee has been bugging me. I got some ice on it right away, and has been bugging me since. I'm aiming for 12k tomorrow. Then back onto what I was going to do this week.

The blood donation didn't go as planned. I went in, and I wasn't hydrated well enough--(they pinched my hand)and apparently you are also supposed to eat your whole diet in snacks before you donate blood. SO. I am going to call back and book another appointment...later.

I got an email for another half marathon on labor day weekend, and I am tempted to do it...Yeah. Just for the hell of it!

Today, I went shopping with my Aunt. Sportcheck had a sale on. You buy one, get one free. So I got 2 full peice, sporty type bathing suits, from nike.

Partially for school, and partially to start training for a triathalon (it's not happening in september.)

So, swimmers, I must pick your brain--what kind of goggles should I buy? How much should I expect to spend on them?

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I went to get a fit test today, at premier fitness, so I can get to work out at the gym. It took 2 hours. Whatever. You go through a survey, and the test your fitness, and take your measurements and set goals

I went into this knowing that I needed to tone up my body fat, and that my heart and lungs were in pretty good condition.

These were the results, then my rant:

1. I am fat. No, really, I am made entirely of fat. Well, 44lbs of me is fat, and the rest is muscle. I weigh 129 by the way. My body fat is 33%--OMG!!!

2. My blood pressure is 129/80

Ok, well first things first, nobody told me that you aren't supposed to drink within 24 hours of the fitness appointment: WOOPS

You shouldn't excersize within 24 hours of the appointment: WOOPS again, I did 17k yesterday, and it was a fantastic 17k too

Also, you can't have soft drinks, or junkfood within 8hrs of the appointment WOOPS again. We were up painting at 5 30 am, so I had a pepsi at about 9:00am.

Alright. So whatever. My bp was a little elevated due to the cooler I had the night before. And they stress you out. I am telling you.
"Oh, I am just going to stick 2 little electrodes to your hand and 2 to your foot, and we'll see how much fat your made up of."

And I am not a person that likes to go on the scale. To me, if I feel good and I am looking okay, Im happy. All that is just a number. So, whatever, they put me on a scale, and tell me the number. Then, we go back into the room to set some 'goals'.
Fine, whatever, I am 'goal oriented.'

"So, what do you want to weight?"-*Fit Trainer (FT)
"Um, maybe about 98lbs"-Note, this was a joke. A serious joke. I'm 5'4", 98lbs is disgusting.
"Hm. Okay." FT writes that number on paper...
"I was kidding. Maybe 105" (I still know that this is ridiculous, I want to see what they react.)
"Okay. So what about measurements."FT

SERIOUSLY!!! When someone says things like this, wouldn't you suspect like an image disorder? 105lbs would show every single bone on my body. EVERYTHING!!!
But no, I think that the more weight that a person wants to loose, the more money they think that you can get out of you.

And then we go to do my fitness test. Now to do the situps, they put you on an incline thing that I swear is like almost 90 degrees. They want you to do situps on it. yeah. Right. No thanks, I can do like 50 if you let me lay on the ground. Whatever.

So, they break you down, and then show you around their gym and give you demos of all the stuff that them, and their personal trainers can offer you.

Oh. And they called my lifestyle Sedentary. Meaning like I don't do anything. Yeah. Running anywhere between 20 and 56km each week is sedentary. Ha. Hahahaha.

Ok, so after they do all this, they look at how to reach my "Goal." Yeah. So they decided that I need about 2058 calories. Okay. So, fine whatever. But in order to burn 7000 calories per week and loose 2lbs, I have to cut my calorie intake by 1000. So. That leaves my calorie intake at 1058.


I don't think you got that so HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Yeah Right. So, on a day when I am running 12, 13, 14 miles, or a fast paced 6mile tempo run, I burn atleast half that. When I am doing a longer run, I burn atleast that OR MORE!! That means I am burning more calories than I am consuming. DUMB.

And as a side note, my Basal Metabolic Rate says I burn 1420 calories just doing nothing. Nothing. Sitting and breathing. How can I run, when I have a calorie deficeincy. That would equal (I am assuming) low energy.

Geez guys. And then they tried to sell me "MY ULTIMATE PACKAGE" which was nutrition and personal training...$2000/year. I am a student going into University. Yeah, another $2000/year on stuff that I am going to learn at school. Ha. Oh man. They knew that I am going into Kinesology too.

Man. I am bothered by this. All for the sake of money. Now guys, I have a pretty good body image and stuff, but you know what?! This has kind of brought me down. Stupid, I know but I have been walking around the house a big sweater on. Hah. I want to loose that body fat and tone up but I don't care if I loose weight in the meantime. Im still going to go to the gym because we paid for it, but I am going to disappear into the background...

I'll be okay guys, but if you see any signs of Excersize Anorexia or Bulimia in this blogger, I need you to keep me in line. I'm not that dumb, but numbers can get to me...You know they drill them into your head...

That's my Rant.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's in you to give!

Friends, I have to tell you something, so I cannot chicken out. This is something that I definately will chicken out on if I have the chance;so here it is in big bold letters...


That's right. Me. Tiger. The chicken shit when it comes to needles is planning on going into a church, filling out a questionairre, getting her finger poked, lying in a chair while some nurse sucks my blood out of me. All this is done willingly. Yeah. That's right. I had the strangest dream, and in it, it ended with me donating my blood. AND THEN I passed a sign for a blood donor clinic, so I guess it is meant to be.

As for todays 18 or 22--there was a severe thunderstorm ALL day. ALL DAY!!! You may recall that that is the only thing that I will not run in. So...Ill be doing "Flip-Flops" until exhaustion instead. And lunges. And I will try and do a sit up. Tomorrow is going to be SPEEDWORK! just cause I want it to be. Saturday is gonna be hard to fit in, and Sunday I am off ALL day! Even better ;0)

Oh and wanna know what else?? My gym, Gold's Gym, in Mississauga, where I am from closed. Guess what else? I am now a member of Premier Fitness. Guess what else? It has a pool? Guess what else?? It's open 24 hours! Know what that means? I can swim WHENEVER I want. Guess what else? It probably has a stationary bike!! Know what THAT means? I think you can do the math!!

So that's that folks. I am donating blood. It is said. I cannot get out of it...hmph.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Straight Away

Ok. Short and sweet.

I ran to work today to check the timing out.

It was 12k. It took a long time, probably cause it was hot, and hilly and I hadn't eaten (cause it was the morning.) It's okay though. The point isn't that it took a long time. The point is that I got out and did it. I'm okay that it took a long time because my speed will come back soon. Im not getting nervous. I think that I can do the Toronto one in October. and the Scotia in September as a training run. The running room's program is only at a 10k long run.

I ran down a country road. Honestly friends, it was 12 k straight out. With NOTHING. No houses, shops, grocery store, gas stations, prisons, NOTHING!! IT's really a challenge to not let your mind wander as to what coul dbe in the woods, or what would happen if you just dropped dead. There aren't even many cars!!!

I think I would have liked it better if I ran 12k by doing 6 out, and 6 back. It just seems so much longer by going all the way out. I dunno maybe its just me!

So, todays totals: 12km in the morning, 3km at the Running Rooms 20 minute Challenge=15km at the end of the day. That makes 21 for the week. Im doing good so far!! Tomorrow I'll see how I feel. I might do 12 or 18 or 22. We'll see.
Oh. and i did the running room's 20 min challenge for a free hat. With my Aunt and uncle joe. IT was fun. I enjoyed it. They enjoyed it. I got a free hat. They got a free hat. Can't turn that down can you? (I tried to get them to do hills with the half marathon clinic but they wouldn't)
P.S. Im already planning my next race out fit!
See you're keeping me in line and you don't even know it!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I didn't get physically beaten. I am just completely exhausted. I have begun a re-running thing.
Here's how it is.

Monday: 6km at a tempo pace. Complete. 4 of 6km, were sub 5minutes. It was fun.
Tuesday: rest day.
Wednesday: 12km run to work. Easy pace. Pm: 20 min challenge at the running room for free hat. Can't go wrong there.
Thursday: Either an easy 10 or a long run of 18km to small town near Kingston. Depending on the run on Wednesday
Friday: 6km tempo run
Saturday: 12km run to work (The only way for me to get there)
Sunday: rest

Total: 46km. (This is me not counting on the run to bath. I just need to see how I feel! I want this to be strenuous but sensible. If I can run 12 easy, then I can run the 18, cause I do 10/1's and i have no pace goal. I just want to enjoy it again like I did yesterday!

I hope that everyone is feeling fabulous. It's 8:00pm, and I gotta get up at 6 or 7 or whatever.

Keep me in line. I appreciate you my blogger friends.

Take care!!

Tiger aka. Speed Racer (Auntie Cyndy and Uncle Joe's nickname for me!)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Aftermath

So, friends, thanks for the birthday wishes.

On my birthday, I worked. After work, at about 8am we went to a staff party. We had vodka and pepsi. Apparently, after the first one I had a buzz. After the second one, I don't remember anything. We went in the hottub, and swimming, and again. It was pretty fun. I think. Except, looking at the pictures, I don't think that I should ever go back to work again. Ohh well. I probably wasn't the only one who was drunk.

Then, After the party we went to a bar/club called stages. (I was already longgg gone by then) I remember the drive there ( someone who was sober took us) and then being told not to talk, when the bouncer scanned my ID. I remember him saying Happy Birthday and the rest from there in is a blur. Apparently I dropped a drink, and then fully picked it back up to try and drink what was left. I also remember everything spinning. And I also remember meeting a guy from Austrailia...or the states...:S

Then, I got up 5 hours after I got home. I didn't eat breakfast. I didn't feel bad though. No headache, or nothing. I thought atfirst I might have still been drunk--But I didn't get hungover. I was told that I should get some grease into me, so we did that downtown,. I was just reaaallly tired, but didn't go to bed until 11 that night. My familiy came up from Toronto area to visit me. The buskars were in town, so I headed to see them, and spent 5 hours walking around downtown. We got home, and had dinner, and then we sat around, and chit chatted and laughed. Everyone else was drinking, but I definately didn't need anything else to drink. We stayed up late. I was tired. Overtired. They got a kick out of me mmy family did...

So, that's what is there.
Whats missing? The burn mark on my arm, and the explination behind all of the pictures...

I talked briefly to someone who went with me yesterday. Apparently, I made it very clear to everyone at the bar that I was a runner. Hmmm.

Speaking of running, I am definately looking at starting a more serious program. There is no way that I am going to be ready for Scotia or Toronto. I have been running basically for maintenance, (2-4 times a week, and they aren't the kind that are like normal runs. I haven't done a long run since the first weekend I got here, and I have been her for 3 weeks already. I have been doing tempo runs) I don't know why but I think it's just because I am completely beat and by the end of the day I can't stand. I have to overhaul nutrition and hydration and get back into this. (Not that I am out of it, I just have been running when I wanted to). I might run them for the distance and stuff, but not as a serious run. I think that Mr. Science teacher give me a run for my money though.

My aerobic capacity is pretty strong still, and my legs still have their base muscles, I'll get them back fast. This is hard, not being on familiar terrain...

So, now it's said. Since it's said, It is so....Keep me in line friends!

I got a new book from my birthday, "The Complete Book of Running" by Amby Burfoot. It's fantastic. I love it. And I got a gift card for the Running Room...New sunglasses and New Shirt, Here I come!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Secret

I told you folks a few posts back that I had a secret...

My secret is that I am not running this weekend because....

It is my 19th birthday. In Canada, 19 means that you are of legal drinking age...

Which means that tomorrow I will be going out and getting shitfaced.

I dont plan on running because I have only drank 3 times and I am a lightweight when I do drink, so I don't know if I will be in any condition to run...

So friends, have a productive working out weekend.

You won't need to drink or eat cake, cause I will do enough for all of us!
Happppppy Birthday To Me!!
P.S. Don't worry I won't be making a habit out of this drinking thing. The novelty will probably wear off before my 3rd drink...The 2 lifestyles don't work very well together...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Recently, I learned about 2 young lives that were taken away due to sensless acts, such as drinking and driving. I didn't personally know either of these people, but one was away in his home town of Manitoba for only one week, and was in an accident, and the other was here in Ontario.

I have mentioned a long time a go about a friend that I have, who has a chronic illness and doesn't have much more time here with us.

I don't know what's worse. I know that they are both bad. But would dying so suddenly and not having a chance to really live, be worse than knowing that you could well, you know, very suddenly?

And how does this affect the way that I should live? Should I live like theres no tomorrow, or should I live reserved.

When I say goodbye should I say goodbye like I am never going to see this person again?

I know that when I talk to family on the phone, no matter how angry I am or how the conversation went I say "I love you" cause I would hate for something to happen and them not know it.

A lot of the tragedies are so senseless. And why do bad things happen to good people? I don't know. It's getting to me.

Running is my coping mechanism. Usually it's enough, but right now, it's not. Sorry for showing you guys the meek little kitten instead of the strong tiger--It's probably the fact that it's super annonymus.

Live you're life like it's your last day.

Just tell me it's going to be ok...Please?

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Just a side note--I have just started to look up the muscle groups in the body so that come September I may not have such a hard time memorizing stuff and learning all of the needed information.

So i have a plan. I am going to start with the legs and work my way up--Im starting with the abductors cause that's what I could find on the internet...

Geez, it's crazy to see how the body actually works...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Short and Sweet!!

Thanks to everyone for their input on the decision making process...

The decision is tentatively made...

I will...

Run them both. I'll do the first one as a race, because it's flat and fast. Everyone I have asked can tell me this.

The second one, is the one I will do as a run. My Science teacher has told me that he is aiming for this one. I'm going in September to see if he will actually do it.

Got lot's of good news from OSAP. Im so lessed stressed.

Running wise Im doing good. I've actually done a couple of days where I run twice a week...It's part of the recruiting innocent people to become a crazy runner like me.

I have a secret, and Im not gonna tell you until next Thursday!! :0)

Hope everyone is doing fantastic.


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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Decisions, Decisions!

Today is Canada Day! HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!


I have some decisions to make. And I don't know which one I am going to decide on. Cause I suck at making decisions.

I can do the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon in 90 days. Im sure I could be ready for it. I don't know if I will be fully trained though.

Or I could do the Toronto International Half Marathon in 104 days. That's a 2 week difference. I am sure I could be ready for this one too.

But, do I want to have the extra 2 weeks and possibly run a bettter race?

I'll be home in August--the middle of August. This gives me about of month to do my long runs in places where there are sidewalks. Before that though, I will be running down County Roads with no sidewalks and lots of cars...and hills. I can't get to the Running Room. It is so far away.

I can proabably suck it up.I think I'll aim for the International...Maybe I can do Scotia as a practice run...and International for my time goal...Hmmm. That way I get BOTH t-shirts. hahah. I also start training for the Disney Marathon on September 7th, although I am not going to run it. Im soo excited about that.

That's my story...