Thursday, January 31, 2008

So Far So Good!

Monday was Hurdles and a 10k run.
Tuesday was Tiger getting electracuted and hurt.
Wednesday was a pathetic 3k aerobic run.

Let me explain the pathetic part to that statement. This "aerobic" run was done during track and feild. You Run for 3 minutes, and walk for 2. Repeat this 4 times. Then, you run for 2 minutes and walk for one, repeat times 3. THEN you run for 1 minute and rest for thirty seconds, repeat that times two.Seriously. I'm not even COUNTING that as a run. Boohoo.

Then, yesterday evening I went out for a 10k tempo run. Yeah. That's what I said too. It was minus 21 with the windchill (Veryyyy cold) but I dressed warmly! While I was at the Running Room, I found two other people who WERE MY PACE! I mean, before I would run with people who are either faster or slower, but never someone who was my pace. I just would grin and bear it if they were too fast, and have difficulty walking the next day, or I would run with the slower people when I hadn't slept in a week or was hungover. On a normal day, I would run ahead, and then turn around and come back. I did however find, that when I ran with slower people that I have better conversation.

Basically what happened was I really didn't know where I was going, so I hooked on to two people, and it turns out we meshed PERFECTLY! We talked about cooking, and future races, and time goals and why we started running. We talked about school and work, and places to visit! IT didn't feel like we were running AT ALL! :o) IT was fabulous! And today I am excited to go back, because my new friends will be there, AND my Tante K and Auntie Helen who have recently finished Disney are back (along with some of the other people from that clinic) So it will be fun! :o)

Thursday: Sub-maximal V02 max test. AHAHAHA. Stupidness. So Hard. You step up and down to music for three minutes, and check your pulse. If it's above a certain level, you cannot continue on. As the levels go up, the pace gets faster. At the end, you're practically doing plyometrics with a single step! So, I made it to the last level. And I almost DIED! Not literally, but it hurt.
Tonight: 8km tempo run. FUN, eh? hahaha. I guess it is, friends, I guess it is:o)

The plan for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend
Get up at 5am and run 16k, my long run for the week.
Saturday: 6k run, however I decide to do it:o)
Sunday: NOTHING!

So all in all, I think it will be a decent week. Now, I just gotta hope that the Snow Storm we were supposed to get holds off until I run my 16k on Friday! :O)

Takee care


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inured :o(

I'm injured.
I went to see Dr. Stephanie Adey today.
She preforms A.R.T therapy.
And does orthotics.
And hooks you up into a machine that
And makes you want to curl up into a little ball and cry for your mom.
She may be eye candy for the men...But damn is she tough.

So I went in just for orthodics.
She looked at my feet, took the cast, and suggested we get rid of the pain that it is causing me.
So then she looks at my I.T. band and claims that it's tight.
( I believe her cause damn it hurt)
I get hooked up to a machine that electrucutes me for 15 minutes...

Then, she comes in and puts pressure on my I.T. band, my shins and my ankles.
The theory is that adhesions don't like pressure. Normal soft tissue doesn't mind pressure, but
scar tissue doesn't like it, which is why it hurt so bad.

So, I go back twice a week for as long as insurance will cover it.
I'm NOT looking forward to it.
But I can still run through it.
I haven't lost my outlet :o)

HoPe AlL iS weLl!
I'm running away this weekend for a weekend.
I'll be so happy!

Take caree Friends



I don't really know what that last post was about.
Forgiveeeeee me.
So little time.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Double H

Warning: Long, boring...and not making any sense blog post...
Since I am boring--Here's a play by play of what my crazy Monday looks like...
This is what my today looked like:

5am: Wake up, get dressed
5:25am: Go back to sleep
6:30am: Wake up and realize it's 6:30, and that I had to be on the bus 15 minutes earlier...Rush out of her house to the bus. Miss the first bus, and get on the second bus.
7:15am: Run to go bus. Get on go bus. Sleep
8:30am: Kine 1000 lecture on Race and Ethnicity in sport...Uhm---anything but interesting
9:30am: Kine 1020 Lecture...More interesting. On V02 max
10:30am: Kine100o Tutorial--Again...not very interesting
11:30 am: Lunch. Disgusting pizza, with lots of hot sauce and a diet pepsi. (perfect University student meal, huh?)
12:30pm: HURDLES!!!! hhahaha. Oh man. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wore my knee brace, so I didn't re-irritate the ACL injury. I only knocked over 2 hurdles...
1:30pm: Go to pick up stuff from friends in Stong...End up staying for awhile and speculating what I had done that Saturday.
2:30pm: decide to leave. Get on go bus. Yay. Sleep again.
3:30pm: Get to work. Inform managers that the word nacho should never be said in my presence...yeah. Don`t ask. Justa little drinking expidition I had over the weekend.
4:30pm: Head down to the Running Room...
5:30pm: Get to the Running Room. Haha. Walk in, and change. Decide which hills to run.
6:15pm: FINALLY leave to go to run my hills.

*Funny (or maybe not so funny)story about hills. Decided at 6:45, that I would run hills tonight, because I didn`t get out yesterday. Which sounded good. Originally, I had decided that I would run 5 repeats on Bexhill (WHICH IS HUGEEEE!)...and then after track, I said, Ok, I`ll run 5 repeats on Spring Hill (A Little smaller, but still a reasonably good size)...then I was on the bus going to the Running I said...5 Hill Repeats on Queen Street. And that`s what I did. I had to drag my ass out of the Running Room door though.

7:15: Done Hills--THANK GOD! Go back to the Running room. Chat a little. Rick comes in. We leave soon.
8:00pm: Mr Noodles and a chocolate bar for dinner..mmm mmm HEALTHY!
And here we sit.

Haha. Reading blogs. Yay.
So to make up for the non-running post...Igive you a `sorta`running post.
I am actually a little concerned about the time commitment from this marathon clinic.
I`ve already signed up for ATB.
So I didn`t just waste $50...I HAVE to train.
SO, I`m all over the place today. Boo.
Ì will be back and normal soon.
I hopeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I need a break.
There`s nowhere to run to anymore.

I think it turned 10 oclock but I dont really know,
And I cant remember caring for an hour or so
I started crying and I couldnt stop myself,

The above is a verse from Matchbox 20s song called How Far We`ve come
P.S.MY apostrophe and quotation marks are not working. SO, my grammer and spelling are not that bad, they just dont work. And I do not want to have to restart...So deall:oP

Im gonna fall apart soon...
Hahah. Friends, you rock.
Thanks for listening and reading my blabber.

Im going to spend 500$ tomorrow on orthodics.
Sent Science Teacher an e-mail. Still no response. Might have to go and visit him to see what the deal is...


Friday, January 25, 2008

I wish

I Wish Life Were Easy.

I know what you're thinking: We ALL wish life was easy, but let me explain.

Try and remember back to when you were eight years old, and everything could be fixed with a bandaid and a hug from mom. You got married on the playground, and forgot about it before you went home. Life's biggest problems consisted of someone not letting you play four square with them, or someone refusing to trade thier brownie for your peanut butter cookie. You were best friends with EVERYONE on your street, but still had one special best friend who would collect your homework, or let you be your favorite Lion King character when you played 'imagination.' The drama consisted of a tiff between your mother about what time you went to bed. There were no boys involved, and the biggest hurt you could imagine was falling off your bike. You didn't need an outlet for your energy, or to get rid of all the bad stuff, because by the end of the day you were too exhausted to stay awake past 7pm anyways. Staying up til midnight on New Years was a challenge, and you would always like to prove everyone wrong, trying to stay up on the weekends. Faith was an easy thing to have. You thrive in the wonder of the world, and believe in something more.

Life was simple. Life was easy.
I miss that.

Now life is time management. You have to make sure you have time to do all your homework. You have to make sure you have time to clean your room, go to work, and fufill all your family obligations.

Life problems are incrementally bigger. It's no longer about peanut butter cookies and four square. Lifes problems are now family problems. Money problems. Stuff that didnt' matter when you were eight matters now
Drama between friends happens over boys. Drama happens with parents. The once small tiffs about what time you were to go to bed at turn into HUGE arguments at what time you have to be in by, or what you do or don't do around the house.
Instead of being best friends with everyone you talk to, you are lucky to become aquaintances. You still have one or two best friends, and a few good friends, but it is hard to tell who is real and who is fake.
The outlet you have found is fantastic. You run, and you stay sane. It's when this outlet takes second to school and work and life, and you start going crazy because you are not able to do it.
Now lifes hurts are much bigger. Not only do we have to worry about physical pain, we have to worry about broken hearts and hurt feelings.
Faith isn't so easy to have anymore. You can't ignore what's going on in the world. You have to put up with it, and you start to question the possibility of something more.
I want to be able to run free again, and enjoy the wonder. I want to not worry about getting hurt. I want to talk and not be judged. I want to be able to yell at someone and express myself without having to worry about sending them over the edge.
So, usually I'm okay with growing up, but apparently today I'm not.
Sorry for the non-running, vent-like post.
Keep Running,

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Am I Doing With My Life?!

Seriously, guys. I know that I'm going to University and I have a job, and a family who I help to take care of BUT LOOK at those guys. He's an Ironman, and he ties a raft around his waist to pull along his son, then picks up this full grown man, and runs with him through the transition area, where he puts him in a bike. He bikes the 112miles, and then pushes him in a wheelchair past the finish line. You can see him getting into it too! It's so nice. Such a good father he is. I believe he has run Boston too. And he won't qualify by disabled standards. He will actually run the time that is required for him to get in!

Seriously. Amazing.

In other news we did sprinting on the track yesterday--which wasn`t too exciting. Then I ran a 5k tempo run (which was supposed to be 10k, but I think I am pretty much on the verge of pulling one of my hip flexors.)

I called the CNIB yesterday and told them that I wanted to run or bike with a blind athlete. The woman on the phone, before she sent me off to the volunteer co-ordinator that it was amazing. I called the Achilles foundation, and they are going to check their database and see if they can find one for me! However, the bike club isn`t open yet. Oh well.

I also got myself some `Hatphones`. I run with an ipod, so I got hatphones. It`s got a spot for the ipod and the headphones are actually insside the hat. AMAZING.

P.S. I didnt run on my one year anniversary:0(. I did homework instead. Boo.

Run Strong

P.P.S (or P.S.S, Im not sure) i`m going to go see if my science teacher is still running, because then I know how to train. Im doing that in like 2hrs:o)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy One Year Running Anniversary to Me

Happy One Year Running Anniversary to Me

Happy One Year Running Aniversary Dear Tiger,

Happy One Year Running Anniversary to me!

So, today marks the exact date that I started my journey through 'serious' running (Incase you didn't get that from above.

I don't count the first 6 months where i could have quit at any time, and injured my stupid stupid knee, and spent months in physio recooping. I'm sure I could have just quit when that happened, but NO.

I decided to go back, and join the half marathon clinic with the 'core seven'


Yeap. So I think it's a special day.

Next year holds lots and lots and lots of fantastic stuff...such as a new garmin...and a 30k racce, and a half marathon with Mr. Science teacher...(Well, I'm going to double check this one day this week), possibly a triathalon (of some sort) and a marathon...Busy me.

Thank you, my blogger buddies, for being the best and for sharing your wisdom and listening to me vent :o)

Today, for my one year anniversary I will run either a mile or a kilometer dependent on how much work I get done today, between now and then ( i have to start studying for psych because I failed my last test)


P.S...RUSH has a song called MARATHON. It's fantastic. I suggest you go to Itunes and legally purchase it right now**

**I don't really care, I don't want to get sued though :o)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First long run

Today I went out for a 13k run, with the Running Room's Marathon clinic. A woman in my mom's 5k walking class, her husband is a marathon runner, and I got introduced to him last Wednesday at Starbucks.

Today, I was admittedly nervous going into the run; I didn't know anyone, and I'm not a big fan of 'cliques'. Wait, I shouldn't say that I didn't know anyone, I didn't know anyone my pace. I was kinda floating near my mom and asked her to wait for me when i came back. She said "GO LATCH ON TO SOMEBODY"...and I hesitated, and told her that I was a big girl and I would be fine.

She then initiates the help of the woman in her clinic who has a marathon runner husband--She dragged me to him, and I nodded and smiled. He was super nice, and introduced me to lots of people. He told me that I was welcome to run with him, or that there were people up ahead. I decided that I would just go ahead and run with him and his gang.

Along we ran, they were all chatting away. I'm not a chatty person when I first meet people. I like to listen to them talk, and then I can join in. I probably said 25 words the whole run. It's okay though. Everyone was super nice. They run pretty slow, about 30 seconds slower than my LSD pace, but it was all good, since it was my first long run since Christmas.

Oh, and we ran 16k, not 13k...Yep. Ohhh well. Next week my long run will be on Thursday, because my friend is turning 19...and the party is at my place on Saturday night. SoOoOo. An easy 20k by myself. I've found a place online where I can get a Garmin 305 for $219.00 so I might just break down and buy it. I can't wait for my new one to come in. I still have to send it away for goodness sakes. I just won't buy anything for a month! :P.

So, I've got stuff to do! Boo I wish I didnt.

Tiger away.


P.S. Tuesday is a Special Day. Ccan anyone guess what it is?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Not sure


Tiger here.

So I said, on Wednesday I signed up for ATB, and Thursday I signed up for the marathon clinic. My first run back in a while was an 8k tempo run. Of course, there was an options for a 6k run, but I went with the 8k. Yeah.

It pretttty much sucked.

Yeah. Oh well. I guess that I have to get back into it. 8k tempo probably wasn't the best idea for practically my first day back. And I am exhausted. Already. I've only been back at school 5 weeks. Speaking of being back at school 5 weeks, I have a paper due in threeeee...

So in this clinic we are expected to run 5-7 days a weeek. Wednesdays are tempo/hills/speed, Thursday's are usually a shorter Tempo, Sundays are Long run. This week the long run is only 13k. I can do that with my eyes closed! :-P So we are starting relatively slow-ish.

So, I like our new instructor. She's a nutritionist, 5 time marathoner, 2 time half ironman, and one time ironman. I think she knows her schtuff. She seems friendly enough. Definately not Robb though, he's the one who pulled me through my first half.

A few things I have noticed about this group--It's 54 people as of yesterday. There are a variety of speeds but I feel VERY in between. Like, as in, there are a few people faster than me, and then theres me and then theres a bunch of slow people. I don't know. It also feels very cliquey. You know, the groups that ALWAYS stick together, and talk to each other and its hard to get into the group? Yeah, well it's like that. And all my people are recovering and I am not sure if they are actually going to join the next marathon clinic (The one I am in)

I may onlly think its cliquey though because I have only been there for one day. I hope it isnt the way the first impression gave me, because I am telling you those are going to be some lonely long runs.

I was thinking that maybe I don't actually want to train for a marathon. Haha. I did on Wednesday. But Yesterday after the run I'm not sure that I do. I think it might be the tired fact...and the first impression fact. I dunnno. It will probably get better.

They say bad things happen in 3's. I've counted, and I'm at like 8. Seriously. Can't talk about it cause we don't know for sure. Just think positive thoughts my way please!

Got papers to write. And at 10-12k run scheduled for today...

Later Daysss

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Mile Results

So, Today we did the One mile run in Track and Feild.
I have a cold and a sinus headache.And I slept in an extra 90 minutes this morning.
But we did it. And, It sucked. And I suck.

But I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would.
I ran a 7:23, and I was the first girl in, and beat half the guys.
So, I could have done better, had we gotten more than 2 laps to warm up, and had to do hops and medicine ball throws in the meantime.

SoOoO. That's that. And I was alll worried about it.
Tonight there are two options:

1) 6-12k depending on how I feel and how good my playlist is.
2) Bed, with cough syrup and advil.

It will really depend on the kind of nap I get on the go bus. It takes awhile on Wednesdays cause I leave much much later and we drive in Rush hour. Rush hour in Toronto SUCKS.

Um, yeah so I'm in class right now. Not learning yet, we're on a break.
Learning about memory actually.

Well, I'll update tomorrow with what I decide to do, and what I decide to run.
I will know for sure tomorrow if I am joining the clinic, soOoOoO...I'll either run "long" or I'll run tempo. Ahahaha.

Life is fine.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I. am. committed.
I bit the bullet. I signed up for Around The Bay
So now, I have no choice but to train. I am going to join the marathon clinic. Then I have someone to train with.

Life's been pretty hectic since Christmas, but, even a week delayed I am off the bad food, and the lack of exercise, and all of that other stuper bad jazz.

I am off the juice. Lol.
Tomorrow is the one mile run. For real this time. Yesterday we did some lame stuff, we were in groups of three and you had to run 10 laps each but you would wait until 2 other people had run their one lap. It was dumb. I was like bored.
And we all know how the first 15 minutes suck. We know how bad they are. And we had to START ALL OVER AGAIN after each lap. It was lame.

Tomorrow, I am going to have to go at like 11:30 for a 12:30 class so I can warm up for 40 minutes and THEN I can take a gel so I can KILL the mile. Hahahaha. Yes. I rock. I'll probably get like 6km in. Hopefully. Cause it's on the track.Boo. Then the extra mile. Then maybe she'll let me go early.


Anyways, Im gonna head out.
I haven't been sleeping well. Maybe I'll have a nap in lecture.


P.S. I was kidding about the napping in lecture. I think i need to buy a york sweater though

Monday, January 14, 2008


This will be a quickie post, seeing at it is 5am.

I want to congratulate Everyone who ran the Disney Marathon this weekend!

Wes and DeeDee coming in at 7:01

Who is the only blogger friend I knew who ran this one;
And all of my buddies from the Running Room! Wish I could have been there.

Helen coming in in 5:44:25
Kathleen coming in at 5:17:36
Alyson coming in at 4:59:27
Rob finishing i 5:37:24
Kristi crossing the finish line in 5:16:04
Teresa in 5:37:23
Wendy done in 5:37:23

And Stuart showing up nowhere on the radar, possibly because he used a code name, but i'm sure he did great.

And to EVERYONE who ran the half in Disney,(there were something like 16 from the Running Room) Great job as well!

Apparenlty athlete stalker (aka athlete tracker) doesn't like me because I am in Canada. I signed up to stalk my running friends, and to recieve 'live' text messages but NoOoOOoO. I didn't get those, nor did I get e-mails either. Booo disney Athlete tracker.

Ok, I'm done. It's something like 5:38 am. Im on crack for being awake I guess.

I just had to point out the AMAZING accomplishment that my running friends have just made!

Soon, it will be my turn!


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Track and Feild Hurts.
I am in a lot of pain.
Like I don't think I have EVER hurt this bad after a long run.
It's a bunch of different muscles that hurt too. A lot of hamstrings.
Save me.

Im thinking about doing the Marathon Clinic at the Running Room, and messing around with the runs. I don't know why, but I want to. SO I might.

I'm done complaining now!

From: ME

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It has been made quite apparent that I am NOT a Sprinter. As in we started Track and Feild Today, and it's filled with Track Stars, Girls with long legs and super super super fit basketball players or something.
Seriously. I came dead last in the 60m sprint, (from what I understand) and I did pretty bad in the 200m too.
We are doing the mile run on Monday. So, I am thinking that I could kill that one! I could KILL IT! Or not. To get a good mark, you need to get like under 7 minutes. Im thinking I could do it in 7.5 or less. Maybe. And I think that I might not have lunch, and then just have a powerbar an hour before and then eat one of those disgusting gels. hahah. Then I will have more energy. Yeah, and then I can kill it. I think that tomorrow when I come to just do homework at the library, I am going to run 3 miles on the track (BORING). I'll do one as warm-up, see how fast I can do the next one, and then a cool down of about a mile.
Haha. So, 8 of my bestest Running Friends from the Running Room are going to run the Walt Disney World Marathon this upcoming Sunday. They'll be wearing the coolest shirts, that have like Port Credit lighthouse with Mickey ears or something. They're blue, and they say Race The Mouse on them. SO if you're there and you see them, tell them I say HI! Hahaha. Seriously though. But they know me as Emily.
I went to look for "Good Luck on your upcoming marathon" cards. Do you think Hallmark makes them? Hm?! No. They don't. That meant that I had to be creative. I bought a pack of cards, and they had a little bear holding flowers. I wrote on them.."Pretend that it's me waiting at the finish line with a bouquet of flowers".
I had tried to make all eight of them the little beaded safety pins that you put on your take out the coil things and then put it back on, and it's fantastic. I was gonna put a lucky penny on them, but I couldn't get the damn coil out of the safety pin.
I so wish I could be there. Seriously. But a University student's budget doesn't seem to be going for that. But I will be with them in spirit. Or in stalking. haha. I have set it up so that I have alerts going to my cell phone when the pass the 10k, 21k, 40k, and finish line! And I;m going to try and run 10k at about 10am, depending on if i have to work or not.
Hahaha. So, Im slowly getting back into this running thing. I am SO Exhausted. Completely beat. I've been abducted by aliens...
Or Text Books.
Hahha. Ok. Soooo I'm gonna goo cause I have class at the other end of the school in 10 minutes.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

So we went to Niagara Falls and it was fun. I ate bad, walked a lot, swam a lot, but did no Running. IT's hard to eat healthy when all you have access to is greasy fried food. If I had the courage to ever step on the scale, I am sure that it will show that I am about five pounds heavier than I was before I went to Niagara falls. BUT I DON'T, So I won't.

I am not on my home computer, so i will not have pictures today. You know why I am not on my home computer?! Because, I went to Niagara falls, and we came home and I swear we Lake Ontario in our main level. Please note, my Computer is kept on the main level in a little basket underneath my bed. Thankfully, NOTHING happened to that, but the telephone thing, the wireless router AND the internet are all in critical condition. Gargh. Just one more stress on my plate. NOT COOL!

Hm. So, as for training, I have to pick a race. Well, that's a lie. I have to pick a training plan. Well, that's another lie. I need to DESIGN a training plan.
Ok, maybe that was another fib. I HAVE designed my training plan...
Now I need Your Feedback!

I have written out my entire schedule, including job hours, homework hours, lectures, and uhm a little bit of social hours. This schedule also includes Running Hours.

Tiger's Super 30k Training Plan
Goal Race: 30k Around The Bay
Time Goal: 2hrs and 40 minutes
Which is a goal pace of: 5:33/km.

My Training Plan follows these basic principles:

Hill Training: Done Once a week, on Monday's, after work. Hill training will be done on Bexhill. It's big, and long and stuff. And Steep. And perfect :). Don't think I'll be able to convince anyone to do it with me though. Haha.

Recovery Run: 2 x per week. Tuesdays and Fridays. Option for Rest day or Cross Training Day on Tuesdays.

Speed Work: One time per week. Wednesdays. In that four hour break I have. Before lunch, and after my morning lectures. Probably about 11. Start with 5 x 800, and I'll figure out the tiime I should do my repeats in *(Let me know if you have an answer) Work my way up to 10x 800.

Long Run: K, so I understand you might yell at me and tell me it's a stupid idea BUT...hear me out. Or don't. But I'm writing it anyways. What I am thinking IS...On Thursday I will do my long runs. Start at noon. End anywhere between 2 and 4, depending. I will make my long runs between 32 and34km so the distance is nothing new. It's just that I have every other thursday off and the other ones I have class from 8:30 to 10:30...I would also like to have quite a few "Race Pace" miles in there as well.

Tempo Run: Done on Sundays when everyone else is doing their long runs (at the running room) I could treat the Half marathon clinics runs as a Long Tempo Run. They start at 7.5km...and then when the distance increases, I could run the first 3km as a warm-up, 10k as a TEMPO run, and then the last 3 as a cool down. I don't think the tempo portion needs to be more than 10 or 12k...

Optional Rest Day or Cross Training Day: Saturdays. Which is also a work day. Cross training may include bicylcing, swimming, or some sort or aerobics or weight training.

So...that's my super fantastic plan. Now you may pick it apart!

I'm going to have to go and talk to my Science teacher to ask him if he is still Running. If he is not, then I will have a different goal for the Mississauga Half Marathon. Yeah. I would rather he run it though. It would be more fun! And besides, he promised :P...I have a long time to run a 1:35.

I go back to school on Monday. I'm not really looking forward to it. I promise to catch up on all of the blogs that I have missed once I get my internet back.

I guess I have some more important things to be doing...rather than sitting at the Internet Cafe...

Tiger AWAYYY..

(I sound like a super hero)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bon Voyage

I will be leaving for Niagara Falls in T-15 minutes. We're staying at a Hotel for 2 nights, and we have 2 days of Water Passes to the Fallsview Resort! Needless to say, there will be no running for the next three days, as this is the ONLY time that alll 6 kids are together!

I have stories, and Resolutions, and Training Plans to share, but that will have to wait til Friday! I'll give you pictures then too!