Monday, January 28, 2008

Double H

Warning: Long, boring...and not making any sense blog post...
Since I am boring--Here's a play by play of what my crazy Monday looks like...
This is what my today looked like:

5am: Wake up, get dressed
5:25am: Go back to sleep
6:30am: Wake up and realize it's 6:30, and that I had to be on the bus 15 minutes earlier...Rush out of her house to the bus. Miss the first bus, and get on the second bus.
7:15am: Run to go bus. Get on go bus. Sleep
8:30am: Kine 1000 lecture on Race and Ethnicity in sport...Uhm---anything but interesting
9:30am: Kine 1020 Lecture...More interesting. On V02 max
10:30am: Kine100o Tutorial--Again...not very interesting
11:30 am: Lunch. Disgusting pizza, with lots of hot sauce and a diet pepsi. (perfect University student meal, huh?)
12:30pm: HURDLES!!!! hhahaha. Oh man. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wore my knee brace, so I didn't re-irritate the ACL injury. I only knocked over 2 hurdles...
1:30pm: Go to pick up stuff from friends in Stong...End up staying for awhile and speculating what I had done that Saturday.
2:30pm: decide to leave. Get on go bus. Yay. Sleep again.
3:30pm: Get to work. Inform managers that the word nacho should never be said in my presence...yeah. Don`t ask. Justa little drinking expidition I had over the weekend.
4:30pm: Head down to the Running Room...
5:30pm: Get to the Running Room. Haha. Walk in, and change. Decide which hills to run.
6:15pm: FINALLY leave to go to run my hills.

*Funny (or maybe not so funny)story about hills. Decided at 6:45, that I would run hills tonight, because I didn`t get out yesterday. Which sounded good. Originally, I had decided that I would run 5 repeats on Bexhill (WHICH IS HUGEEEE!)...and then after track, I said, Ok, I`ll run 5 repeats on Spring Hill (A Little smaller, but still a reasonably good size)...then I was on the bus going to the Running I said...5 Hill Repeats on Queen Street. And that`s what I did. I had to drag my ass out of the Running Room door though.

7:15: Done Hills--THANK GOD! Go back to the Running room. Chat a little. Rick comes in. We leave soon.
8:00pm: Mr Noodles and a chocolate bar for dinner..mmm mmm HEALTHY!
And here we sit.

Haha. Reading blogs. Yay.
So to make up for the non-running post...Igive you a `sorta`running post.
I am actually a little concerned about the time commitment from this marathon clinic.
I`ve already signed up for ATB.
So I didn`t just waste $50...I HAVE to train.
SO, I`m all over the place today. Boo.
Ì will be back and normal soon.
I hopeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I need a break.
There`s nowhere to run to anymore.

I think it turned 10 oclock but I dont really know,
And I cant remember caring for an hour or so
I started crying and I couldnt stop myself,

The above is a verse from Matchbox 20s song called How Far We`ve come
P.S.MY apostrophe and quotation marks are not working. SO, my grammer and spelling are not that bad, they just dont work. And I do not want to have to restart...So deall:oP

Im gonna fall apart soon...
Hahah. Friends, you rock.
Thanks for listening and reading my blabber.

Im going to spend 500$ tomorrow on orthodics.
Sent Science Teacher an e-mail. Still no response. Might have to go and visit him to see what the deal is...



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