Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It has been made quite apparent that I am NOT a Sprinter. As in we started Track and Feild Today, and it's filled with Track Stars, Girls with long legs and super super super fit basketball players or something.
Seriously. I came dead last in the 60m sprint, (from what I understand) and I did pretty bad in the 200m too.
We are doing the mile run on Monday. So, I am thinking that I could kill that one! I could KILL IT! Or not. To get a good mark, you need to get like under 7 minutes. Im thinking I could do it in 7.5 or less. Maybe. And I think that I might not have lunch, and then just have a powerbar an hour before and then eat one of those disgusting gels. hahah. Then I will have more energy. Yeah, and then I can kill it. I think that tomorrow when I come to just do homework at the library, I am going to run 3 miles on the track (BORING). I'll do one as warm-up, see how fast I can do the next one, and then a cool down of about a mile.
Haha. So, 8 of my bestest Running Friends from the Running Room are going to run the Walt Disney World Marathon this upcoming Sunday. They'll be wearing the coolest shirts, that have like Port Credit lighthouse with Mickey ears or something. They're blue, and they say Race The Mouse on them. SO if you're there and you see them, tell them I say HI! Hahaha. Seriously though. But they know me as Emily.
I went to look for "Good Luck on your upcoming marathon" cards. Do you think Hallmark makes them? Hm?! No. They don't. That meant that I had to be creative. I bought a pack of cards, and they had a little bear holding flowers. I wrote on them.."Pretend that it's me waiting at the finish line with a bouquet of flowers".
I had tried to make all eight of them the little beaded safety pins that you put on your take out the coil things and then put it back on, and it's fantastic. I was gonna put a lucky penny on them, but I couldn't get the damn coil out of the safety pin.
I so wish I could be there. Seriously. But a University student's budget doesn't seem to be going for that. But I will be with them in spirit. Or in stalking. haha. I have set it up so that I have alerts going to my cell phone when the pass the 10k, 21k, 40k, and finish line! And I;m going to try and run 10k at about 10am, depending on if i have to work or not.
Hahaha. So, Im slowly getting back into this running thing. I am SO Exhausted. Completely beat. I've been abducted by aliens...
Or Text Books.
Hahha. Ok. Soooo I'm gonna goo cause I have class at the other end of the school in 10 minutes.


At 11:41 AM , Blogger Wes said...

I'll look for your friends Tiger! Sometimes its better to be stronger, than faster!


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