Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One more to go!

Ok. So...
I went for a run...5k. It was alright. I was supposed to run with Kathleen and Helen but they both ditched me. So instead of running an easy 10k,I ran 5. Instead of these 5 being tempo, they ended up being my LSD pace. It's ok though, because I like to meet new people! :0)

So, I have been consistantly studying for the past, oh...6days. Yeah. SO If I don't know the stuff now, I am pretty certain that I won't. I am feeling pretty o kay about it, but the exam is worth something like 45%. That's a lot. And it's all multiple choice. AND the info is hard stuff. It's not easy you know.

I have learned that University exams are VERY intense. You walk in in pairs. You line up 15 minutes before. You walk in, and you are directed to each go to a different end. There are 500 people in one place and you can hear a pin drop. It's ridiculous. People come around and sign you in, and they check your ID. Not only do they check your ID, the actually LOOK at the picture to see if it's you on the card! It's pretty crazy! :P

Then tomorrow, immediately follwing my exam, I'm going to my dads house. Yeah. Good fun.

K. So here I go...
Wish me luck..



At 4:49 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Hope you had a great exam! That is crazy. Nothing like that when I went to University. With that said, it IS important though!!

Have a good time at your dad's place :-)


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