Friday, November 16, 2007

Scary thought...

Apparently, just recentely there was a threat of an act of violence to one of the administrative staff at my school...
Apparently the guy who was threatening them had a gun.
At my school.
See, I understand that things like this happen everywhere, but I was niavely under the impression that it wouldn't happen at MY school. That's right.
So...Ive been a little uneasy lately. BUT...I cannot live my I dunno. I just can't, ook.

Hm...So I finished that paper.
And since University has started, I haven't been running as much and it is starting to go like this.

Emily walks into her house after a long hard day at school. She says hello to her mother who then explodes on her. (Most of the time for no reason at all). Emily then retreats to her bedroom, to work on homework and gets bombarded by a 4 year old sister. Haha. Emily wishes she was living on residence. Emily is also making a concious effort to get out for a run atleast 3x per week, and swim atleast 3x per week. It has been said before that I am not a very nice person when I don't run. I am a self-addmitted Grouch.

I can't wait til this Sunday's 28k. Advil before the run so I don't feel anything! ITs gonna be good. I know it. This is however, if I can convince my job to let me come in at 1 instead of 10...Yeah. Im kinda having second thoughts about this working thing. I think I just wanna work Thursday nights and Saturdays. This way I can still run Sundays. That way Sunday's can be Running and Recovering (and all the other importannt stuff like studying, and pretending to study...and napping)I dunno. They know that it is important to me, and what's the worst they can say, right? It's no. And if they do, I deal with it.

So. Im tired. Im running on 3hrs sleep. Then I get to go to work tonight until like 8. Then. I get to go to either bed, or to a movie. Dunno.

Have a great weekend guys! And Happpy Thanksgiving? :o)



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