Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Post Run Thoughts, from the coffee shop

Hello my friends,
So, I am supposed to be doing homework, but instead I am sitting in Starbucks, waiting for my ride after running hills.
Hills were fantastic. I love hills.

So, its been almost a year since I have been kicked out of the 10k clinic. Remember how unhappy this Tiger was?? Haha. We won't revist it. But now, look at me! The only thing that bugs me now is doing the Breast Stroke in Swimming...and Running 26k. Haha Im kidding, everything hurt after that 26k.

I swore in my last blog, that I would NEVER do a marathon. Ever. But...Then the advil kicked in and all the negative thoughts were gone. And then, I slept. And Slept...and slept. Im getting good at this sleeping and procrastinating. Someone needs to yell at me for being a slacker.

Now, my prediction, is that next Wednesday, Ill be so stressed out, have a nervous breakdown, and then write a very good paper. I don't necessarily want to do this though, and I am making my thesis and analysis and going to see the tutor on Thursday. Yeah well thats the plan atleast. I've said it, so it is so.

OH~ And today I swam 12 laps, without stopping or touching! (Which is a big accomplishment) Cause when I do anymore than 2 laps, I ususally stop and chit-chat! BUT I did it. Then Thursday Ill do 20. Or 30. Or 1000. K no, maybe 20.

Hmm... What else, what else what else??
OH! I KNOW! I HATE REALITY! I wanna go back to being a child where everything can be healed with a bandaid. But it can't. Sometimes boys are stupid and clueless. Sometimes I think they should be banished from the planet because when the population dies off, it could happen in peace. Ok. Im a LITTLE bitter...But I would have been less bitter if I went out last night for my run at 8pm...in the hail but I couldn't get out the door...
*Might have something to do with the drinking I did last week. But... Life goes on. I don't wanna die with a big bag of 'What If's'...

Haha. Soo guys, I am actually at the coffee shop now. Having steamed milk with vanilla! Its good :o)

So I guess that means I am signing off from the coffee shop!

Run Strong,


P.S. Love the title eh? It RHYMES!!!


At 7:11 PM , Blogger Wes said...

LOL. You were on a roll tonight :-) Of course you can do a marathon. I thought I would die when I ran 14 miles. Then I ran 18. Then 20. If I can do it, you certainly can!!

At 8:07 PM , Anonymous Annie said...

I ran nowhere today
Except up the stairs to answer the phone
I'm pro
But you're even more pro
Seriously, good job with the swimming :) That's really good
And I really like your writing style. Had to add that last bit in
:) <3

At 10:33 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Great job on the 12 continuous laps. That's a great milestone.

Most swimmers hate doing breastroke. True breastrokers are freaks.

At 2:59 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

"Post run thoughts from coffee shop" would be a good middle section of a haiku...now we need 5 syllables for the beginning and the end! (The traditional haiku consisted of a pattern of 5, 7, 5) Maybe, "I love those tough hills," for the first line? What for the last line???


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