Monday, November 19, 2007


YESTERDAY, I ran 29km. Ouch.
The first part of the run (about 6k) I ran with one of my friends who is slower, and I was starting to go a little bit faster than she was. She's like, 'the faster people should be here soon, I don't know what's taking them so long. So, eventually we get overtaken by the 'Elites', and as she heard them coming she said 'go with them' and i said. HAHAHAHA! NO! A)I wouldnt be able to keep up and B) I don't know them and C)NO!

So we wait some more, and there were more people behind us. I didn't want to be the front of the crowd as I am "Directionally impaired" even WITH a little mappy thing. So, then some more people come along. I was getting a little restless, so I kind of picked up the pace and ran in between some new people. And I didn't know them and they didn't seem very friendly. SO...I by the time we got to like the school, it was a walk break, so I turned around to go find some more people.

Then the run became good again:o) People to talk to. Yay. So we ran back to the Running, and caught up with one more person, had a bathroom break, and refilled our water and were on our ways for another 14.5km. Yeah. First thing that is said on the second part of our run is "The First 14.5 is always better than the last." Yeah. Thanks. haha.

So, we run, and we run, and we run, and we run. And we keep running. And it was fantastic. Fantastic until about 23k. IT started to not be fun anymore. OH WELL, I can deal with it. 25 or something we get to a big long hill in the park. THAT HURT! I was cursing Rob on that hill. Then, we recovered, and started begging for walk breaks.

The total time was about 3:08 minutes by my watch.

So, since I had to be at work about an hour later, I had to quickly change and get ready. So, I neglected to stretch properly. Yeah...Bad, Bad, me!!!So, work sucked. But whatever. I left early-ish.

Today I hurt. Bad. lol. My quads hate me. If I step the wrong way, the side of my legs hurt!! Sigh. Oh well. Yay for hills on Bexhill tomorrow. Haha. Im a freak!

Okk friend.

Have a great week!



At 10:23 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Nice run there, Tiger! Keep good form in mind all the time, especially while recovering! Helps avoid those little twinges.


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