Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 In Retrospect

I figured I'd best write a blog post about the past year, and the thing's i've learned throughout it.

January: Ran my first race EVER! Decided to go back to highschool, with the goal of finishing without being noticed. Bought my first major running purchase (Fred, my garmin). Started training for the Mississauga Half Marathon, with Robb's clinic and the core seven. (and a bunch of other people)...The idea for the half marathon came from my science teacher at commencement the year before.

February: Started Highschool. Started to feel really strong doing tempo runs, and long runs. Got my first taste of real hill training, and really enjoyed it. Realized that running was not simply an excersize, it was a way of survival and a great stress reliever. Ditched the knee brace. Applied to University.

March: Maybe starting to enjoy highschool...not the work, the new people I've met. Just a little...Ran over 10km.

April: Ran 10 miles, and felt on top of the world. Started speed work. Got accepted to the University of my choice, for the program of my choice. Hit the Wall on an 18km run. Ran 20km. Became a designer and started to design my very own race shirt!

May: Ran my first half marathon 73 seconds off my time goal... Experienced no sleep, pre-race nerves, and post running blues. Loved to tell the story, and show my medal off. Enjoyed the whole experience.

June: Spent this month, finishing off assignments for highschool (What possessed me to go back I don't know) Figured out the transfer of my job. Went to a talk at the Running Room and watched Lisa Bentley speak. Got my race pics in. Gave them to the important people. Went to live with my Aunt for the summer to 'grow up.' It was seriously like a vacation

July: Turned 19 years old, in a strange town. Probably ran 10 times all month. Enjoyed the vacation. Went to work in the same job with no responsiblility. IT was a nice change. Ran something like 24k, on a like 40 degrees celcius..hott...

August: Got ready to go home. went camping with my family. Prepared for University...was still excited about it... Started to run agian.

September: Started University. Mother was hositalized, and nobody would tell me what was going on. Then I found out and wasn't allowed to tell anyone. Stress of school, and life started to get to me. Running Consistantly agian. Joined Robb's marathon clinic, and started to train for a marathon I am not even running.

October: Mom comes out of hospital at the the Canadian Thanksgiving. (IT was easier when she was in there cause then I didn't have to deal with the reality of it). Running becomes more of a stress reliever and survival mechanism then EVER before. School is starting to get stressful, and work is piling up. Cue nervous breakdown. Learned that boys suck. Ran over the half marathon point.

November: Got my first paper back. It was an A! Work is being ridiculous. Ran about 6 times all month. Most of my time was spent onm my bed eating garbage and studying. Probably failed my psych test. Ran first 'right of passage run' to Union station.

December: First set of University exams. Can you say STRESS?! I survived though. Then, I ran. Symbolized my freedom for awhile. I SURVIVED MY FIRST SEMESTER OF UNIVERSITY.

What I Learned
I learned it's okay to need people
I learned it's okay to cry
I learned that I have the bestest friends in the whole entire world
I learned that it's easier to live by ripping off the bandaid and hurting for just a little while, than it is to live wondering how someone else feels.
I learned that smiling and laughter don't always fix everything
I learned that the best weapon is a positive attitude
I learned that no matter how hard life seems, it will always get better!
I learned that the more your procrastinate, the longer it is hanging over your head.
I learned that in order to stay sane, I need to run
I learned and am starting to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.
That's my 2007 in retrospect.
Think about your 2007. Post it, or don't post it. Always good to reflect.
Hope all is well, and that you had a merry Christmas.


At 1:53 PM , Blogger Wes said...

When you are young, and everything is new, it seems like you have to cope with so much stuff so fast. You seem to be absorbing the challenges of life well. I hope you have a great 2008 :-)


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