Sunday, January 20, 2008

First long run

Today I went out for a 13k run, with the Running Room's Marathon clinic. A woman in my mom's 5k walking class, her husband is a marathon runner, and I got introduced to him last Wednesday at Starbucks.

Today, I was admittedly nervous going into the run; I didn't know anyone, and I'm not a big fan of 'cliques'. Wait, I shouldn't say that I didn't know anyone, I didn't know anyone my pace. I was kinda floating near my mom and asked her to wait for me when i came back. She said "GO LATCH ON TO SOMEBODY"...and I hesitated, and told her that I was a big girl and I would be fine.

She then initiates the help of the woman in her clinic who has a marathon runner husband--She dragged me to him, and I nodded and smiled. He was super nice, and introduced me to lots of people. He told me that I was welcome to run with him, or that there were people up ahead. I decided that I would just go ahead and run with him and his gang.

Along we ran, they were all chatting away. I'm not a chatty person when I first meet people. I like to listen to them talk, and then I can join in. I probably said 25 words the whole run. It's okay though. Everyone was super nice. They run pretty slow, about 30 seconds slower than my LSD pace, but it was all good, since it was my first long run since Christmas.

Oh, and we ran 16k, not 13k...Yep. Ohhh well. Next week my long run will be on Thursday, because my friend is turning 19...and the party is at my place on Saturday night. SoOoOo. An easy 20k by myself. I've found a place online where I can get a Garmin 305 for $219.00 so I might just break down and buy it. I can't wait for my new one to come in. I still have to send it away for goodness sakes. I just won't buy anything for a month! :P.

So, I've got stuff to do! Boo I wish I didnt.

Tiger away.


P.S. Tuesday is a Special Day. Ccan anyone guess what it is?


At 7:05 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Wow! That's a great deal on the Garmin. Luck you :-) OK. Tuesday is not your birthday, cause I checked :-) First anniversary of starting University? Hmmmmm?


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