Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Mile Results

So, Today we did the One mile run in Track and Feild.
I have a cold and a sinus headache.And I slept in an extra 90 minutes this morning.
But we did it. And, It sucked. And I suck.

But I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would.
I ran a 7:23, and I was the first girl in, and beat half the guys.
So, I could have done better, had we gotten more than 2 laps to warm up, and had to do hops and medicine ball throws in the meantime.

SoOoO. That's that. And I was alll worried about it.
Tonight there are two options:

1) 6-12k depending on how I feel and how good my playlist is.
2) Bed, with cough syrup and advil.

It will really depend on the kind of nap I get on the go bus. It takes awhile on Wednesdays cause I leave much much later and we drive in Rush hour. Rush hour in Toronto SUCKS.

Um, yeah so I'm in class right now. Not learning yet, we're on a break.
Learning about memory actually.

Well, I'll update tomorrow with what I decide to do, and what I decide to run.
I will know for sure tomorrow if I am joining the clinic, soOoOoO...I'll either run "long" or I'll run tempo. Ahahaha.

Life is fine.



At 12:55 PM , Blogger Wes said...

If I was sick, it would be an easy choice for me :-) Nice miler, there Tiger! Do better next, yea!

At 2:01 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

You did very well with a cold and sinus headache, time you'll beat that PR!!

Rest and get well as your run probably made your immune system weaker.


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