Friday, January 18, 2008

Not sure


Tiger here.

So I said, on Wednesday I signed up for ATB, and Thursday I signed up for the marathon clinic. My first run back in a while was an 8k tempo run. Of course, there was an options for a 6k run, but I went with the 8k. Yeah.

It pretttty much sucked.

Yeah. Oh well. I guess that I have to get back into it. 8k tempo probably wasn't the best idea for practically my first day back. And I am exhausted. Already. I've only been back at school 5 weeks. Speaking of being back at school 5 weeks, I have a paper due in threeeee...

So in this clinic we are expected to run 5-7 days a weeek. Wednesdays are tempo/hills/speed, Thursday's are usually a shorter Tempo, Sundays are Long run. This week the long run is only 13k. I can do that with my eyes closed! :-P So we are starting relatively slow-ish.

So, I like our new instructor. She's a nutritionist, 5 time marathoner, 2 time half ironman, and one time ironman. I think she knows her schtuff. She seems friendly enough. Definately not Robb though, he's the one who pulled me through my first half.

A few things I have noticed about this group--It's 54 people as of yesterday. There are a variety of speeds but I feel VERY in between. Like, as in, there are a few people faster than me, and then theres me and then theres a bunch of slow people. I don't know. It also feels very cliquey. You know, the groups that ALWAYS stick together, and talk to each other and its hard to get into the group? Yeah, well it's like that. And all my people are recovering and I am not sure if they are actually going to join the next marathon clinic (The one I am in)

I may onlly think its cliquey though because I have only been there for one day. I hope it isnt the way the first impression gave me, because I am telling you those are going to be some lonely long runs.

I was thinking that maybe I don't actually want to train for a marathon. Haha. I did on Wednesday. But Yesterday after the run I'm not sure that I do. I think it might be the tired fact...and the first impression fact. I dunnno. It will probably get better.

They say bad things happen in 3's. I've counted, and I'm at like 8. Seriously. Can't talk about it cause we don't know for sure. Just think positive thoughts my way please!

Got papers to write. And at 10-12k run scheduled for today...

Later Daysss


At 9:09 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Keep the faith Tiger. You just need to be friendly and TALK to people :-) No clique required. Bad things happen. I don't know about threes. Positive vibes your way...

At 8:02 PM , Blogger Fran said...

It's your first day. I think it may look cliquish at first but it always seems that way initially


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