Thursday, January 31, 2008

So Far So Good!

Monday was Hurdles and a 10k run.
Tuesday was Tiger getting electracuted and hurt.
Wednesday was a pathetic 3k aerobic run.

Let me explain the pathetic part to that statement. This "aerobic" run was done during track and feild. You Run for 3 minutes, and walk for 2. Repeat this 4 times. Then, you run for 2 minutes and walk for one, repeat times 3. THEN you run for 1 minute and rest for thirty seconds, repeat that times two.Seriously. I'm not even COUNTING that as a run. Boohoo.

Then, yesterday evening I went out for a 10k tempo run. Yeah. That's what I said too. It was minus 21 with the windchill (Veryyyy cold) but I dressed warmly! While I was at the Running Room, I found two other people who WERE MY PACE! I mean, before I would run with people who are either faster or slower, but never someone who was my pace. I just would grin and bear it if they were too fast, and have difficulty walking the next day, or I would run with the slower people when I hadn't slept in a week or was hungover. On a normal day, I would run ahead, and then turn around and come back. I did however find, that when I ran with slower people that I have better conversation.

Basically what happened was I really didn't know where I was going, so I hooked on to two people, and it turns out we meshed PERFECTLY! We talked about cooking, and future races, and time goals and why we started running. We talked about school and work, and places to visit! IT didn't feel like we were running AT ALL! :o) IT was fabulous! And today I am excited to go back, because my new friends will be there, AND my Tante K and Auntie Helen who have recently finished Disney are back (along with some of the other people from that clinic) So it will be fun! :o)

Thursday: Sub-maximal V02 max test. AHAHAHA. Stupidness. So Hard. You step up and down to music for three minutes, and check your pulse. If it's above a certain level, you cannot continue on. As the levels go up, the pace gets faster. At the end, you're practically doing plyometrics with a single step! So, I made it to the last level. And I almost DIED! Not literally, but it hurt.
Tonight: 8km tempo run. FUN, eh? hahaha. I guess it is, friends, I guess it is:o)

The plan for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend
Get up at 5am and run 16k, my long run for the week.
Saturday: 6k run, however I decide to do it:o)
Sunday: NOTHING!

So all in all, I think it will be a decent week. Now, I just gotta hope that the Snow Storm we were supposed to get holds off until I run my 16k on Friday! :O)

Takee care



At 7:53 AM , Blogger Wes said...

You are a brave woman for getting out there in that cold. Brrr! I don't see how you do it!! You are one tough chica!!!


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