Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hey Friends!

So, I've decided, based on your feedback, that I might have a PRB. And I like this because it all fits into a tidy little package and explains the me not feeling like me, stuff. To that effect, I have decided to re-look at my goals. Well, I'm actually looking at them for work,but I was going to leave the fitness goals.

I was starting to feel better. Apparently, though, I jumped way back into life way too fast, and my body is exhausted. My breathing is fine during most of the day when I'm relaxing and not doing too much but by the end of the day, it gets tough. And by the end of the day I couldn't breathe, and I was at work, and for someone like me, that's mortifying. I hate that it's breaking me down.

But it no longer will. Because, I'm planning! :)

I've made a timeline. What for, you may ask????


Yes. See look. I wrote it down. On the internet. Which means that all of you lovely people are going to keep me accountable...for what may be the longest training EVER! See, I'm not doing this years Ironman Lake Placid (See, I said it again). This year is going to be focused on learning to swim, and building a base on my bike (inside). I'll run halfs for awhile, do a half Ironman (just throwing that word around, I think). Then, hopefully, I will run the Scotia full again. Of course, I'm still doing ATB, but I think I'm going to cut back on the running races and focus on this Ironman (at the advice of Cliff).


Monday November 3rd 2008 until April:

  • Get this breathing stuff under control
  • Buy a bike trainer
  • Learn how to swim
  • Get aerobars and clipless pedals and shoes
  • Start to figure out the Nutrition Thing
  • Eat 70/30 -70 percent good, and 30 percent not so good
  • Build running, swimming and cycling base.
  • Run Around the Bay Road Race

April to July

  • Peak for training
  • 2 half marathons in May--One for training, one to race.
  • Olympic Tri that I haven't found yet, just for training, and getting used to transitions and stuff. Maybe even the Muskoka Long Course.
  • The Half Ironman is in July (just after/before I turn 21)
  • Go to Lake Placid and Volunteer. Then sign up for IM Lake Placid the next day.
  • Have the nutrition NAILED!
  • Be very very particular about what goes in my mouth

July to January

  • Run Scotia
  • Continue to build large base. Cliff said to take it easy.
  • Have a base of 90miles biking, 24miles running and 3 miles swimming (I know it's only 2.4 miles in the water BUT it's open water so I'm sure it's going to be harder)
  • Do one or 2 hard workouts in each category each week, keep the rest of it easy.
  • Strength training 3x/week

January to July 1st

  • Ramp it up. Hard workouts in all three areas.
  • Run shorter races (HM, short tri's) as speed work and preperation.
  • Lots of long stuff--rides and runs
  • Very healthy eating

July 1st to IM Time

  • Make lists
  • eat healthy
  • don't get sick
  • shorter rides and stuff

So, I'll figure out an actual training plan soon. I still have to learn how to breathe again, but I have something to look forward to and something to get excited about. So those are my big goals. And I'm throwing them out there, cause I know you guys care:)

Good luck to WES and RYAN just incase I don't get to post before they do their IRONMAN on Saturday.

They might just be my inspiration:)

I also think you all need to go read even if you haven't been following his story.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Great Debate--PRB?

Hello and welcome to another bipolar blog post, with the one and only Tiger Monster.

So, yesterday, "Gotta Run" posted a comment on my post that said something about Post Race Blues. So I googled it, just cause I was curious, and immediately thought that this all made sense. Your body is tired, and it's more prone to getting sick (Read: Pneumonia).

While preparing for a race, you may spend weeks or months honing in on that
single goal and organizing your life to adhere to a strict training regimen.
That laser focus and prescribed schedule keep you going when you're
your body to do more. The loss of this direction naturally leads
to feelings of
aimlessness and despondency. The emotional roller coaster
you've been on also
takes a toll. "As you get back into your pre-training
routine, the excitement is
gone and recovery sets in," says Lesyk "That's
when it hits the hardest." It's
not just in your head. There are
physiological reasons for the post-race slump.
You ask so much of your body
for so long during training and the race. Once
you've met your goal and need
less from it, the body responds by shutting down
to recuperate, says Jim
Taylor, Ph.D., and Terri Schneider in their book The
Triathlete's Guide to
Mental Training (Velopress, 2006). "This physical downturn
also expresses
itself mentally in thoughts and emotions"

See, it all makes sense. It explains me not being myself, which bothers me. Its an explanation all in a tidy little package, and we know how Tiger likes her nice tidy packages.

So I mentioned it in passing to a few people and they all think that I'm just reading too much into it. Maybe I'm just searching for the tidy little package, and its just nothing and I'm tired of being sick and not myself. Maybe I'm just making it mean something when I know it doesn't mean anything. All are possibilities.

So I dunno. But I am going to go for a walk today (barring getting to work early enough). I would run but the lungs are still not up to running.

And nobody is going to know about this, except for my favorite virtual friends.

I'm pretty sure this makes no sense, so for that I'm sorry.
Be back sooooonnnnn.(hopefully with a post that makes sense)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

How I'm Doing...

I am absolutely exhausted. Beat. Tired.
I feel like I've been hit by a truck.
I thought--since I'm a 20 y/o marathoner, that I could jump right back into life after being treated for pnuemonia for about 5 days.

YEAH RIGHT! I worked yesterday, and it was quite a shock to my tired system to be on my feet for 10hrs instead of in my bed. I went home naseous, with blue fingernails and barely able to breathe (despite taking my puffer 6x). Promptly fell asleep.

Today: Pretty much the same thing. Had intense problems breathing. Did meet two Ironman people and got pretty excited. Speaking of Ironman, Wes will be completing one in about 6 days. Anyways, By 3:30 I was ready to pass out and die, however, I managed to make it through the rest of the day, without too many people catching on.

NOW: I'm thinking about running. Because I haven't run in a month. I'm making two people a Running Plan (and pretty folder), and making a board for work.

NOT SO COOL STUFF: For a girl who never cries, I've been crying a lot. I'm sure it must be the lack of running. Positive. But it doesn't mean its not frustrating.
My schools Teacher's Assisstants, and janitors and stuff might go on strike. We find out next Sunday. If they do, that means there is no class. Last time they went on strike for 72 days. The strike is apparently scheduled for 11 weeks. That would be frustrating.

COOL NOTES: Met a woman today who ran a half a year ago, and we got to talking and I told her about the marathon and stuff, and she got really excited. After she finished trying on clothes, I asked her when her next race was, and she said she didn't know but that I had inspired her and she was going home to look online and she would come back to see me and let me know how it went.

I think that's super cool. Being able to inspire a complete stranger! :)

The Doctor gave me a turbuhaler. I wonder if it'll make me run faster (as soon as I get used to the woozy side effects that I feel)

CONGRATULATIONS to Trev and Maggie (My store's (old) assistant manager and the Regional Manager) ran their first marathon in Venice, Italy! I online stalked them several times throughout the night (and they had super wicked splits! I'm super excited for them and can't wait to hear about their race--I can only stalk the pictures and the online videos.

ALSO--Congrats to Marci who rocked the Niagara Marathon course, and got a PR. I haven't heard the story, but I'm sure she'll have a race report up soon.

AND--I'm meeting up with my first friend from highschool. I was a new student to school in the middle of grade 9, and I haven't seen this girl in FOREVER! So I'm meeting up with her on Thursday after class. I'm pretty much excited!

I hope you're all doing fantastic. I have 3 midterms this week. Fan-freaking-amazing. I'll be around as much as I can. Miss me <3

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Goodluck to Trevor and Maggie who will be running their first marathon tomorrow.
Send them positive vibes and good thoughts in the comments (they don't have a blog) and think about them at 3:15am tomorrow!

Also, good luck to Marci who'll be rockin' the Niagara falls marathon tomorrow.

Anyone else who's racing, GREAT LUCK.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Spectating sucked. But it's what had to be done.

But I'd like to think I'm a good coach cause all of my people who ran finished, most acheived their time goals and a few even obtained PRs.

I went to work after spectating and felt like bum and couldn't stop coughing. Some random man (Who I am assuming was a doctor) asked me what my name is and then he said "You need to leave work and go to the hospital right now, you have pneumonia and you could die"

I, of course, didn't listen to him, however I did end up going to the Walk In Clinic yesterday. When I blew into the peak flow thing, it was yellow (It's like a stop light--green is good, yellow is not so great and red is bad). Then I saw the doctor who heard "crackling" and told me I have pneumonia. Small world, huh?

Sent home with a heavy duty prescription, 2 puffers and orders to rest. I always find with antibiotics that i feel worse before I feel better. And I totally can't breathe. And its frustrating. And now I get to go and write an exam doped up.

Woohoo. We'll see how that goes.

I'll be back when I have something to write about--until then I'll be lurking and commenting on your blogs. Congrats to those who ran a race this weekend. I expect timely race reports from you all. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sometimes the Right Decisions...

Are the hardest ones to make.

I'm not going to be running the Half Marathon today. It's 12:42 am, and it's the second time I've woken up because I haven't been able to breathe.

This is going to make for one Grumpy Tiger though. I dropped $85 bucks on this things. And I would have run it. Realllyyy. But then those silly people who love me acted as the voice of reason. And there were tears (and I don't cry, remember) and frustrations (I think I was pretty not nice) and the decision I had made before leaving work tonight was that I would run, and listen to my body. If I didn't finish, it would be fine. But if I'm laying down in bed and am waking up because I can't breathe, I'm not sure running is a good idea.

I will be going to the race course tomorrow to support my friends and people in my running clinic that are running. Thats right. I'm going to NOT run but I am still getting up at 5am to go and support my friends reach their goals.

So here I am; not able to breathe, $85 poorer, and pretttttttyyy grumpy.

The right decision sucks. And so does the voice of reason.


Friday, October 17, 2008

All expos should have race socks.

I *heart* running expos.

I just got back from the Toronto Marathon Expo. I totally planned on going in and getting something from the jewellery store, some Dirty Girl undies and a Marathon Girl shirt.

However, this expo was wayyyyyy smaller than the Scotiabank Marathon Expo.

Instead, I wandered around aimlessly, and picked up some e-load tablets. I thought I was going to get out of there without spending money, until I found a booth with Katherine Switzer and Roger Robinson were sitting at a table, with a bunch of the books 26.2 Marathon Stories.

They were signing books, and since I couldn't find the other things I had come for, I decided that I wanted a book too. And they signed it. On the inside of the book, they wrote:

For Tiger,
In celebration of your first marathon, Scotiabank 2008, and many more to come. Welcome to the greatest sport!

And before I left, I gave Katherine Switzer a hug. For those of you who don't know who she is, CLICK THE LINK! She was in Spirit of the marathon and the first woman to officially run in the event. She finished in 4:20, and she was 20 years old, so I've decided that there is still hope for me. Katherine Switzer has her own book and as soon as I finish the 4 I have going, I'll start that one.

It was a really neat expo experience, but I have decided that every single race needs race socks. This one didn't have them and I was a little disappointed, considering there was a plethora of other 'official race merchandise'.

In other race news, I went for a run yesterday.

My legs are feeling incredibly fresh. I could be running 4 minute kilometers. Seriously. My lungs, however are disagreeing with the whole concept of running, and I had to stop and hack up a lung several times throughout the 3ish kilometer run. So we'll see how it goes.

I'm pretty excited about winging it. Seriously.


I *h e a r t* race reports!:)

Talk to you Monday sunshines:)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tagged! And other things.

So, Marlene tagged me. I decided I would be a good blogger (Because I've been a terrible blogger lately) and do the tagging thing. I fear, however, that I am not that interesting, nor am I that weird. You be the judge.

  1. I had an imaginary friend named Melanie until I was about 13. Even though I had a ridiculous number of brothers and sisters. To this day, I don't know where Melanie went. She ran away...

  2. When I'm watching movies or television (in the off event that I have spare time) I get really really into the characters lives. I'll scream at the characters if they're doing something stupid even though I know that it's just a movie and that they're just characters and none of this means anything.

  3. I cannot watch scary movies for the life of me. When the grudge came out, I went to see it with my friend, and the popcorn I bought ended up on the head of the person infront of me. When the Saw movie came out, I made it about 15 minutes of the way through it and made my dad turn it off. (Side Story: Apparently there is this website that is promoting SAW 5, and you type your friends name and phone number/email in and it'll call them and say "Hello, (name) do you want to play a game? I am here with your friend (name). You think it's over but its not. (Or something like that)". So I get this phone call last night from this unknown number. I got to the end of "Do you want to play a game" and threw the phone across the room, and spent all night searching for this website so I could sleep without worrying about waking up somewhere strange and having to cut my leg off. END STORY)

  4. I eat cheese with Barbeque Sauce (usually a spicy one). Word.

  5. I don't really like chocolate all that much. I mean, I think it's good every now and then, but I can't eat a lot of it. It makes me sick. And I'll only eat sweetened white chocolate or milk chocolate. (My siblings like me during halloween).

  6. I don't know if I'm ever going to have babies. I know that most people from a big family, want to have a big family of their own, and its their dream from the time they're like 13. I know that this could change, but I don't think I'm ever going to have more than 2 babies.

Ok, that's my weirdness. Nowwww for the hodge-podge.

  • I'm running a half on Sunday. The Toronto Half Marathon. Apparently there are showers at the end. After the half, I hop on the Subway and head to work.

  • I have a chest cold, and can't breathe. It's causing my asthma to really act up (which it never does). And I'm still running the half cause I dropped 85$ on it.

  • I'm not going to plan. I mean, I'll pack my bags and stuff, but really, maybe I run better if I don't plan.

  • I'm going to be completely winging it. I have run once since the marathon (soon to be twice, if I make it through this evenings run)

  • Next week I have 2 exams, the week after I have 3. Woohoo.

  • I was all by myself this weekend: I worked everyday, babysat, saw a movie with my best friend, almost died (exagguration there, but i had an asthma attack), watched P.S. I love you, did my laundry, studied and had Boston Pizza for Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • I've been feeling kind of "off" this week. Nervous for no reason. It's weird, and I don't like it and I want it to stop.

I will catch up with you as soon as I can. This is getting out of control.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Since I don't have time for a real post

I'll occupy you with pictures.

Here's whats going on in my life:

  • Exams.
  • Work and life
  • Running only once since the race
  • Signing up for a Half Marathon on Sunday. Then having to work the whole day after.
  • Internet down at home.
  • Ready for Christmas.
  • Mr. Science teacher has been running.

    Me and Gilda before the race. She was running her first 5km.

Can you tell I'm getting nervous?

Just incase I forgot along the race. Someone actually came up and tapped my arm and gave me thumbs up.

Best friend after her race. She killed it:) I was so proud of her.

Notice the half of a gel spilled on my chest. The only reason I'm smiling is because the man was pretty much sitting in the middle of the road pointing to where he wanted you and telling you to smile. I could've kicked him. But it was a good picture.

This is absolutely my favorite picture. I look happy, the sun is in my hair, kind of like I'm in slow motion.

Totally ready for it to be over here. I was hot, and tired, and ready to burst into tears. Thank goodness for all the spectators.

I'm on the end. Theres my brother and my sister in poor running form. I got kinda mad at them. I wanted them to shut up, and not talk to me. I apologized after the race was over.

Crossing the finish line...Thank GOODNESS it's over!

Okay, don't fall over. Pretend to smile. Don't cry. Thumbs up--two finger salute. Don't fall over. That's what was going through my head while I was standing there for this picture.

My running girls. Super Dano is on the right, Gilda is on the left, and I'm in the middle, ready to pass out and die.

See, proof I did stretch. I almost shot my mother for her taking my picture while I was doing this. Miss Danielle forced me to stretch. Thanks:)

My family. I didn't want to take this picture. I was totally ready to sit down, get carried to the car, crawl into bed and not wake up for several hours.


Okay! So, theres the race pictures. I hope to catch up with you all soon!:) I'm trying to get something exciting together, so I will let you know.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

8 New Things

In 8 wonderful days...

  • Running A Marathon (check back 2 more posts for race report)
  • Walking like I was 96 for more than one day (which means I aged about 14yrs per mile)
  • Bath Bombs at Lush
  • Hot Yoga where I felt right at home with other runners (and I met an ironman or two)
  • A New Hairstyle
  • A new Ipod
  • A new perspective on life
  • A New Race list for next season

See, I told you I'd turn it into a Running Post. I have a pretty intense race season planned for next year, and I am pretty much excited about it all.


  • Jingle Bell Run: With some girls from work! It's going to be a blasttt:) You get to wear a Santa Suit. It's at 10k run.
  • Resolution Run: December 31st. Just because you get a wicked running jacket with zip off sleeves so it turns into a vest.

January and February are for training:)


  • Chilly Half Marathon: It's apparently a really good race (or atleast I'm assuming that becuase it sells out so ridiculously fast)
  • Around the Bay: I did this one last year. This time it's going to be an A race and it's going to be a wicked awesome time.


  • Harry's 8k Spring Run Off for Prostate Cancer: Why not, right?


  • Sportinglife 10k: Everybody (or a lot of people) I know have done it...So I want to do it too. Not a good reason, Iknow. But whatever.
  • Mississauga Half Marathon: With Mr. Science teacher whos been keeping up with his running and is even considering buying a Garmin. He must be getting serious. ;)
  • Ottawa Marathon: Another A race. It'll be a Rockin' good time. And I'll convince some fellow Canadian bloggers to run this race with me and we can have another blogger meet up;)
  • Women's Only Half Marathon: I'm not sure If I'll run this one, but I'm thinking I will volunteer. Considering it will be the week after Ottawa.


  • Olympic Distance Triathlon: Haven't found one yet. But it'll be fun. Another A race


  • Peterborough Half Iron Distance: Totally an A race. I'm not sure how reasonable it is. My dad doesn't think it's reasonable....I guess I have to do it now:P


  • Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon: I must take revenge on the course and run a sub 4hr marathon. Infact, Training for this feat starts now!:)


  • Run for the Cure: I haven't done a 5k in almost 2 years...I better get on that..
  • Zoo Run: Because, why not?
  • Toronto Half Marathon: Again, why not? Just for fun!

So I have about 15 races planned for next year!! That's a lot. I guess if I just sign up for one race per paycheque it's not going to be that bad.My internet only works on my parents computer right now cause someone messed around with it so I'm going to try and catch up with you guys after class.

Be a great day. Enjoy the Sunshine (Or whatever weather you're having.)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Good Morning World!

I was MIA for the past couple of days, for a few reasons.
One, I was incredibly busy, and not able to get to the computer, and two because I was attending the Landmark Forum.

This post will be dedicated specifically for the forum, because it deserves it's own post. For those of you who are bored with my life breakthroughs, there is a running post coming in the next couple of days.

First a breif intro to the landmark forum. Basically you learn how to live your life powerfully and live a life you love. They work on the theory that we are stuck somewhere in life, you get rid of your past and create possibilities for a new future. Or something like that.

Day 1

You go in on the first day, and you make a committment to show up on time, stay awake and participate 100% authentically. The first day you're bombarded with information, and are forced to meet people during your break. Deal. You do assignments with people and come back and share them. There's a guy at the front of the room, and they seem pretty mean, and never back down, but they help you get breakthroughs. Seriously.

I went home the first night completely overwhelmed with the amount of information that I, being human, needed to process. It was pretty stressful to be honest. After a quick phonecall with the person who told me about the forum, she suggested I do my forum homework, have a shower and go to bed. Got it.

Day 2

9am the next morning you retreat back to the room. Nobody tells you how intense this day is going to be. You write a letter to someone in your life, you enroll someone in the possibility you've created for your life and you basically find out where your stuck. All within like 11hours. My experience was that I was stuck as a 12 year old, based on all the crap that went down then. What I made my life mean was that everyone important will leave me, so I need to grow up and be independent. But grow up I did not.

I ended up getting up and sharing the letter with the group about the person in my life (who I'm not going to name) and sat down and cried for two hours. After the second break, we did an exercise on fear. You basically feel the fear that you pretend you don't have. And it sucks. I ended up a sobbing ball of nothingness. And then the resistance takes over and I can't feel anything. I don't remember too much of the rest of the night, not sure why.

I ended up lying in bed for a few hours, and calling the person that I heard about it from (at some ungodly hour like 1:30 and she answered the phone. Bless her heart.) I don't remember much of the phone conversation either. I just remembered her saying that I was strong (mentioned the marathon thing) and that this wasn't supposed to be easy and it may not be easy for the rest of the days but she was glad I was doing it at such a young age.

Day 3

More tough stuff. Joy. Didn't eat on the first break, had a quick bite on the second. After the second they tell us this profound insightful stuff, that allows us to live an empowered, happy, authentic life full of integrity. It was pretty amazing. That night the graduates came and sit with you for the rest of the forum, and by the time I saw her I was pretty much floating on top of the world. I felt 15lbs lighter. Completely amazing.

I was pretty resistant before I went. If you google it, you will find some negative things about the forum, but none of it is true. Honestly.
The world looks a little clearer this morning. The sun is shining a little brighter. Life is even more exciting than its ever been.

And I get to redo my goals.

There are forums all over the world. The prices are different but it is worth every penny. Go to a Tuesday night session and make the decision for yourself. I'm definately not saying that you should do it if you don't want to, this is just what happened for me:) I'm pretty happy with the results!

I am standing for a life of love, a life of possibility and a life of living my word.

What do you stand for?

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Apparently the look on my face broke my best friends hearts.

This post deserves to be seperate from the other one that I will write today.

Whoever said that being a long distance runner was a lonely sport, didn't have any friends. Or a support system. And probably didn't like him or herself very much.

A few hours after my marathon (roughly 5--the indent in my couch was starting to form and I had already had my nap) I sat down on my computer and was going to start analyzing. But then, I decided not too. After all, I had just finished a marathon. I remember many times over the course of the run that I remembered the people in my life. Everyone that had told me that I could do it, everyone that said I didn't need to be nervous, everyone that reminded me that bad runs happen to everyone. The people who pushed me to sign up, the people that listened to me ramble on about the running. I remembered them when things got tough.

A few things I realized over the course of this marathon:

I have the best job in the world! Again, this is a matter of perspective. You might think that you have the best job in the world and as long as you think it, then it is true.

I think if I had any other job, training would have been much much more difficult. Or well, working would have been more difficult. There were days I ran 28-34km before going to work. When I got there, I went to Shopper's so I could clean up, then had lunch, then worked.

I'm pretty sure, over the last four months, I've spent about 2 months talking about this race. These people are the ones who convinced me to sign up roughly a month before I wanted too. These people listened to me talk about this race. These fantastic people put up with my ridiculously high energy level in the 2 weeks before the race, where I was jumping around on pins and needles. These people were behind me 100%.

At some tough points during the race, I could feel their positive vibes. After the race, when I went to work on Tuesday, hobbling around, they wanted to hear about it.

I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for the goals that I worked through with these people, that I would have been incredibly upset about the fact that I didn't meet my time goal. But goals are only made to be met 50% of the time.

Their endless encouragement helped to keep me on the road to marathon, and I appreciate it more than I can put into words.

I'm pretty confident that nobody at work reads this, but I just thought that you guys should know that I have the best job in the world!!!!!

And not only do I work with the best people, I get to talk to the best people that come into the store. You should hear some of the wicked conversations I've had. I've met more than one ironman, I've met runners who've survived cancer, I've met so many wicked people, who gave me advice about my first marathon, what to expect, etc.

You, my Running Blogger Family

I don't know what else to say but YOU GUYS ROCK! Seriously. You've put up with my running rants, my non-running rants, listened to me make decisions and then change my mind, helped me make decisions on nutrition, hydration, given me advice about what to wear, what to eat, what I should do before the race, what I shouldn't do. Encouraged me, read about my pre-race nerves, and taper.

And I know that I can have an off day, I can come here and you guys will still read.

I might also add that your blogs help lift my spirits, keep me motivated and teach me new things everyday. You are all incredibly entertaining, and I can't help but smile knowing that several times a week, I get to read all about your triumphs and tribulations.

So thank you, my blog family. I was so glad to be able to meet some of you, and perhaps, when i graduate I'll travel further for races and meet more of you.

The medal around my neck is for everyone who helped me on this journey. I couldn't have done it without you.

Love and hugs!<3