Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Great Debate--PRB?

Hello and welcome to another bipolar blog post, with the one and only Tiger Monster.

So, yesterday, "Gotta Run" posted a comment on my post that said something about Post Race Blues. So I googled it, just cause I was curious, and immediately thought that this all made sense. Your body is tired, and it's more prone to getting sick (Read: Pneumonia).

While preparing for a race, you may spend weeks or months honing in on that
single goal and organizing your life to adhere to a strict training regimen.
That laser focus and prescribed schedule keep you going when you're
your body to do more. The loss of this direction naturally leads
to feelings of
aimlessness and despondency. The emotional roller coaster
you've been on also
takes a toll. "As you get back into your pre-training
routine, the excitement is
gone and recovery sets in," says Lesyk "That's
when it hits the hardest." It's
not just in your head. There are
physiological reasons for the post-race slump.
You ask so much of your body
for so long during training and the race. Once
you've met your goal and need
less from it, the body responds by shutting down
to recuperate, says Jim
Taylor, Ph.D., and Terri Schneider in their book The
Triathlete's Guide to
Mental Training (Velopress, 2006). "This physical downturn
also expresses
itself mentally in thoughts and emotions"

See, it all makes sense. It explains me not being myself, which bothers me. Its an explanation all in a tidy little package, and we know how Tiger likes her nice tidy packages.

So I mentioned it in passing to a few people and they all think that I'm just reading too much into it. Maybe I'm just searching for the tidy little package, and its just nothing and I'm tired of being sick and not myself. Maybe I'm just making it mean something when I know it doesn't mean anything. All are possibilities.

So I dunno. But I am going to go for a walk today (barring getting to work early enough). I would run but the lungs are still not up to running.

And nobody is going to know about this, except for my favorite virtual friends.

I'm pretty sure this makes no sense, so for that I'm sorry.
Be back sooooonnnnn.(hopefully with a post that makes sense)


At 8:01 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Nah! Makes perfect sense!! You need to relax and take it easy!! That's how a MARATHONER recovers, and quit worrying about stupid stuff!!

At 10:29 AM , Blogger Marlene said...

Seems legitimate to me. Sometimes there's no real 100% black-or-white answer. If you feel it could be PRB and that helps you feel a little better about it, then that's what it is!

I hope you were able to go for a walk and get some fresh air in those lungs.

Feel better soon!

At 1:25 PM , Blogger Marci said...

Sounds like what I go through after every race to some degree. The cure for me is another race, but maybe thats not healthy solution per say (LOL). Hang in there!!

At 3:31 PM , Blogger Jess said...

Well, lots of runners suffer from Marathon Blues -- the depression that can set in after a run. Plus, it's proven that long distance running does suppress your immune system, so it's likely that you caught what you did because of your recovery from some very rigorous exercise.

At 5:45 PM , Blogger yumke said...

You deserve a break.. We can't always be training. Rest helps us get stronger. I should listen to that advice...


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