Friday, November 30, 2007


I ran yesterday...
It was fine. Not far. Not fast. Whatever.

Im still reading that book. I love it. Badwater here I come. Never. Hahahahah. Ok, Im tired.

But seriously, this woman is amazing. I totally reccommend it.

I have 8 hours of studying planned for Sunday, Monday, tuesday and Wednesay. Tuesdays my Christmas party at school with my friends, Which reminds me I need to get my Kris Kringle Gift.

Thus begins my daily running.

I also have a long, reflective post coming, that is sure to be enjoyed by all. There may even be pictures!
And I have to quote some of the book, but right now im staring at the computer screen and feeling sick because I haven't slept...

Take Care.
Goodluck to Bruce who will be running the New Las vegas Marathon on Sunday!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So, I failed my test today. Im sure of it.
I guess I will just have to do really well on the next psychology exam..

So today, I am going to have a nice warm bath.
Have a nice spagetti dinner
and read a nice running book .

Today I bought: The Extra Mile: One Woman's Guide Personal Journey to Ultrarunning Greatness!

I've read like 10 pages and this woman is AMAZING...hmmm let's skip the marathon and go right to an ultra. I lied. I'll definately to do a marathon before I do Badwater!

Yep. Thought that I would update..

Take Careee


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rite of Passage

So, friends, we are about 10 minutes post first mid-term.

That probably did not make any sense. BUT, I just finished my first midterm.

I was pulling all nighters the last two nights, so I didn't really have time to blog about my fantastic Sunday Runs...That's what you've been hearing about lately,isn't it? Sunday runs?

Well, after tomorrow, that is about to change...

Tommorow marks the day that I am basically off school until next Year (January 3rd). I have 2 exams between now and then. And no all night cramming to do. I figure if I can study for anywhere beteween 3-4hrs a day, for each exam, then I should be set. And it doens't have to be all at once. I can study for a few hours when I wake up in the morning, go for a one or two hour run, and then go back and study (and nap and shower). One hour on, 30 minutes off sounds like a good combination after my daily run. Yes. Daily.

I say it's worth a shot, since I have extra time on my hands...right? Right. And of course the listen to your body blah blah blah...

So, I have a run to tell you about...

This is the rite of passage run, or so I think..

We ran from the Port Credit Running Room To Union Station...It's about 29k or so. 29k STRAIGHT OUT. As in One way. As in, theres no turning back to come back to the store and use the bathroom or get a drink.. We had drinks planted at the 8 mile mark, which is also where we met up with the half marathon group.

Friday night I was at work til about midnight, and got up Saturday morning to go back to work for another 14 hrs. I came home, packed my running bag, (which consisted of a sweater, my boots, a winter jacket, skinny jeans, a hairbrush and deoderant/perfume). Finally at about 2am that morning, I was in bed!

Woke up immediatly at 7:15, and put a bagel in the toaster, put on my running clothes, filled up my fuel belt and made sure that i had enough gels, and laid back on the couch. And Fell asleep.I was then rudely awoken, and told to get to the car. So to the car I go with my bag and my phone and everything else.

Get to the Running room, and take the only potty break I can have for 3 hours...atelast...So. then we start to run. And we ran. And we ran. Everything was pretty flat, and it was really pretty too. We ran past (sorta) the houses that I built (for habitat for Humanity) and through the Toronto "ghetto"...

And I took 4 gels. On an empty stomach. Yeah, I forgot to mention. Member how I said I put a bagel in the toaster...? I forgot to take it out of the toaster! Crazy me.

So we run over this crazy icy bridge and up this crazy stupid hill and I was cursing Robb, but that's ok. He sadi that as long as I am cursing him, then he's doing his job. All for a marthon I am not even running. Haha.

So then, just when I thought it was never going to end, it was UP THE STREET AND AROUND THE CORNER!! Yay. So we sorta half stretched, and then we sorta waddled over like a million miles to get to where the car was parked with our bags. And then we sorta waddled to get changed and then we did some more waddling to the car. It was fun. Like I mean, now I think it was fun, but it was definately not fun when I got there. IT stopped being fun about Ontario Place...

Then we started running landmark to landmark. I wanted the landmarks to be like very close together but they were like, getting farther and farther away. We had a nice lunch (Mmmm chicken fingers) and headed back to Union station to get on the Go Train. And we road the train home and Rick picked me up.

So I was supposed to run for like 3.5 hrs, which I did...But.. then...

I didn't get home until like 3:30 in the it was like a 7hr run. I had a nap, then a bath, did an hour or 2 of studying, had another nap, and then went to bed. My family swore that I would fall asleep in the tub cause I was soo tired.

Yeah. So I really enjoyed the myself. We ran for about three and a half hours, but it felt like we ran for like I dunno. Not 3.5hrs though. It felt really blurry. I remember a point at about Ontario place where I wanted to stop and cry. Andd i had a cold. Did I forget to mention that too? My lungs were not very happy with me either.

But I made it. Cause Im like that. The next day my quads told me loud and clear that I would not be walking down any stairs. Yeah. They did. I was not too impressed with them. And then I stayed up all night studying for this midterm. And then tongiht Im making notes for the 4 chapters I am studying for my Psych midterm. And then going home to be sleeping and then be happy once tomorrow at 4:30 comes.

One step at a time, one lightpost at a time, one mile at a time- Terry Fox


Ok, so that's it for my milestones, and rite of passage runs, and blabbering on about exams.

Good day my friends, I'll come visit your blogs tomorrow promptly at 6:00 pm toronto time :P!


P.S. Know what my mom asked me the other day>? She said, Tiger, do you eat?!
Seriously she is blind or something. I eat. Alot. gah.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Year Ahead--2008

I was contemplating doing a 10k run on the treadmill today, as I was just waking up from my 14 hour nap...
And then I walked to the bathroom, and realized that this cold has exhasperated my breathing problems. (which by the way I haven't had for awhile...)

So, Now, since I can't run (or walk up the 5 stairs in my house), I think about running.

I am planning next years race schedule. I am thinking that it shouldn't be TOO busy because I have very little time to train with homework and school and stuff ( Who thought it was going to be this hard and busy? NOT ME!). I also think that races are expensive so...I have to 'watch my budget' that way. Yeah. So I am thinking about 6 races for the 2008 year.

Around the Bay which is older than Boston. It's a 30k race. I'm at 29 right now (however that 29 starts to SUCK after 25) and I have muchos time to train for it. Christmas is coming, which means I can run a lot more during that time period. Also, school won't be busy again *knock on wood* until probably March. SooOoOo...that means I could proabably train for this one and run a good race. Yeah.

Mississauga Half Marathon...You guys know the logic behind this one! I don't need to explain it. It's my first race. So, I'll do it again. It's a really pretty race, and it's a net downhill however, you need to go up before you go down. I might add that the first like 10k of the half is all uphill as opposed to down, but whatever! Hills are my friend. Except that Mississauga Road Hill when there is a dead possum on the side of it and nobody tells you and you scream and you never live it down.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon: The one I wanted to do this year, but going to Kingston for the summer inhibited my ability to be able to run that ridiculous distance. Note: I think that running 42.2km is ridiculous! It's beyond me, consider running 29 is hard...BUT who knows, maybe something will change when I start going past it. Or running more. Either one. Time goal for this one--Sub 4hrs. Yeah. Go ahead and laugh. But throw your heart over the mountain and your body will follow. Trianing for this one is going to suck. During the summer. But It's also apparently a nice course...very flat too...Im young. Im healthy...Sub 4hrs, and like 9 months to train...Yeahh..

Other Races of Interest: Mud Run...Sometime in June...Somewhere in Ontario. I may also want to do a Sprint triathlon..yeah, thats good. A sprint. I can swim 400 m or whatever. Yeah. Then there may be a few other things that I want to try. I will also continue swimming and start biking (Yes, I know I have said this before.)

Ok, I think that's it. I think that these all seem pretty reasonable, except maybe the time goal for the marathon, but I am not afraid to adjust it...And if you think they are unreasonable..."Throw your heart over the mountain and your body will follow"
Hope everyone stays healthy and has a great rest of the week!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On Your Mark, GO!

So, Im sick.
Haha yay me.
I got my flu shot today too. Probably not the smartest thing to do.
I swam 16 laps in 10 min and 33 seconds. Yeah. Not bad. Cause he said if we did it in less than 10, we got 10marks. So, I got 9 marks. Im not complaining.
Yayyyy for me.
Probably not, but maybe doing hills tonight. Otherwise, I am doing them or a 10k tempo run tomorrow!!
Have a great day friends.



Monday, November 19, 2007


YESTERDAY, I ran 29km. Ouch.
The first part of the run (about 6k) I ran with one of my friends who is slower, and I was starting to go a little bit faster than she was. She's like, 'the faster people should be here soon, I don't know what's taking them so long. So, eventually we get overtaken by the 'Elites', and as she heard them coming she said 'go with them' and i said. HAHAHAHA! NO! A)I wouldnt be able to keep up and B) I don't know them and C)NO!

So we wait some more, and there were more people behind us. I didn't want to be the front of the crowd as I am "Directionally impaired" even WITH a little mappy thing. So, then some more people come along. I was getting a little restless, so I kind of picked up the pace and ran in between some new people. And I didn't know them and they didn't seem very friendly. SO...I by the time we got to like the school, it was a walk break, so I turned around to go find some more people.

Then the run became good again:o) People to talk to. Yay. So we ran back to the Running, and caught up with one more person, had a bathroom break, and refilled our water and were on our ways for another 14.5km. Yeah. First thing that is said on the second part of our run is "The First 14.5 is always better than the last." Yeah. Thanks. haha.

So, we run, and we run, and we run, and we run. And we keep running. And it was fantastic. Fantastic until about 23k. IT started to not be fun anymore. OH WELL, I can deal with it. 25 or something we get to a big long hill in the park. THAT HURT! I was cursing Rob on that hill. Then, we recovered, and started begging for walk breaks.

The total time was about 3:08 minutes by my watch.

So, since I had to be at work about an hour later, I had to quickly change and get ready. So, I neglected to stretch properly. Yeah...Bad, Bad, me!!!So, work sucked. But whatever. I left early-ish.

Today I hurt. Bad. lol. My quads hate me. If I step the wrong way, the side of my legs hurt!! Sigh. Oh well. Yay for hills on Bexhill tomorrow. Haha. Im a freak!

Okk friend.

Have a great week!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Scary thought...

Apparently, just recentely there was a threat of an act of violence to one of the administrative staff at my school...
Apparently the guy who was threatening them had a gun.
At my school.
See, I understand that things like this happen everywhere, but I was niavely under the impression that it wouldn't happen at MY school. That's right.
So...Ive been a little uneasy lately. BUT...I cannot live my I dunno. I just can't, ook.

Hm...So I finished that paper.
And since University has started, I haven't been running as much and it is starting to go like this.

Emily walks into her house after a long hard day at school. She says hello to her mother who then explodes on her. (Most of the time for no reason at all). Emily then retreats to her bedroom, to work on homework and gets bombarded by a 4 year old sister. Haha. Emily wishes she was living on residence. Emily is also making a concious effort to get out for a run atleast 3x per week, and swim atleast 3x per week. It has been said before that I am not a very nice person when I don't run. I am a self-addmitted Grouch.

I can't wait til this Sunday's 28k. Advil before the run so I don't feel anything! ITs gonna be good. I know it. This is however, if I can convince my job to let me come in at 1 instead of 10...Yeah. Im kinda having second thoughts about this working thing. I think I just wanna work Thursday nights and Saturdays. This way I can still run Sundays. That way Sunday's can be Running and Recovering (and all the other importannt stuff like studying, and pretending to study...and napping)I dunno. They know that it is important to me, and what's the worst they can say, right? It's no. And if they do, I deal with it.

So. Im tired. Im running on 3hrs sleep. Then I get to go to work tonight until like 8. Then. I get to go to either bed, or to a movie. Dunno.

Have a great weekend guys! And Happpy Thanksgiving? :o)


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

PRO- Crastinator

I should be stoned to death with rocks.
Or thrown of the side of a bridge into shark infested waters with my hands tied behind my back.

I am such a procrastinator. Infact, what am I doing right now?
Gotta have this paper done....tonight!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week Long Update...

So, I figured I better write this NOW so I am not tempted to do it while in lecture or while I am writing my paper...

Last week included another 20 laps non-stop, and a 12k scamper through Port Credit! IT was so fun! lol. I did have to work though. Work ruins everything. If I didn't have to work, it would have been 19k.

I had so much fun jumping in the leaves that were on the side of the road! I love fall!

Yesterday was another 20 laps, but I stopped, cause my friends were there and we got to chit chat, OFf course I won't turn down that opportunity. lol.

Today, I can't go running. Immediately following my 12:30 lecture, I will be making my way to the 5th floor of the library where I am writing this 8pg paper I have been putting of for SO Long. Gah. So boring.. Tomorrow and Thursday are 10k respectively.

Friday and Saturday and Sunday are work, and studying for my Intro to Health and Fitness Lecture...Did you know: IN University if you get a Multiple Choice Question Wrong, it is constituted as guessing and they take 1.5 marks off...
Yeah. So I gotta start studying NOW! The exam is in EXACTLY one month.

Ok, so that's this weeek. Probably no time for updates. It's a busy one... I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

Take care,

Friday, November 09, 2007

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


So, I am fully aware of the fact that this is a Running Blog, but I will get to that in a minute! First with some important news that this Tiger has had to learn the hard way!

Boys suck.
Boys suck, and Girls are stupid.
Boys suck because they lead girls on,
and girls are stupid for getting very attatched to boys, put themselves out there, and get shot down.
Now, girl saw old man buying groceries for himself and is sad because she doesn't want to end up like old man.
Uhm. Ok, I'm 19, and I gots long way before I become old man, but still.
Boys suck, because they make girls hearts hurt.

Onto everything you REALLY care about. I ran on thursday. Just short and sweet. Don't remember the time or distance or pace because I didn't wear any gadgetry. But it was like snowing/raining/ i dunno...but it was fantastic anyways.

I also swam 14 laps non-stop. My arms got a little tired. Once again, I HATE breast stroke. Lalala. Ok.

I hate how the world conspires against me on Wednesday cause even if I get on the bus at 4:45, I can't get to the Running Room before 6:30 because people want to like have accidents and get on the bus like a stop away JUST to slow me down. Honestly.

Ok, so today I'm gonna go for a run, if I can get this paper finished. I'm running tomorrow for sure.

We're ONLY running 18k on Sunday! Hahaha. I've always wanted to say that. It's fantastic!!!!

Ok friends,
Im gone!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Post Run Thoughts, from the coffee shop

Hello my friends,
So, I am supposed to be doing homework, but instead I am sitting in Starbucks, waiting for my ride after running hills.
Hills were fantastic. I love hills.

So, its been almost a year since I have been kicked out of the 10k clinic. Remember how unhappy this Tiger was?? Haha. We won't revist it. But now, look at me! The only thing that bugs me now is doing the Breast Stroke in Swimming...and Running 26k. Haha Im kidding, everything hurt after that 26k.

I swore in my last blog, that I would NEVER do a marathon. Ever. But...Then the advil kicked in and all the negative thoughts were gone. And then, I slept. And Slept...and slept. Im getting good at this sleeping and procrastinating. Someone needs to yell at me for being a slacker.

Now, my prediction, is that next Wednesday, Ill be so stressed out, have a nervous breakdown, and then write a very good paper. I don't necessarily want to do this though, and I am making my thesis and analysis and going to see the tutor on Thursday. Yeah well thats the plan atleast. I've said it, so it is so.

OH~ And today I swam 12 laps, without stopping or touching! (Which is a big accomplishment) Cause when I do anymore than 2 laps, I ususally stop and chit-chat! BUT I did it. Then Thursday Ill do 20. Or 30. Or 1000. K no, maybe 20.

Hmm... What else, what else what else??
OH! I KNOW! I HATE REALITY! I wanna go back to being a child where everything can be healed with a bandaid. But it can't. Sometimes boys are stupid and clueless. Sometimes I think they should be banished from the planet because when the population dies off, it could happen in peace. Ok. Im a LITTLE bitter...But I would have been less bitter if I went out last night for my run at the hail but I couldn't get out the door...
*Might have something to do with the drinking I did last week. But... Life goes on. I don't wanna die with a big bag of 'What If's'...

Haha. Soo guys, I am actually at the coffee shop now. Having steamed milk with vanilla! Its good :o)

So I guess that means I am signing off from the coffee shop!

Run Strong,


P.S. Love the title eh? It RHYMES!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I ran 26km today. 3 hrs. OH.MY.GOD!!!!
I don't think I will EVER actually do a marathon. EVER!!!!! This hurts.
Every muscle in my body. I could name them, but I won't.
Just all of them.

Where we ran was nice. Alot on the trail and stuff. And there were lots of ppl.
However, there were no potties....
Uhm. Yeah... 12k in, I needed a bathroom, but didn't get to go til 26 which was when we were done.

So actually, the whole run sucked. I had my brave face and headphones and begged to be able to get into a grove but it never really happened...I feel like I struggled to whole entire way, even though I got a good sleep, there was no alcohol in my system (because I am still off the booze), and I ate relatively well the whole day before.. Yeah. ANd I drank all my water and I had a camel back and like 6 gels. I only took 2 gels and a package of sports beans. I figured that if I put more of that nasty stuff into my stomach, that it would make the problems I was having MORE apparent (which I definately didn't need)...

Considering though I haven't run more than 16k since uhmm....August though, what more can I expect out of my damn body. Right? Right. Whatever. It's done, and I can't do anything about it although I am hoping to run 20k on Thursday! It can only make me strongerrr! Right? (* That is ur cue to nod and smile lol)

Ok friends, take care.

got some studying to do, then some essaying then some reading docs (and I want a little nap too)

Ima catch up again tomorrow, during lunch!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Welcome to my Mind!

Every so often, no matter how happy or unhappy I am,

I find myself contemplating the meaning of life, and wondering if what I am doing is enough, if I could be doing more, AND Why I am in the world.

Haha. Yeah. I'm only 19, but I gots an old soul.

Usually, I will have time to work out the thoughts in this little head of mine, but no. I have reading documents, and essay's, and journals to write, and readings to do, and lengths to swim, and exams to study for, so, my brain is fulll enough as it is.

Nevertheless, these crazy thoughts keep seeping into my brain, while I am trying to do this and they are distracting me! What I was thinking, is that YOU, my favorite blogger family, would be able to tell me the meaning of life. Hahahaha. I know, I know, loaded question...Just whatever pops into your head is perfectly fine!

Now, Onto last night, HALLOWEEN!

My best friend and I went out in our crazy cowgirl costumes, with our crazy hooker boots, and tried to walk around. I downloaded country music on my phone and we took a bunch of crazy pictures. Then, I went home. TONIGHT...I am sleeping! Yay, horray. Then, tomorrow I got school and some time with friends, then it`s back to homework!

Running 16 miles on Sunday. FANTASTIC!!! ( hahah thats a lie, it`s not fantastic, cause during those oh I dunno almost 3 hrs, know what I will be listening too...Lectures!!!

Alright and since I am too lazy to format this, The firstr one is me, then its me and Gildaa, below that shows my nice bum (hehehe) and my ugly hooker boots, and at the very bottom, there is my very very very sore feet. They were swollen and ugly!
Hope everyone had a good halloween !