Monday, June 30, 2008

How Do We Look? What Should His Name Be?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome to the Worst Day of my life

Ok, maybe not the worst. The worst day of my young life so far was October 17th, 2003. Yep. But this day came pretty darn close.

I woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave for work. Gross. Threw on some clothes and a hat to cover my greasy hair and went out the door. Made it (barely) to the first bus and ended up in a daze the whole ride. And then, I miss my stop. I realize it immediately but the next stop is over the bridge and stuff. I have 7 minutes to walk from that stop to the other where I was to transfer. I got to the stop just as the bus was in the quiet intersection waiting for the light to change. The little walk man was still flashing in the direction he wasn't going. And he wouldn't let me on the bus! Stupid Mississauga transit. I take this bus virtually everyday, and he still wouldnt let me on. Funny thing is, I'm always nice to the bus drivers. I say thank you and have a nice day, things that many people don't say, and he still wouldn't let me. Its not like there were cars beside him or anything either.

Argh. Then apparently the local cab company doesn't pick up from street corners or bus stops, so I had to walk to the gas station (10 minutes) to get a cab. Then, there was no ATM and I had to pay with my credit card. And then I was going to get breakfast at Tim Hortons but decided I didn't have time because of the fact that I had to be there at 745 and thats when I got there, but my manager got caught in traffic and didn't show up until 810!


So that was sucky.
I do have an updated race schedule though:

July 13th: tenatively the Nissan 10 Miler. Might not happen. We will see though.
August 16th: Mid Summer Nights 30k (really cool medal)
September 28th, 2008: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm excited can't you tell?)
October 13th: 10k Zoo Run
October 19th: Toronto Half Marathon.

Look at that, huh?
Looking forward to the positive stuff, I guess.
Tomorrow will be better.
Now I'm off to bed.

I hate to admit it, but Ive been slacking on my blog reading. I'm sorry. Honest. I'll catch up sometime Saturday.
Miss me?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The last few week


This is what I've figured out over the last few weeks:

1) Life is ok. It's actually taking some getting used to having mom back home. But she's home, and I'm glad.

2) Training intensely more than 4 times a week, not cool. I'm exhausted. Already. So, I'm gonna pull back a bit and do the four days a week, and run nice and slow with my clinic. It's sort of tough having more than one goal you know.

3) I Really like my clinic. Like, really really. They're such a great group of people and I like to think that they're all gonna make it! They seem really motivated, and really wanting to get to that point in their running career. And I think that they like me. I mean, they might hate me when we do hills and speed or they have a bad run, but they'll be so happy to cross the finish line. Now I hope that nobody drops out, because I might take that personally. Haha.

4) I have to train before work. Im more exhausted after work than before.

5)reallyyy like my job. And I think I'm getting better at it. There was a little bit of iffy time, when stuff was going on with my mom, but I now look forward to going to work. I meet really cool people and I get to work with super cool people. It's a pretty great thing.

6) I think I've just about picked out my bra top. It's a v-neck one, and it's a nice color. I might have to get matchy-matchy bottoms and take before and after pictures. Maybe this week. If I'm feeling brave. We will see.

7) Next year at school is going to be very difficult. I made my schedule. Some days I don't have lunch!!! Good thing I can snack during classes. I'm taking physiology 1 and 2, weather and climate (natural science course, mandatory) anatomy, research methods in kinesiology, analysis of data in kinesiology, the science of coaching and athletic therapy. It's going to be intense!!

8) That exciting change period I went through is calming down and I'm so glad. I'm happy to be settling into a great routine. One that includes running to work (well I've done it once and loved it so I'll do it some more)

9) Something exciting that I've been waiting a long time for is on the horizon. Not going to say it cause I don't want to fall through. Stay Tuned.

What else? Hmm. I went to the movie with my siblings (all 6 of us). It was nice to be all together for once. Didn't get any pics, but I saw Get Smart. Thought it was going to be soooo lame but it was really good:)

Quote of the week:

The five S's of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit;but the greatest of these is Spirit.--Ken Doherty

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So now I'm actually a coach.

I love, love, love my clinic!
The people are fantatsic. Theres about 12 people in it.
They're such a diverse, enthusiastic group.
And the best thing...

They Don't Care That I'm 19!!!!!

That's a good thing! I think once I told them the story of how I got to wear I am today, they got it! Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

I've got a couple of ideas for how to break up the monotony of the tempo runs (they can get kinda boring). We line up in pace groups and we start of our run. Then after our warm up the first person holds the pace for 30 seconds, then the person from the back sprints to the front and holds the pace. Then the next person, then the next! It's a good idea, I think. ANd I think that the group is just strong enough to handle it.

My trainings been going alright. My mom is home now. (just got home today after a month) and I have a 22k long run tomorrow. Then a 10 on Saturday and probably going to end up being a 10k on Sunday as well *7 with the group, and I'll run/bike there.

And I bought the most gorgeous new run jacket.

Not a bad day after all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Marathon Goals


Since I'm a veryyy goal oriented person I have to write some goals for my upcoming marathon (HOLY CRAP that's the first time I've said 'upcoming marathon' and even though it's still about 3 months away and my training is seemingly going alright, I'm getting a little queezy at the thought of having to run for that long. I'm normal, right?)

I've seperated my training goals into 3 categories: Race Goals, Personal Goals and Training goals. Not necessarily in that order. Since I'm goal oriented, and goals are only meant to be met 50% of the time, I may be aiming a little high. I have also created a little action plan proving that I am capable of meeting these goals.

Personal Goals:

Weight Loss: Already going well. It's not happening as fast as I would like it to (I'd like to lose 2lbs a day as opposed to 2lbs a week but I'll take what I can get I guess). I haven't been eating any junk food, and the very little that I have eaten doesn't sit very well in my stomach. I think I am about 8 more weeks to my 20lb weight loss. (unless of course my body decides it can't afford to lose 20lbs.)

Action Plan: Keep doing what I am doing I guess. If I need junk food wait until after a long training run.

Bra Top: I want to be able to wear a bra top with out being ridiculously self concious. I don't have to worry about my muffin hanging over and looking silly or feeling like I look silly. I want to be able to make a 'go tiger go' bra top! Silly, I know, but it's a goal.

Action Plan: Along with the healthy eating, I will do ab workouts everyday. The abdominals are the only muscle that can be worked out everday.

Training Goals:
I have no action plan for these training goals, I just want to have a guideline of what I want to be doing every week, in order to meet my race goals and personal goals.

*Do the four important runs every week (tempo, speed, hills, long)
*Compliment my running with cross training. This cross training includes cycling and swimming (leisurely). It also include weights. I ideally would like to do weights 3x per week. A full body workout every other day. We will see how my body likes this idea though.
*Yoga once a week. So I dont get sore and stuff. It will probably make me a better runner.

Race Goals:

Most people say that you should run your first marathon to finish, not for time, but I don't know if I can do that. I'm too goal oriented. I need something to push towards.

So, I don't think my 3:40 time goal is going to be realistic. At all. So, I'm thinking that most people for their first marathon finish in 4:15-4:30 so I think that the goal is going to be 4:15. I'm going to make this my "I'd be happy with" goal. I know I am atleast capable of this and the race course is totally flat.

My ideal goal is going to be anywhere between 4:00 and 4:10. Those I had been training with acheived goals between these times so I think it'll be realistic.

Stretch Goal: Sub 4.

Ohmigosh everything is perfect goal: The original goal of 3:40.

So. That's that. These are my goals and now I'm accountable for training and weight loss. Thanks for being super blog buddies.
Ill catch up with you after my nap.


Friday, June 13, 2008

This Is Why...

This is why, this is why,
I run
I run because I'm hot,
You don't because you not,
This is why, this is why,
This is why I run.

There are so many reasons to run. I've told this story before, but everytime I think about it, the reasons change or modify, so here I present to you an updated list of reasons Why I Run.

  1. The looks that you get from the people that don't run. Without fail, people ask what I did that day; sometimes before work, sometimes what I will do after work, and I can respond: "Oh, I'm not doing much. I'll probably run an easy 10, and then go out with some friends drinking". The look that people have on their faces can seriously be priceless. Even better is when I come into work after doing a long run. The response to the question: What did you do today is something along the lines of: I ran about 26km, had breakfast before and after and then went for a swim or to the park with my little sister.
  2. Me Time: Well, it actually doesn't turn into 'me' time when I have exams to study for, because I'll make a mental list of questions and study while I run, but in times where I don't have any major stress at school, I can figure just enjoy running and being away from all the stress of life. This becomes a staple, especially when my mother is in the hospital.
  3. The T-Shirt Collection: Come ON! T-shirts! You can't go wrong. That dri-wicking material is expensive in itself! That, and you get to show off all the crazy races you've run without shoving it in their face (i.e. Wearing your medal everywhere)
  4. An Excuse to Shop: I'm pretty sure alot of the ladies know what I'm talking about. The shoes, the shirts, skirts, short shorts, the long shorts, the tanks, the bras, the accessories.
  5. The Medals: Hardware! Such fun. And then you get a whole new decorating idea...and bragging rights. I don't go overboard, but I will wear my medal atleast the day after. And sometimes, I carry it around in my purse, if I'm going to see people I haven't seen in awhile and say HA! You said I wouldn't!
  6. Because they said I wouldn't: By they, I mean Rick, my step-dad! He's cool, and I'm soo glad he said I wouldn't because I don't think I would have, had he said that I wouldn't. The original thing was a marathon, so I still haven't won. I will have won by the end of September
  7. Because I'm Goal Oriented: Some of my goals including coming out of school with a degree in Kinesiology, doing and Ironman by the time I'm 25 (Did I say that outloud?), and eventually running Boston. I like having more immediate goals, and running gives me those. Sometimes, these goals can be as simple as "I will run 4 times this week" and sometimes they are more specific like "I will run 50 kilometers at an average pace of 5:30/km this week, over the course of 4 runs". It keeps me grounded and gives me something to look towards; you know; the light at the end of the tunnel?
  8. Community: I have met some of the coolest people while I've been running. I've scored some adopted Aunties and met people with great wisdom. It's amazing the kind of things that you divuldge on a long run, you know, and everyone usually has an opinion on what you're doing.
  9. Because I can: Let's get serious now. I'll tell you my running story. Might wanna grab a cold beverage and relax, don't know how long this could get.

Rick got a letter in the mail from Team In Training (not sure why but as soon as I saw it I grabbed it and looked at it.) I then went out and said "I'm going to run a marathon." I was immediately responded to with laughter and comments such as "No You WONT!" and "You hardly get off the couch." This was totally true. Still, I liked the idea of running a marathon. How many people can say they've run a marathon? Seriously. It's something that would make me special. So, I went into my biology class, and asked my teacher at some point during that day if he thought that it was possible.

He told me that he thought it was definately possible (although I continued to assure him that I was very unathletic) but he would try for a half marathon first. So, I tried to start running. Having asthma, and barely being able to walk the stairs at school, the short runs that I would go on, would end in coughing fits. It sucked. Once it warmed up, I tried again. Allergies. Damn.

Allergy specialist gave me meds for asthma and allergies which made all the difference. It's now August. Guess what I did? I tore my ACL. Yeah. Sucky. 3 weeks on crutches, and a bunch of time in PT, and I was fixed. Or so I thought. 10k clinic at the running room, I decided. Got 6 weeks in, met some fantastic people; 7 of which I still talk to (Tante K calls us the 'core 7'). Week 6 we were doing an 8k long run, and I stunk. I limped and hobbled. The leader starts to run with me and says this (the way I remember it):

L:"Hey Kid. How you doing?"
Me: "Just fine, we're almost there, right?"
L: "Still 5k to go. Can you run at all?"
Me: "I guess so, but it hurts"

We start to run

L: "Ok, kid, I'm going to give you some advice; don't come back!"

It was probably more like: "Ok, Kid, I'm going to give you some advice, and you can do with it what you wish. You're probably not ready to be here. Go home, think about it and let me know. Once you're healed up, we'll put you in another clinic"

So I went home and I thought. And I sat. And I cried, and cried and cried. And I wrote the e-mail. It was something like: You're right. I'm out. Time to heal myself up.

Then, on a whim, I decided to run the race that I had signed up for, but only did the 5k. It sucked. The race sucked. Seriously, it was cold, I hadn't trained at all,nothing. I came in in 30:01. So much for my sub 24 on no training goal. Hahahaha, see goal oriented, but most of my goals are unrealistic.

At commencement that year I had talked to Mr. Science teacher again and he mentioned that he was going to do the Mississauga Half. I had that idea in my mind. Mississauga Half it is. After that race, I joined the half clinic with my friends. I basically did what they tell you not to do. I went from Zero to Half Marathon in 4 months, and finished within 1 minute and 13 seconds of my time goal.

The race was amazing, and as soon as I crossed the finish line (apparently looking like I was near death and was whisked away to the medical tent) I cried tears of relief. I was so happy. Even if it was slower than my goal time, how many 18 year olds can say that they ran a half marathon? Forget that, how many people can say that they ran a half marathon? The answer: Not that many, and I was one of them! I learned a lot throughout that training. Heat, hydration, tried to learn pacing but yeah.

The summer brought a hiatus due to the heat. I didn't run that much, and I joined a marathon clinic in the fall, to train for, but not run a marathon. It kept me grounded, and kept me training. Then the winter brought training for the Mississauga, where I again trained for a marathon, but only ran a half. It was fun and I met some pretty cool people. I ran the 30k Around the Bay, which is older than Boston, and although I didn't meet my goal, I know that I am capable of much faster.

This summer will be the first summer running in the heat. I am struggling to acclimatize but I am excited for the new adventures that this summer will bring. New routes, new friends, new experiences. Just new fun:)

So thats my story. That's the past! It's part of me! Where will it go from here? Who knows!

That is why I run! Why do YOU run!

Monday, June 09, 2008

About Me!

So, I got tagged:) Yahoo.
And no, I can't think of a more creative title. You'll just have to deal with it.
That's just another excuse to talk about myself.
Seriously, I'll take any excuse I can get to do that.
Speaking of me: This is my new hair cut! Beautiful, isn't it?? It is when it's straightened:P

First things first though:

How do you get rid of a boy you don't like?
I've tried to be super nice about it. "Sorry,you're a nice guy and all, but I'm not into you?" "I don't have time for a relationship! Good luck, never talk to me again?"

I dunno man, I might have to grow some kahooni's and just be a mean beeotch and say "Get a life, find someone who's willing to settle?" Argh. I'm so not one for confrontation. Seriously.

What should I do oh wise blogger buddies? What should I do? If you're female tell me how you get rid of annoying boys and if you're male tell me what you would like to hear that would just generally get the point across.

Anyways, onto the 'tagged' portion, and the reason for this post.

1) Describe your running 10 years ago.

Um, 10 years ago, I was 9. So, the extent of my running would have been down the street two houses to my friend Nicole's, around the back yard playing some version of tag and those short little dashes from the school's door to the playground. "Last one there is a rotten egg!" Please not, I was just about always the rotten egg!

2) What is your best and worst race/run experience?

Best: Probably this years half marathon. I met my time goal, took pictures, chatted along the way and just generally felt completely and utterly prepared. I'm sure I'm capable of about a 1:50 half marathon, but I just had a really good time.

Worst: I think I have two worst race/run experiences. The first would have to be the first 18k run I did last year in hot weather. I ended up with heat stroke, and tried to work afterwards. I was out for about 3 days just recouperating and rehydrating. It was really a scary experience to be running in the heat and be shivering and cold. Seriously.

Second was Around the Bay. I was sick. I couldn't walk and breathe at the same time and still went into the race with a time goal. (Stupid, Stupid Girl) I obviously didn't meet my time goal and then still managed to be disappointed. The race was so mentally tough and I ran past each relay point fighting with myself to not get on the bus. Then there were the cemeteries in which I contemplated laying down in plot "C-243" and having someone pick me up there. Then there was death 2k from the finish, he was pretty tempting too. I just wanted to wear the shirt, seriously. That's the only reason I finished. I finished, and broke down in exhausted tears (and this girl never cries) And I ended up sicker than before I started.

3. Why do you Run?

Ah, well since you asked--that's a whole seperate blog. It has something to do with the fact that I can (and couldn't before), the fact that it relieves stress, helps me figure out the world and gives me hope in this sometimes dark world. Not to mention on the things that it does for your health.
I also very like the community and the looks that I get from non-runners when I tell them I ran from Port-Credit to Union Station.

Note to self: Write updated "Why I run" blog.

4. What is the best peice of advice you've gotten? What is the worst?

Best: Pace yourself. Although I haven't quite figured out (at all) how to do this, but I can see how this advice would be good advice. I think pretty much all the advice I've gotten is good advice, runners are great like that.

Worst: I can't think of anything specific, but I tend to like to ignore advice and learn things the hard way. It's probably my age.

5. Something that most people don't know about you.

Hm. Good question. Something that most people don't know about me...There's lots of things that people don't know about me. I'm trying to decide weather to go serious or quirky.


Ah. I don't shave my legs. I shaved them once, in grade 8, and started bleeding. The hair on my legs is really blonde and you can't even tell I have hair on them. I know, I'm lucky:P Lol.

Now, I'm supposed to tag people I guess. If you want to be tagged, I guess you should consider yourself tagged:D.

Marathon goals to come. They've been changed. They're now more realistic!


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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Heat Of the Moment


It's friggen hot out.

I apologize for my unfriendly language, but this is a real struggle for me.

I covered 21km in about 2.5hours on foot. I walked 5 of those kilometers and got lost atleast once. I stopped just after 10k to fill up my empty waterbottles, and again at the running room 4k later to get more water and sports beans. Thenn I got LOST! I was also drinking gatorade, eating sports beans and taking gels every fourty-five minutes. I was doing everything right. Still my poor legs didn't want to move. My body didn't want to move. It was cursing me every step of the way. Saying things like:

"You must be retarded running in 110 degree weather"

"I don't want to move. You can'ttt make me"

After it pulled the 'mean' card and the 'I'm 5 year's old and you can't tell me what to do' it tried compromising.

"Ok, Tiger, I think you're really hurting yourself. Now I know you wanted to cover 21k today. So, what if we change your run/walk breaks."

Fine. I stated emphatically to nobody in particular. I ran as much as I could, covering about 16 shadeless kilometers. I then pretty much called it quits and walked the 5k back to the store. It was so frustrating. I wanted to cry. BUT, I didn't because before overanalyzing it, I thought 'HEY, whatever Tiger, you're allowed to have a bad run.It's really hot and you're not used to this weather. So what if you have to walk back to the store, atleast you'll finish upright and standing with only minor signs of heat stroke.'

The heat snuck up on us. They were calling for rain all day, and to tell you, i was sooo excited! I love rain. Nice and cool. Love the sound and smell. But no. Not a cloud in the sky. Damn weather man.

Things I learned on the god awful run

  • I can run a half marathon in decent weather in the time I can run 16k in retardedly, ridiculously hot weather.

  • I need to always carry a puffer with me *SHOOT! I FORGOT IT TODAY!!*

  • Heat can pretty much boil water. Seriously. I thought that my grape gatorade and my water were near boiling point.
  • Heat makes it easier to down gels. It makes the texture more handle-able. haha
  • Pace is important. yeah. it's always about the pace
  • I need to acclimate to the heat. It kinda just snuck up on us.

OH AND GUESS WHAT??? LILY'S COMING TO TORONTO for a half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

You should join her. we could make an event out of it:P

Hopefully the heat'll relax soonn.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Long Summer?

Since my mother is still not home, I am honored with the task of preparing and transporting on foot, my five year old sister to junior kindergarten on the mornings I am not working. She's definately not a morning person, and hates having her hair brushed, so the mornings are an interesting adventure.

Friday morning was a little bit of a different kind of adventure, same challenges, but we had more challenges, that posed greater difficulty.

Friday morning, I woke up to 30 degrees celcius without humidity!Very Hot. verryyy hot. And with the humidity it was about 42. At 8am. Seriously, I thought I was in the desert. We left for school at about 8:35. Let me tell you by the time I got to the school I was soo out of breath. From walking across the friggen feild.

Yeah. This girl who`s training for a marathon. Last time I checked, a marathon was 42.2km. Yeah. And the last time I checked, the distance between here and my sisters school is about 400meters. And if I can`t breathe after walking my sister to school at 8am, then there is a problem. Yeah, it was pretty frustrating. The rest of the day was a write off, and included sucking back ventolin and sleeping. When I can`t catch my breath, I sleep. So that was the day.

I`ve managed about 22km this week, and plan on doing a long run tomorrow. We`ll see how that goes. I`ve got 22 mapped out, and I can cut it down to 14 if I need to. AND I pass a Running Room to get water and stuff. I`m sure I will be fine. And I have bus tickets and money and a cell phone. Cause I am prepared like that. It`s stilll verryy early in training so I am not tooo worried.

I`ve been eating pretty healthy the last few days. I get to weigh myself tomorrow. Haha we will see how that goes. I`m addicted to Popeye Sticks. Theres no calorie thing on the package, but I`ve eaten a lot of them. Hahaha. Oh well, I can have one little thing.

Annnyyyways. What else is new..

I cut it off
Pics to come.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Runner's Ettiquette

So, since it seems that now that spring has sprung, and the 'fair weather' runners are making there way out of the woodwork, I would just to go over some Runner's Etiquette.

I know that you, my Running Blog Family, very much abide by the above stated "Runner's Etiquette," but you never know who is anonymously out there reading, and needs a little review as to what should be done in certain situations.

Situation 1:

A runner is new to the area, and is confusedly looking to a water soaked map, hoping to make out the lines between roads, not knowing if she should go straight, right, left, or just run around in circles hoping someone would help.

The runner figures she would stop and ask another runner for help; because runner's are genuinely nice people who want to see each other succeed and get better at there sport. She keeps trying to stop runners who look like they're relaxed, or not in a serious speed workout, but nobody would stop.

What should the runner have done:

a) Stopped and happily asked where she needed to go, and point her in that direction
b) Stopped and asked where she needed to go, point her in the wrong direction.
c) Ran past her, ignoring her pretty face
d) Stopped, and told her you would point her in the right direction if she lifted up her top. Then point her in the right direction anyways.
e) Beat her down, take her Garmin and Ipod and tell her that's what she gets for talking to strangers.

Correct Answer: A. Unfortunately, it ended up that this girl went in completely the opposite direction of where she should have been going, and was frustrated that the runner's around here weren't like the ones from on her turf.

Situation 2: You and your group of running friends are slower than the some of the runner's behind you. A runner behind you is going to pass you on one of the long hills, but you and you're running friends are taking up the distance of the whole trail. When the girl exclaims "On you're left" with a huge smile, you:

a) Stick out your left foot, causing her to trip on the trail, causing you and your running buddies to slow down anyways, and the girl to hurt herself.
b) not move out of the way, and have her step in the huge mud puddle to your left.
c) Quickly fall behind your group of friends, or sprint in front of them, giving the girl just enough room to pass, even if it deflates your huge ego.
d) Follow what the girl is doing, and mimic her every move. If she moves to the left, you move to the left. If she moves to the right, you move to the right.

Correct Answer: C.

Situation 3:

You are running through the park, and someone nods, smiles, waves hello or says good morning to you.


a) Give her a crazy stare, like she has 12 heads, and continue on your run. She's just too beautiful to say hello to.
b) Give her the nod, or respond to the smile, wave or statement.
c) Make a hand gesture that is something along the lines of: "ARGH YOU MADE ME LOOK UP FROM MY WATCH AND NOW MY PACE IS 3 BEHIND WHAT IT SHOULD FOR THIS MILE" (I'm assuming that this gesture would involve a certain finger)
d) Completely ignore her and continue like she didn't exist.

Correct Answer: B. This one realllllyyyyyy bugs me! Seriously, it's not gonna kill you to nod, smile or wave. You don't have to say hello. Just acknowledge that there are people around you!!!

So, before I leave, here is a brief list of Runner's Etiquette

  • Always acknowledge another runner by nodding, smiling, or waving. Who else but someone like you is willing to get up at 5am to go for a run? Seriously. Have a little respect.
  • If someone says, "On your left" it probably means that they want to pass you. Let your huge ego deflate and let that runner continue on with their workout. You'll probably get at least a "thank you," or a "have a good run" from the other runner. If not, remember a little feature about them, and you have every right, if you see that runner again, to not nod and smile, or say hello.
  • When you're spitting, always do that to the left. Why? Because your specatators are on the right.
  • If you see an injured runner, unless they look like a sketchy guy that is injured from running away from cops, it might be nice to ask if they are okay, and if you can call someone for them. You never know, it could be something simple that you can help with. *Many a times have I had runner's ask me if I am okay. One particular time was when I was on the training course for Around the Bay hungover and injured. Runner's offered me rides, advil and cell phones to call home.
  • If someone looks like they're lost, and you are a veteran to that area, please point them in the right direction. They are going to have a permentantly tainted view of that area when it comes to choosing a place to run in the future.

Let me know if you can think of ones to add--we should compile a more comprehensive list!


Monday, June 02, 2008

A new month:)

First off, thank you to everyone for all the wonderful and kind words of support. I very much appreciate it, and it definately boosted my confidence:) Don't be surprised if I ask you guys for 'help' with some questions:)


June Goals:

1) Lose weight with the Independence Weight loss Challenge put on by Viv. Like I said, I'm not going to 'diet' but I'm going to get my but in gear and make a commitment to myself to only eat things that are good for me and my body.

2) Run. Alot. And have fun with it. Challenge myself, but enjoy myself when I am doing it. The clinic doesn't start until June 19th. There are almost exactly four months until my race. That's pretty soon. I have no doubts I can do it, but I think I should adjust my time goal. I don't have the half time to run a 3:40. Idealistically, I would like a sub 4hr marathon, but we'll see.

3) Continue Spinning. My god is it hard, but I definately want to keep doing it:)

These are my main goals. I may come up with little ones along the way and when I do, I'll let you know.

The Week at a Glance (not sure why I'm using bullets, they just look neat.):

  • Pretty boring week. Nothing exciting happened really. Just the 'coaching' gig, and hospital visits. Not as much running as I would have liked. I would finish work and planned on heading down to the Running Room to go for a run, and then go to the hospital but NOOOO my mom would call me and tell me she wanted me to come see her now. Yeah, she's still not out. I told her she'd better get out of there soon because I can't keep missing my runs:P Nice daughter I am, I know. But it's pretty frustrating. ( I feel mean for typing that)
  • I saw the late show of Sex and the City on Friday night. It was prettyyy ridiculous the amount of people that were there. of course, some Diva girls decided they were gonna ruin the movie for everyone because they "paid their $10."We got home at about 2am." I had signed up for a spin class, so I dragged my butt out of bed 5 hours after we got home to head down to the running room.
  • I ended up getting banana loaf and water from starbucks before the class, and ended up meeting up with someone I had talked to a few times during the clinic, and we had breakfast together which was nice:) Headed to spinning--Oh, so tired.
  • Spinning waws very very veryyyy hard. I was tired. But i paced myself better than I had the last time, and made it through the class. I then decided he was on drugs.
  • I wanted to see how my legs would react by going for a run. They weren't impressed. Made it 2km and walked back. haha. I guess that takes some getting used to.
  • Went to work for 6hours. Again, veryyy tired. Then ended up going straight to babysit. Fell asleep about midnight.
  • Had a meeting at high park on sunday. Decided that I was going to make a day of it. Headed down to the High Park Running Room and had a silly idea in my mind that I was going to do 20k. High Park is hilly. I'm talking Around the Bay Hilly, but for the whole time. SO I ended up going about 12km before my legs gave up on me (Still, veryyy tired) and went and explored High Park Village. It's a nice little area, and had some dinner and got a book.
  • Then today I woke up early, went for a 6k run followed by an hour walk and spent the day at the hospital. Then I went to another spin class. It hurt right from the first pedal. My legs were fried. I'm going to just swim or something tomorrow, so the legs can take a break:)

UM so yeah. That's about it:) Hope everyone's training is going well!!! Gonna catch up with blogs when I get more than 20 min on a computer!!!