Friday, June 13, 2008

This Is Why...

This is why, this is why,
I run
I run because I'm hot,
You don't because you not,
This is why, this is why,
This is why I run.

There are so many reasons to run. I've told this story before, but everytime I think about it, the reasons change or modify, so here I present to you an updated list of reasons Why I Run.

  1. The looks that you get from the people that don't run. Without fail, people ask what I did that day; sometimes before work, sometimes what I will do after work, and I can respond: "Oh, I'm not doing much. I'll probably run an easy 10, and then go out with some friends drinking". The look that people have on their faces can seriously be priceless. Even better is when I come into work after doing a long run. The response to the question: What did you do today is something along the lines of: I ran about 26km, had breakfast before and after and then went for a swim or to the park with my little sister.
  2. Me Time: Well, it actually doesn't turn into 'me' time when I have exams to study for, because I'll make a mental list of questions and study while I run, but in times where I don't have any major stress at school, I can figure just enjoy running and being away from all the stress of life. This becomes a staple, especially when my mother is in the hospital.
  3. The T-Shirt Collection: Come ON! T-shirts! You can't go wrong. That dri-wicking material is expensive in itself! That, and you get to show off all the crazy races you've run without shoving it in their face (i.e. Wearing your medal everywhere)
  4. An Excuse to Shop: I'm pretty sure alot of the ladies know what I'm talking about. The shoes, the shirts, skirts, short shorts, the long shorts, the tanks, the bras, the accessories.
  5. The Medals: Hardware! Such fun. And then you get a whole new decorating idea...and bragging rights. I don't go overboard, but I will wear my medal atleast the day after. And sometimes, I carry it around in my purse, if I'm going to see people I haven't seen in awhile and say HA! You said I wouldn't!
  6. Because they said I wouldn't: By they, I mean Rick, my step-dad! He's cool, and I'm soo glad he said I wouldn't because I don't think I would have, had he said that I wouldn't. The original thing was a marathon, so I still haven't won. I will have won by the end of September
  7. Because I'm Goal Oriented: Some of my goals including coming out of school with a degree in Kinesiology, doing and Ironman by the time I'm 25 (Did I say that outloud?), and eventually running Boston. I like having more immediate goals, and running gives me those. Sometimes, these goals can be as simple as "I will run 4 times this week" and sometimes they are more specific like "I will run 50 kilometers at an average pace of 5:30/km this week, over the course of 4 runs". It keeps me grounded and gives me something to look towards; you know; the light at the end of the tunnel?
  8. Community: I have met some of the coolest people while I've been running. I've scored some adopted Aunties and met people with great wisdom. It's amazing the kind of things that you divuldge on a long run, you know, and everyone usually has an opinion on what you're doing.
  9. Because I can: Let's get serious now. I'll tell you my running story. Might wanna grab a cold beverage and relax, don't know how long this could get.

Rick got a letter in the mail from Team In Training (not sure why but as soon as I saw it I grabbed it and looked at it.) I then went out and said "I'm going to run a marathon." I was immediately responded to with laughter and comments such as "No You WONT!" and "You hardly get off the couch." This was totally true. Still, I liked the idea of running a marathon. How many people can say they've run a marathon? Seriously. It's something that would make me special. So, I went into my biology class, and asked my teacher at some point during that day if he thought that it was possible.

He told me that he thought it was definately possible (although I continued to assure him that I was very unathletic) but he would try for a half marathon first. So, I tried to start running. Having asthma, and barely being able to walk the stairs at school, the short runs that I would go on, would end in coughing fits. It sucked. Once it warmed up, I tried again. Allergies. Damn.

Allergy specialist gave me meds for asthma and allergies which made all the difference. It's now August. Guess what I did? I tore my ACL. Yeah. Sucky. 3 weeks on crutches, and a bunch of time in PT, and I was fixed. Or so I thought. 10k clinic at the running room, I decided. Got 6 weeks in, met some fantastic people; 7 of which I still talk to (Tante K calls us the 'core 7'). Week 6 we were doing an 8k long run, and I stunk. I limped and hobbled. The leader starts to run with me and says this (the way I remember it):

L:"Hey Kid. How you doing?"
Me: "Just fine, we're almost there, right?"
L: "Still 5k to go. Can you run at all?"
Me: "I guess so, but it hurts"

We start to run

L: "Ok, kid, I'm going to give you some advice; don't come back!"

It was probably more like: "Ok, Kid, I'm going to give you some advice, and you can do with it what you wish. You're probably not ready to be here. Go home, think about it and let me know. Once you're healed up, we'll put you in another clinic"

So I went home and I thought. And I sat. And I cried, and cried and cried. And I wrote the e-mail. It was something like: You're right. I'm out. Time to heal myself up.

Then, on a whim, I decided to run the race that I had signed up for, but only did the 5k. It sucked. The race sucked. Seriously, it was cold, I hadn't trained at all,nothing. I came in in 30:01. So much for my sub 24 on no training goal. Hahahaha, see goal oriented, but most of my goals are unrealistic.

At commencement that year I had talked to Mr. Science teacher again and he mentioned that he was going to do the Mississauga Half. I had that idea in my mind. Mississauga Half it is. After that race, I joined the half clinic with my friends. I basically did what they tell you not to do. I went from Zero to Half Marathon in 4 months, and finished within 1 minute and 13 seconds of my time goal.

The race was amazing, and as soon as I crossed the finish line (apparently looking like I was near death and was whisked away to the medical tent) I cried tears of relief. I was so happy. Even if it was slower than my goal time, how many 18 year olds can say that they ran a half marathon? Forget that, how many people can say that they ran a half marathon? The answer: Not that many, and I was one of them! I learned a lot throughout that training. Heat, hydration, tried to learn pacing but yeah.

The summer brought a hiatus due to the heat. I didn't run that much, and I joined a marathon clinic in the fall, to train for, but not run a marathon. It kept me grounded, and kept me training. Then the winter brought training for the Mississauga, where I again trained for a marathon, but only ran a half. It was fun and I met some pretty cool people. I ran the 30k Around the Bay, which is older than Boston, and although I didn't meet my goal, I know that I am capable of much faster.

This summer will be the first summer running in the heat. I am struggling to acclimatize but I am excited for the new adventures that this summer will bring. New routes, new friends, new experiences. Just new fun:)

So thats my story. That's the past! It's part of me! Where will it go from here? Who knows!

That is why I run! Why do YOU run!


At 12:47 PM , Blogger Wes said...

I love that you ran a 30:01 5K without training :-) That was my first 5K time with training.

I run because I got tired of being an over weight border line alcoholic. I'm not ashamed to admit it too. I still like to drink. Somehow, its just not that important anymore.

I'm glad you started younger than I. Your potential is far greater...

At 4:43 PM , Blogger Lily on the Road said...

Way to go Tiger! Good for you to be proactive in your life.

We WILL see you in T.O.

At 3:03 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Why do I run? So many reasons, I initially started to lose weight (I was 249 pounds, now I'm 174 pounds), then found that I didn't need my depression medicines as the running took care of my depression, then I wanted to challenge myself and entered races. I'm having fun running! Now I run as it defines who I am, I am a runner.

At 9:54 AM , Blogger Tanya said...

Hi Tiger-great story, I run for pretty much the same reasons as everyone else-weight control, and the sense of accomplishment, and it's fun, and I get tshirts and medals!

At 6:26 PM , Blogger Marcy said...

Awesome post, chica!

Why do I? 1) To get away from the kids and 2) I just like to run LOL

At 12:52 PM , Blogger Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Love your list! I would have to say "me time" is #1 on my list!

Keep up the good work girly!!

At 7:13 AM , Blogger Nitmos said...

I am competitive with myself so running provides an outlet. Otherwise, I would feel the need to destroy the kids at checkers.

Great post. You should keep this as a permanent link on your page.

At 8:07 AM , Blogger bill carter said...

HI Tiger

It sounds like I run for a lot of the same reasons you do. You have to admit that it is pretty priceless when you get to work and say "Yeah, I did my 18 miler this morning and it was awesome.".

Best of luck to you and you have a great story.


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