Monday, May 26, 2008


I have CDO.
CDO is just like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, how they should be.
My dad commented when I was on another one of my running rants that I am borderline Obsessive Compulsive.
But Remember, by failing to plan, you're planning to fail.

Kicking It Into High Gear:

So although marathon training ( I LOVE SAYING THAT) was supposed to start last week, and I only got in 2 runs last week, I am so ready for this week! I went for a nice 8k run at a 5:40/km pace, with a 500m cool down, and it's only Monday. Also done a short abdominal workout. The run was alright, started of at a reasonable pace and settled nicely into my average pace. It's going to be a long muggy summer, i think. The asthma wasn't too impressed with me today, and it was a little hot. I didn't carry water, and apparently the running room doesn't open until 930 and I got there at 9. SO!

Tomorrow: About 22km, because I didn't get in my long run yesterday. I'm going to aim for about a pace of 6:10/km, and stick to the 10 and 1's.

Wednesday: Work in the morning, and it's going to be a long day, so I'm going to run an easy 10 on Wednesday after work. Should normally be a speed work or hill training day but recovery sounds just fine to me.

Thursday: HILLS! My favorite part of training is hills. By far. I'm going down to bexhill road and I will be doing hill repeats there. Something like 6. Keeping it easy on the way there and focusing on form and posture on the hill. Strong legs, HERE I COME

Friday: NO RUNNING! Time for a rest day, I think.

Saturday: 10k run early am to Gears, where I will do a Spin class at 8:30 am.

Sunday: Not sure, actually. I'll figure it out. Maybe 16k?

Yep. that's the plan I think. It's in stone. I'm also gooing to eat as healthy as possible. I had eggs for breakfast, and I'll have a sandwhich for lunch.
My goal for this week is to follow this plan and to loose 2 pounds.

If you see me acting like a crazy teenage girl, call me on it.

Update on Mom

After I wrote that there were complications, she was admitted. She's been there since Thursday and she's still not coming home today. Now, I figured that everything was fine, but seriously they don't keep you there unless somethings wrong. SOOOO. Keep thinking positive vibes.

My moms roommate is a beautiful lady. She had a 5 year old and a 1.5 year old and has heart cancer. She just had open heart surgery to remove about a 5th of her heart and to get some new valves. She's got the fight of her life ahead of her, but since being diagnosed in January, she's been at deaths door and still she's held on. She went home yesterday!:) I hope everything works out for her.

To Conclude:
1)I'm going to be running this week, even if it means taking an hour to do it, instead of doing something else. I'm happier when I run.

2) I want to lose 2 lbs: I am currently **Runs to scale** 124.5lbs. I am going to be 122.5 by Sunday morning. Yep. We'll see how that goes.

3) I hope mom comes home!

Be a great day! Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend:)


At 11:51 AM , Blogger Marlene said...

Bexhill? We have a Bexhill in my neighbourhood (Newmarket)... funny.


You're a training machine!

At 5:11 PM , Blogger Lily on the Road said...

I will continue to send my thoughts and prayers to your mom, let her know that your "virtual" friends are praying for her speedy recovery.

Sounds like you have a good training program going on.

Between running and worrying about your mom, you'll be fine on a sensible diet.

Keep us up to date with everything.

At 6:34 PM , Blogger Marci said...

I hope your mom is OK - I think I misread your last post, I hadn't realized she had been admitted.
Your training sounds like you are ready to kick into full gear. What race are you training for?

At 7:08 PM , Blogger teacherwoman said...

I will be praying for your mom and sending positive vibes your way!

Your week of training looks good!


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