Monday, April 21, 2008

Super Tiger Training Program-LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS

Yes, I know, You've been waiting FOREVER for this.
And yes, I've pretty much had it designed since I told you about it.
And Now, I'm finally getting time to explain it to you.

First things first.
Running and I almost broke up yesterday morning.
Yep. Running dragged me out of bed early sunday morning when I didn't want to get up. It made me forget my warm clothes and my bank card so I could get gels.
I was not very impressed with it.
So I was supposed to run 35k. Everyone had said it was way too far to run for half marathon trianing, so I decided I was only going to run 18k.
About 20 min into the 18k, I made an executive decision to turn it into a:
RWYLR run. That is: Remember why you love running.

Yeah. So I ran about 15 or 16 and it took me as long as I wanted it too. (I forgot my Garmin too). It was along the water and along the trail. Just me, my running shoes, my ipod and a smile. It was fun. I sort of enjoyed running alone. I do, however, think I need to build some mental toughness. Not a lot, just a little.
I also noticed that I am having trouble breathing again. This is allergies that are activating my asthma though. It SUCKS!!!!


I'll let you know how it's going to look first, and then I'll justify it and convince you that it is what's best.
It's going to be intense...

The basics:
I will be using a method of periodization. 3 weeks of gradual building, and then a recovery week. Instead of being called a recovery week, it will be called a "Remember why you love running week" or RWYLRW for short
I find that in training, we tend to forget why we run and why we love it so much. But more on that later.

I will also be trianing alone. I envy the people that can go out and run 20 miles by themselves.

I will also include 1 day of yoga per week (hot yoga) and one other cross training class (i.e. Boxing or spinning).Abs will be done 3x/week. Core is important because it helps with form. I will also do strength training 2-3x/week. When I say strength training, I'm tlaking training that can be done in my home, like squats, and lunges with weights. Abs can be done in 10 minutes before the day starts.

So there are going to be 3 phases. This is something I am taking from the Running Room's training method. Think of it as a house, base building, strengthening and sharpening.

First phase is "Base Building"

I think I already have a pretty good base from the trianing that I have een doing recently and since Mississauga is just a training run, I'm gonna consider that part of my base building. My long runs will start at 22k, and will work up to about 32k. (just for the base phase.)
I will run 5 days per week, and alternate weekly between speed work and hill work. The race that I am looking to do is flat, but I think hills are good for strength anyways, and it helps keep things interesting. I will do one tempo run up to 12km. The two maintenance runs will be between 6 and 10k depending on energy level, etc. The yoga will be on the same night as my long run, a good way to get a good stress, and Im considering putting the spinning or something the day after the long run for 'active recovery' but we'll see how that works.

This phase will last until the beginning of June.

Strengthening Phase:

Pretty much the same as the above phase in terms of running 5 days per week. In this phase, I want to consistently keep my long run at about 30-32 km per week. Again, I have the RWYLR week every 4th week. One tempo run, speed work (more important than hills I think) and 2 maintenance runs. Pretty simple I think.

This phase will last til the beginning of August.

Sharpening Phase:

I want to do one 26 mile training run. Is there benefit to this? I dont see the logic of training less than that. So we'll see. More tempo runs, more speed work, all that good jazz.

Nutrition: NO MORE JUNK FOOD! Im pretty okay at that, but seriously, I gotta get serious. Just eat food that will nourish my body and keep me healthy. Im considering a multi-vitamin and am going to take extra iron. The better I eat, the better I will run. It seems logical. Water intake has to improve as well. I find on my long runs I come home with a serious migrane afterwards (even if I have eaten) and Im thinking that this is either dehydration or a salt imbalance.Like when I say headache I mean like omg my head hurts so bad I'm going to throw up headache! I'm also going to take salt tabs cause I can't do gatorade and gels and I always run out of water. (especially in the summer)

My Justification:
I love the intense training, but I find that during school I am not able to train intensely. After Bruce get's back from Boston I'll ask him what he things of the FIRST plan, and will probably use that training during school. I will have spring races as tune up races and my A Races will most definately be in the fall (after I have time to train intensely.)

I know that overtraining is a definate possibilty but I think I can look for the signs and adjust accordingly. I do, however, have age on my side:P

Training alone will be a challenge, but I want the challenge. This whole entire experience is going to be so rewarding. I want to concentrate on my pace and my mental toughness (cause i gots none) and if I were to join the clinic it would be more social rather than the other. Maybe during my RWYLR weeks, I can go back and run with people.

And if worse comes to worse, and I'm struggling so much I hate running, I can fix up my plan. This plan will fit my life, not my life fitting the plan.

So that's what I Think, I'm gonna try and make a spreadsheet, but until I figure out how to do that, this is it!

What do YOU think of my training plan? Anywhere I can tweak?

So, incase you didn't read the last post, this is the just of it:

First year University done, new job and new boy. What more could I ask for?



At 6:26 PM , Blogger Arcane said...

Looks like a fairly reasonable plan. Don't like the 26 mile run idea though. Gotta save some mystery for race day.

At 7:23 AM , Blogger Aaron said...

Looks like a good plan. Couple of comments, scatter-shot, as is my regular style.
1. The RWYLR week is a brilliant idea. Too many people become slaves to the watch, slaves to the Garmin and/or slaves to the log and forget the beauty of just going out, without the iPod and running for the joy of running (I may just be one of those people).
2. 26 mile training run is a long one that will require significant recovery time. Distance training is good, but comes with a cost. Use it wisely, and sparingly.
3. I've used the FIRST plan. Chopped nearly an hour off my finish, on the same course between my first marathon and second (from 4:37 after injury-plagued training) to 3:40, two years ago. While specific training is certainly wise I think there were other factors in play that led to this "massive" improvement.
There are two schools of thought on training. Without appearing to claim credit, check out for the post titled "Miles make Champions".

At 9:17 AM , Blogger Jess said...

I think it looks pretty solid. Here's my quick thoughts:

I think 26 miles is too far in a training run especially if it's done too close to race day.

I love the idea of every 4th week being more chill and relaxed. I think that will definitely help you not to burn out.

As long as you're watching for signs of over training I think you should be okay.

At 12:54 PM , Blogger Nitmos said...

I follow a sort of FIRST plan and prefer this approach. Fits for me as I don't have a ton of time to train.

I think you could cut that 26 mile run to 22 miles and be in good shape.

Most of all, remain flexible and discover what works for you as you go along. There is simply no magic plan that works for everyone. Adjust as needed on the fly but build, build, build...

Good luck!

At 6:43 PM , Blogger Melanie said...

hey there! how's life treating you with a new boy, new job and first year of school done!!! your plan looks intense, but from the little i know of you, i think you'll do great.

boyfriend's dad decided to take the whole family on a cruise... so we're going to Puerto Rico to spend 2 days alone there first on May 9th, before we meet the rest of the gang and board a cruise on May 11th, Mother's Day!!! We'll hit St. Maarten, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua :) I'm so psyched. I went on a cruise last year with 2 girls, hit a few of the same islands, but this will be the first trip with the boyfriend... and it's free :) if i keep drinking water, i'll be buoyant lol!! talk to ya soon! Mel


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