Saturday, April 19, 2008

April So FAR!

So, my friends, I know you've been patiently waiting for this ridiculously long blog posts.
It might not be that long actually, I might have to split it up into parts.

Last you heard, I had finally had a good run and I was getting on the train at 7am Monday morning.
I was getting on the train so I could go downtown to start...

JOB TRAINING! It was a two day intensive training program where I learned about all there fabrics and their culture and everything.
It is really really cool.
They do goal setting sesssions with their staff and then their displayed. They tell you that goals are only meant to be acheived 50% of the time, so if you are always meeting your goals your not setting them high enough.

The guideline we use to set our goals is:

And then once you make your goals, they display them in the store so everyone knows about them. Once you write them down your accountable.
Its pretty pretty super actually.
Im really excited about this new job:) So different from what I've been used to the last five years, but its a good different, I think.

Oh, and theres this restaurant called "FRESH" near where I did my training. It's a vegetarian restaurant and everyone was like "OMG ITS SO GOOD" so I'm like, ok Ill give into peer pressure... just this once. I had the uh...magic tofu wrap.
Im so turned off of tofu. It did NOT sit in my tummy very well at all...
but i tried it...

Wednesday, I completed my last exam.
10:01pm, it was summer time and I was a very very very happy person.
Pretty much floating on cloud nine.
I went home, and went to bed because of the day I would have the next day!

Thursday, I woke up and took my sister to school.
I then made my way to my old highschool to see my Science teacher and see how he is feeling, 25 days out from the race.
And I get there and he has this somber look on his face and says "Come in, I need to talk to you"...

He tells me about how he goes out for a run and comes home with pain in his like diaphram or something and the next day he cant stop yawning and wakes up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain. So he goes to the hospital and they check him out for alot of things, including a collapsed lung. The last thing they check him for (because he's healthy and mobile and active) is a pulmonary embalism (SP)...Basically its a blood clot in your lung.
Needless to say those aren't good to have, and he spent time in the hospital and spent time off school.

He's just getting over it.
And he's not running with me.
Now, to be honest, I'm not disappointed because its not like he didn't run. He had signed up, he had a 9 week training plan he was going to follow, he was going to do this thing.

So, now you're wondering what my shirts gonna say, right?

It's gonna say :

and my blog address.
The back is going to say:

"This one's for mister Science Teacher! Out of Commission this year, but back on top next!"

Yeah. Then of course the signatures and stuff. It's gonna be a lot of fun.
But he doesn't know yet.
SO Sh...dont tell him.

The rest of the day Thursdsay I spent at the mall with my mother. We went to lululemon, and I got clothes to work in! Then I got put in for shadow shifts the next day! That night, I was pretty much ridiculously happy, and I went for my run.
I was pretty much ready to like jump out of my skin and finish my run in like 10 min, but I didnt, and spent time chatting along the way. I ran with two people I hadn't run with before, and it was fun.

Then I went out for coffee with my Running Buddy. She thinks I shouldn't do the 35k for a 21.1 race. It's injury she says. So...Im not. She also said she doesn't think we should run together. Im not sure if thats for the 35k or if its forever...

Then Friday I had my first shadow shift...
Retail is intense and my feet hurt SO bad. But I loved it.
The people are pretty cool too.

Then friday night, I went out with this boy that I like and have seen a couple other times before.
I won't give you any corny romantic details, but there was moonlight reflecting off lake water and snuggling.

So that's April so far.
I will update probably tomorrow with the SUPER TIGER TRAINING PLAN because it is being revised.
It's finally nice here in Canada:P
I'll probably only run 25k on Sunday.

I'm recovering until Monday from school and then yeah!

So, I dunno if that was worth waiting for but I gotta run to work now!
Bye friends!

I'll catch your blogs tomorrow!


At 2:48 AM , Anonymous Servidores said...

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At 4:40 AM , Blogger Lily on the Road said...

busy, busy....sounds as though you are going to have a fun summer...

let us know how the training and race go!!

At 1:57 PM , Blogger Marcy said...

Oooooo la la on the man. Nothing like a little snuggling. Hehe

At 4:53 AM , Blogger Wes said...

You've accomplished so much in your first year of University, running and otherwise! I hope you enjoy some downtime and the new job goes well!!

At 7:36 AM , Blogger Marlene said...

Good to have you back...sounds like things are going well. :)

Just wanted to thank you for the hot weather tips on my blog!


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