Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Remember me?

Remember me?

That crazzyyy Tiger girl that's on allergy medicine that causes suicide and got a new job and a new boy and needs to sleep soo badly and has her second ever half marathon this Sunday?

That crazy girl that overthinks EVERYTHING?

Yep, I'm back. Sorta.

It's hard to find time to blog in between all this exciting things. I should have an extra, oh, 10 hours this week because I won't be talking on the phone to that boy. Yeah, he's gone on vacation.

So, I figured that this would be a fantabulous time to come by and explain to you the overthinking I have been doing lately.

Mississauga Marathon is in like 4 days.

I'm doing the half, by the way.

Im going to run with J! I trained with her last year, and this year she's aiming for sub2. Im pretty confident in my ability to do a sub 2 race this year.

I've been eating much better, have been catching up on my sleep and have been training much much longer distances. I recentely-ish did a 22k run in 2:07, and that was on a training run.

The race plan is pretty simple: stay slow for the first 10k (until after the hill). Keep the pace at about a 5:40, with walk breaks. Then, the next 5 or so pick it up to a 5:30, with walk breaks. Following this, I would like to pick up the pace to about a 5 min per kilometer. I will, however, wait to pick up the pace until I know we are close and I know we will make it. I'm sure we'll come in under 2. It'll be fantabulous:)

I did Yoga yesterday. it kicked my butt.

Then I was able to see the true kindness and bravery of people. Some random guy was freaking out and decides to hit some lady in the back of the head for absolutely no reason at all, completely unprovoked and start chasing her around the subway. The subway conductor was in my car and firmly instructed the woman to get onhis train. The man did not follow her onto the train, as he knew he would be cornered and caught. As soon as the woman got on the train, many people stood up to sheild her from him. Someone claimed he had a gun.

Editors Note: As all this was going on, I was looking for the safest place to hide had he had a gun.. yes, I am a coward. I did not see the actual confrontation go down, my train arrived in the middle of the commotion.

So there was a derranged man running around the Subway, a child and youth worker with a bruised face and no cops. Yep. Needless to say everyone on the train was pretty shaken up, and I am not an exception. I was glad i decided to sit beside the conductor car.

So I get tomorrow off, which I am pretty happy about. Yoga tomorrow, and a 5k run with John Stanton. Wahoo. Then Thursday is a 10k run at Race pace, which means I'm going to pick the fastest pace that I am going to do on race day. Muahahaha.

So thats my overthinking for the race. Think of me on Sunday if I don't post again. Sorry for being such a crappy blogger. Youuu still lovee me.
Ill take pics of my shirt tomorrow too:)

Ive got news too..
Maybe good, maybe bad.
Stay tuned


At 3:38 AM , Blogger Melanie said...

good luck this weekend!!! i'll read your race report when i get back! have an awesome run. Freaky experience on the subway!!! hope everyone is ok after that and you're not too shaken up.

have fun :)

At 5:17 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Uh huh. You get interested in a boy and forget all about us :-( LOL!!! How scary! That random dude. I know you Canuks are not big fans of guns, but I'd like to have had one and put a cap in his a-s-s... Grrrrr :-)

At 11:26 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Maybe that crazy guy was on the same suicidal medicine as YOU???

I'll definitely keep you in mind this Sunday, you're going to do very well, my prediction is a 1:55! Kick butt!

At 6:50 PM , Blogger Darren said...

Tiger, if you are doing 22k in 2:07 in training, you need to rethink your goal!

I'm thinking sub 1:50. Seriously.

At 7:56 AM , Blogger Nitmos said...

Wow, exciting week.

Good luck in your half mary! You'll do great. Just imagine a subway gun wielding person is chasing you.


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