Friday, May 09, 2008

Last post before race

So I went to the expo today!
Now I am finally excited!
Yesterday I was reminded several times that the race was in like 3 days (it's in 2 days now).

My little brother is running his first 10k. He ran the 5k Around the Bay and is pretty excited. I'll tell you his story later. The 10k race is tomorrow night.
Now, since I am working until 6pm, I am not able to run it with him (the race starts at 6:30).

So Instead of running with him, I am going to cab it to the finish line, and run the race course backwards, and meet him like halfway-ish. Then we can run the finish together (And I'll get in my 10k on the 10th.)
While we were in line, I was talking to my brother and asked "Isn't this exciting?!" with pep in my voice. The woman infront of me said "Yes, it is!" and we were talking about events and stuff. The woman infront of me was trying to qualify for Boston and the man infront of her told us about his Boston experience (he was wearing the jacket)
It was pretty fabulous to be surrounded by people that think the same way that you do!

We got our kits and t-shirts, and headed around the expo. I got advil samples, a free ipod arm pocket thing (a girl can never have too many pockets, right?) and a free pair of socks. I bought a couple of e-load packets (which I won't be trying on race day, I'll be trying after). I also bought my mom a book. It's called "Be A Woman, Inspirations of Life" for Mother's day. I also now have a full race

As for my race shirt, Istarted to make it and got a few people to sign it, but when I pulled it out of the bag when I got home, the marker didn't take and was all purple and green and orange and stuff, so its a no go. The shirt was free anyways, from the vector box last year. Sooo, I won't be wearing, therefor I have no pictures of it to show you. Instead I'll be wearing a purple singlet, with the back that is completely mesh, and a pair of lululemon run tights. It's going to be 16 degrees, so I'm thinking that will be fine. I will have a disposable sweater that I am going to pick up from Value village or something, because my legs are usually fine.
In my bag, I am going to pack clean underoos, flip-flops, clean bra, a couple of long sleeve shirts a sweat pant and sweaters. Today I am making my way to the Shopper's to get vaseline and sun screen because Im not sure how sunny it's going to be. I'm also going to head to East Side Marios to get some pasta for dinner tonight (take out). Then its work til about 10 or 1030 and home to sleep.

Im pretty confident in my ability to run. I'm running with a friend and am going to focus on having a good time. Hopefully we'll get in under two. If we don't we don't. Just no med tent this year. And if worse comes to worse and its really close, at the end we'll run, like Nitmos said, like a guy with a gun was chasing us on the subway.

So something is wrong with my moms heart. Yeah, fantastic, huh? nope. Today she had a test where they use drugs to speed up her heart and see how far they can push it and put nuclear dye it to see how the blood flows. pretty scary huh? Shes home though but sleeping. But sleeping is better than not alive at all with the kind of test she had. Keep thinking positive thoughts this way. Im not exactly sure how much more bad stuff i can handle. But I know, I know, what goes up must come down, you can't have sunshine without the rain, all the kind of stuff cause then you don't truly appreciate the good.
So before I leave, here is the picture of my marathon group.
We are pretty, freaking, awesome!:0)
*I am the one with the hair that looks like a poodle and no shoes on. I was wearing a dress 1o min before the pic was taken, and finally decided I should change. The person laying across the top is my marathon clinic leader, Katie. The guy in the white shirt is the one that designed all the shirts. And he's the only one not wearing one.

Speaking of photos, I will be carrying my camera in the race, and take pics of some of the amazing moments, so you truly understand the beautiful amazing course I get to run!!:)



At 4:48 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

You're going to do GREAT! Smart not to try any of the free stuff before or during your race. Wish I would've took my own advice as I ate lots of different foods the day before my Boston race :(

Yup, those Boston runners with those slick blue Boston Marathon Jackets, I was tempted to buy one, but they cost $90 before taxes!! Bought a $20 Boston Marathon running cap instead. Those expos can be expensive.

Looking forward to your race report with PICTURES TOO!!!

At 8:01 PM , Blogger Marlene said...

you're going to kick butt tomorrow!!!

At 6:19 PM , Blogger Marlene said...

Okay Tiger, how long are you planning to keep us waiting? :)


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