Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today I went to see the orthapedic surgeon. Nothing to be scared about. He is sending me to get an MRI. Lucky me they are going to stick me in a box and take pictures of me. Whatever though. We might jsut figure out waht is wrong then. Hopefully it is nothing surgical. I don't really want to go under the knife. Worked 15 hours again today. Pretty tired altough I can actually talk in sentences today! Thats a plus. My hands have hives all over them thanks to cleaning chemicals...yucky...

Tomorrow I have to take my brohter to work with me because he cant go with my mom or step-dad. Oh well, he can help me wiht my cleaning and stuff! yes. I also have to make the appointment for my ultrasound of my throat and my needles. Gah I hate needles. The doc asked me how I was with needles and is aid.."oh I grin and bear it if it has to be done" Thats a good thing then.

Anyways I need some sleep. I am running 4 km tomorrow be it on break between work or with the running group. All I know is that I am running and I will go CRAZY if I cant.

See yah later

Monday, October 30, 2006

I see the orthapedic Surgeon Tomorrow
Technically today
I worked 16hrs yesterday
I am exhausted
Please wish me luck and hope for the best


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today was the groups long run.
I found Today exceptionally difficult
I gave up on racing everyone.
That was my goal for today, just to run at my own pace
I am competitive.
But I ran at my own pace.
I don't think I was going too fast.
But it was like Mountainus Terrain ( Slight eggaturation)
But I stuck to it.
It was only 6km which to you crazy people is nothing
But it was alot to me
Felt Almost like giving up
Because I was running by myself today
Knee was okay, but lungs were sore
The weather was windy.
Had a weird pain in my neck. Kind Of scary

Next run is 4k. Should be like 100000000 times easier.
The only reason I am sticking with it is because it will get easier
And I know that.

Physically it was a tough run,
It was even tougher fighting myself and telling myself not to give up
Kinda like life I guess.
Still scared about the doc thing

Gotta go sory for the incomplete thoughts

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am So Scared. I went to the doctors for my physical and then you know everything is good and she looks at my neck and she said that it is big. That my thyroid looks big. So i have to go and have an ultrasound. She said that there could be like growths and stuff. That is just soo scary. But I'm not going to freak out and scare myself. Not yet. Everything will be fine...


I bought new running clothes. They are okay. I really like the top and the bottoms are uhm...Tight. Yes So Its not like I actually have to go and yah know be in public so All i have to do is run!! Go me!! Tomorrow I am running 6 km. Then working like 12 hrs.

Anyways I am gonna go I will update after tomorrows run.. I can't wait:)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Okay, so I havent updated in awhile. Atleast I cannot remember updated..who knows what i do in my sleep;) hehe.

Monday was a no running day because I was exhausted. Actually it was the end of Ramadan and Chuck E was CRAZY busy so I did a double. On Tuesday I cam home and went to bed at like 6pm!! Go me. But i was tired because I hadnt stopped working since like Thursday. Yesterday I went to the running room and ddid a practice run. It was hell and a half getting there because the of everything and I was j ust having a bad day anyways. but I had a good sob on the way to the bus and then I had the most theraputic run of my whole entire life. It was great. It wasnt a nice night but I felt soo good afterwards. We did about 5kilometers. My average pace was 6.26km/hr... or about 10.9 min mile. Once I can get the ipod and nike thing working I will post the like actual splits but Im too tired and have no patience for that right now;)

Today was my actual class. It was good. its pretty big about 15 people. There are a couple really fast people. He wants to do like 10k in 40 minutes. That is crazy. Haha. but do able I guess. I shaved like almost an entire minute off my kilometer. i was doing an 8:55 mile. Not bad, but I think I overdid myself My IT band is hurting very badly and so is my knee. But thats okay Tomorrow is a rest day. i was looking at a polar heart rate monitor. Just something basic so I dont kill myself. I was reading about overtraining and thats scary. I dont t hink I am at risk yet but I want to be on the safe side.

I signed up for my 10k resolution run today. That is superbly exciting I think. i get my hat and my vest on the day of the race. SOon i will have to get my winter running clothes. I am not looking forward to trying out how i will be running in the winter. I dont kno because I get winter allergies. But only time will tell.

Anyways I am tired and watching grays anatomy

later gators.
Keep Smilin

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Today was a bad day AND it is only 11am. This is horrible. Last night I went to bed at 8am and then I got up this morning to run and my mother dearest decided that she didnt want to move very quickly this morning and we were 3 minutes late for my running class and they had already left. And it was raining and my knee was killing me and i couldnt breathe so I guess that it was for the better. And now here I am at home and I feel like running away and i can because I am 18 but that is stupid.

Gah... I need a run. I need a good run. I should run to British Columbia. I am going to move there next year because I am going to be a gym teacher. Yay for me.

I know that I said commencement was great. It was great to see everyone and catch up with everyone. My teachers. My favorite teachers. It was good to see them too. I still talk to my grade 3 teacher. How crazy is that huh? Mrs. Turner. Smiles* So as I promised, here are my beautiful pictures from commencement. I will post them right now... Enjoy

Emily And Mr. Hill. The drama teacher
Emily And Gilda.

The man that is to thank for this running:)
He might do the half in may. The one
That i might do=)

These are my friends:)

Most of my other pictures did not turn out. And I DID SLIM DOWN FOR COMMENCEMENT! YAY FOR ME!!

Keep Running and enjoying life everyone


Friday, October 20, 2006

Yet another set back

Yet another set back. I went to PT today. She said she was concerned about it locking so she sent me back to the orthapedic surgeon at the hospital. I have an appointment in 2 weeks Tuesday. Halloween actually. She thinks that the cartilidge is torn or something so that it might be sticking out causing my knee to lock...Sucky. Then we decide what to do from there. If it is bad they are going to have to do surgery. So That would not be cool at all. 2 of my teachers had their ACL's completly reconstructed and apparently that wasn't fun. So they are going to tell me about what to expect if I have to go that route. I mean the route of surgery because my ACL is only causing minor ache although I sometimes get a sharp pain down the side. But I am hoping and praying that I won't have to do the surgery thing

Hm, so that is it. I am running Sunday morning...5km. with my group! Goo me!

Anyways I am exhausted. Look for pics tomorrow or Sunday! Sunday for sure though!

Hope everyone is doing well...



Hmm..cant remember if I have written a post about commencement yet...oh well if I did it was how I thought commencement would be!!! But here is how it was....awesome! It was soo great to see all the old friends again and see where they have come. And even the teachers too. It's amazing because there were like 3 teachers that made a really big impact on me. My science teacher, my gym teacher and my drama teacher. My drama and gym teacher i had for like 3 years for atleast one class and then my science teacher is the one to blame for all this running. Ha well really not to blame maybe to thank:)

And I looked FABULOUS! Well atleast I think i looked fabulous and I got my diploma and a cheque for 30$ for the highest mark in co-op.

I will post pics as soon as I develop my film. Yes...

Anyways after commencement we hung around and went out for dinner. I was out til like 1 am. Its a nice change being out that late doing something you want to do rather than working.

Im going to bed!! Thanks for reading everyone.


Thursday, October 19, 2006


Okay so I graduate tomorrow and I am happy to say that i am going to look GREAT!! i got my gorgeous dress and my gorgeous shoes and of course my gorgeous body:) Okay enough of that.

Today was the first day of my class but I had to work. And that is totally fine because my knee hurts anyways, so I am going in tomorrow and asking what I missed. And I will probably end up buying something. GO ME! ha...

PT tomorrow. She wants to reasses me because i have like a dull ache and then sometimes i get sharp pains and then i have a problem where it locks..ha KNEES SUCK! but a runner is nothing without her knees right? So I gotta let it heal and as long as I am not back on the sidelines I will be superb.

Anyways gotta get some beauty rest. Ill post some pics later! I am bringing like 2 cameras and me and my girls are hopefully going out after!!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My newest adventure

Okay so here is the first update on my new blog....I signed up for my class. i have to miss the first day so I hawill catch up next week with them. It is every Thurssday at 6 30 and they talk about clothes or shoes or something but I am going to be great. We start at like...well I am not exactly how high we start but then we work up to 10 k and then we do the resolution run. Hmmm what else. I met two people on Sunday. I was doing 5km and I was doing it by myself but I was starting at the running room. My mom asked if there was people for me to run with and sure enough there were 2 others doing 5 km...I didnt want to run with them because the last experience that I had with running with someone I was walking as fast as she could run..but sure enough they were just my pace. The one girl was doing a 5k class the other a 10k...and since w did 5 k that day we convinced the other girl to run with us:) Yay and we have agreed to meet Tuesday instead of wednesday and then Thursday and Sunday!!! Ha I am soo excited

I am graduating on friday! It will be great! I have found my dress and it looks great! I will post pics as soonas I get them! I am soo excited.

But I gotta Go I am sooo tired! this working two jobs is getting to me! Will update tomorrow!!!


New Beginnings

So This is the beginning. The beginning of a new blog, the beginning of a new stage of my life. Exactly 5 years ago yesterday was the worst day of my life and I look at how far I have come. I have a goal in my heart, and I am going to do EVERYTHING in my poower to meet. it. Someone ay give me a funnny look one day when I tell them I want to run the boston marathon...eventually and they may laugh at me when I say that I cannot work today because I have scheduled my long run but this has become something VERY important in my life. I have decided that this is a much healthier way of releasing stress and is probably a better high then any drug will ever give me...(never tried so I wouldnt know).

Just A little background infor first. I started running about 10 months ago, then stopped due to serious asthma that was out of control. i got back into the runninga bout 3 m otnhs after and then got addicted. I decided I wanted to run a half marathon and then yeah...I was cross trainging one day and TOre my ACL...My half marathon wasnt a until a year later though so that may still happen. . i am now In physio theraapy and am working on healing my knee....
So this is me. If you like it read! i like comments too. but please no negative energy...just positive energy:)