Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Call Me Coach!

So guess who is teaching the next 1/2 marathon running clinic at the new Square One Running Room?
Your's truly!:)

I still believe that it was purely out of desperation and the fact that they don't have a leader for the clinic that was supposed to start today. It has been postponed two weeks which is absolutley perfect which means I can still do my full marathon and then do that half two weeks later. Or watch people cross the finish line. We'll play that one by ear I think.

Now I am excited and nervous at the same time.

  • I get to lead a clinic. I've really appreciated all of the leaders I have had in the past for my Running Clinics, so maybe I'll be able to leave a mark on them like they've left on me.
  • I get paid to run
  • I get to make the routes and help these people (successfully) complete the Toronto Half Marathon


  • I'm 19. What if they look at me and say "hmph, what does she know about running?"
  • There may be people more experienced than me.
  • They'll probably be pretty close to double my age (as it has been in all of my running clinics so far). Infact, someone I ran with mentioned that he has socks older than me.
  • I'm still training for a full marathon, so I have to be super super careful to balance the training that I have to do and the clinic training. I mean I can still do all the running I want to do and just run slowly with the clinic. They like it when you run slow.

Mhm. And I met with my nutritionist on Tuesday. And she said that it is reasonable to lose 2lbs per week if I'm eating the right food and making the right choices. I had the most gianormous salad yesterday. It wasn't very good. By the end of the day I was dizzy cause I didn't have enough bread, so I had a sandwhich for dinner.

Training wise, I need to have a goal. The goal is to get myself to the start (and finish) of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It has been suggested that I decrease my training to four runs a week and they should all vary in intensity. So Speed, Hills, tempo and Long run. This way the body doesn't get off With all I said I wanted to do, apparently overtraining is more of a risk than I thought. So, I'm going to do a few weeeks of just four runs a week and then if my body is adapting well, then I will run more than that or add in swimming, biking or weight training.

I'm good with that, I think. Those four runs need to be done come hell or high water because its what it's going to take to get me to my goal. So the plan: Hills today in the evening even though I am off. It's sooo hot today, and my Camelback isn't in tip top shape so my long run will wait til Saturday morning or Sunday. Come hell or high water. That's the way I'm thinking about my trianing now. Yeah.

Ok folks, that's that! Mom's still not home. Its been a week. So I don't know what to think anymore. I'm still gonna keep trying to get my runs in. I don't officially have to start training until June 6th, but I want to be up to 20 miles by the beginning of July.

Do One Thing A Day That Scares You!

(Coach) Tiger

Monday, May 26, 2008


I have CDO.
CDO is just like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, how they should be.
My dad commented when I was on another one of my running rants that I am borderline Obsessive Compulsive.
But Remember, by failing to plan, you're planning to fail.

Kicking It Into High Gear:

So although marathon training ( I LOVE SAYING THAT) was supposed to start last week, and I only got in 2 runs last week, I am so ready for this week! I went for a nice 8k run at a 5:40/km pace, with a 500m cool down, and it's only Monday. Also done a short abdominal workout. The run was alright, started of at a reasonable pace and settled nicely into my average pace. It's going to be a long muggy summer, i think. The asthma wasn't too impressed with me today, and it was a little hot. I didn't carry water, and apparently the running room doesn't open until 930 and I got there at 9. SO!

Tomorrow: About 22km, because I didn't get in my long run yesterday. I'm going to aim for about a pace of 6:10/km, and stick to the 10 and 1's.

Wednesday: Work in the morning, and it's going to be a long day, so I'm going to run an easy 10 on Wednesday after work. Should normally be a speed work or hill training day but recovery sounds just fine to me.

Thursday: HILLS! My favorite part of training is hills. By far. I'm going down to bexhill road and I will be doing hill repeats there. Something like 6. Keeping it easy on the way there and focusing on form and posture on the hill. Strong legs, HERE I COME

Friday: NO RUNNING! Time for a rest day, I think.

Saturday: 10k run early am to Gears, where I will do a Spin class at 8:30 am.

Sunday: Not sure, actually. I'll figure it out. Maybe 16k?

Yep. that's the plan I think. It's in stone. I'm also gooing to eat as healthy as possible. I had eggs for breakfast, and I'll have a sandwhich for lunch.
My goal for this week is to follow this plan and to loose 2 pounds.

If you see me acting like a crazy teenage girl, call me on it.

Update on Mom

After I wrote that there were complications, she was admitted. She's been there since Thursday and she's still not coming home today. Now, I figured that everything was fine, but seriously they don't keep you there unless somethings wrong. SOOOO. Keep thinking positive vibes.

My moms roommate is a beautiful lady. She had a 5 year old and a 1.5 year old and has heart cancer. She just had open heart surgery to remove about a 5th of her heart and to get some new valves. She's got the fight of her life ahead of her, but since being diagnosed in January, she's been at deaths door and still she's held on. She went home yesterday!:) I hope everything works out for her.

To Conclude:
1)I'm going to be running this week, even if it means taking an hour to do it, instead of doing something else. I'm happier when I run.

2) I want to lose 2 lbs: I am currently **Runs to scale** 124.5lbs. I am going to be 122.5 by Sunday morning. Yep. We'll see how that goes.

3) I hope mom comes home!

Be a great day! Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life Happens

I'm going to do an Ironman
Or run 100 mile weeks
That way, I have no time for boys, cause they're retarded.
Not cool.

In other new, life seems to have gotten in the way. I drank a lot Sunday so i didn't run Monday, not by choice, but by puking my guts out. Mmmhmm.
Tuesday: Ran an amazing 8k run! Felt soo good!
Wednesday: Agreed to run 6k with my little brother cause he wouldn't lay off. Um, there's a reason I don't run with him--theres atleast a minute per kilometer difference in our paces. This is when I'm doing a super easy run and he is doing speed work. He then proceeded to roll over on his ankle and we had to walk the rest of the way home.

Today: Moms test got moved up, so came to hospital. So much for my run today. Was going to meet with nutritionist, but called her and we rescheduled for a day next week. The test results came back normal. Apparently her heart is fine. There were complications though. It was supposed to take 20 minutes. It, however, took almost 3 hours~! I was expecting her to be in a room, when I got back from my coffee. But nope, it wasn't. Apparently when they put her thing in her arm (they modified the procedure) it spasmed up and she had to have like abunch of sedatives and stuff. Now she's sitting beside me doped up and in pain.

NOTE: I will never be a doctor, nurse or caregiver. She's asking me to scratch her like head and stuff, and feed her and wowwwwwwwie. I don't mind cause she's ok but no man not for anyone else.

So, I doubt I'll be running today. I think that this is more important than running though.

Ill be back after a short day at work tomorrow. im pretty tired.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Week in Review

So the results of the test are: They have to do another test. Something's wrong but they're not sure what. They're doing an angioplasty to see if theres a blockage, and if there is, it's heart surgery. Yep.. That test is next Tuesday. So once again, I'm trying not to worry.

Update on Training: I've done zilch. Yep. I have decided that I am going to take the entire week off. That's Monday to Sunday. Tomorrow I'm going to head out for a nice run. The length of the run will depend on how much drinking I do tonight. I haven't drank since January 26th or something like that. Yeah, so whatever I do drink will hit me really hard. But whatever, it'll be fun.

Not that I am trying to justify my decision to take an entire week off, but I am. After the race, I worked 3 consecutive days on my feet, and went out with friends most of the night. Then, my day off was spent running around and making meatballs and then the evening was the post race clinic party. I ended up getting home at 10, sleeping at midnight and leaving the house the next day at 730. Yeah, it was busy.

And I am also (starting tomorrow) heading into my second consecutive bout of marathon training, and think that this is going to be harder than my last bout, because I am actually running the race and have such high expectations of myself and what I expect out of this race. I think that if I went into it when I said I would (the day after the race), I would get burned out and exhausted much quicker.

Also, please note that I have been eating really well. Well sorta-really well. Until yesterday when my parents went away and we ordered pizza to fill our tummies. And that night that I went out with my friend for his dinner cause he's moving away. And that day that I took my sister to McDonalds.

Eww, I don't really like writing this down. I think I might have fallen off the bandwagon. But there's always time for that, right? As long as you recognize it and get right back on the bandwagon (tomorrow) then it'll be good. That's the hardest part though is getting back on it. I'm not too worried, there's not junk food allowed in my house anymore, and I'm pretty sure I can convince my mom to make me a lunch. I'm also wanting to try Tofu again. Last time I tried it I didn't like it, but it's soo good for you, that I'm willing to try it again. I think.

I also love the way I feel when I eat healthy and drink my water and don't fill my body with all that crap that I am so used to filling it with. So; here's to feeling good and another round of full marathon training.

So my week looks like this:

Monday: Normally going to be a rest day but I'll do a 10km run. Just to get the feeling back.
Tuesday: 8km at tempo pace.
Wednesday: 10km at tempo pace after work
Thursday: 8-10km easy
Friday: Off
Saturday: To be decided. I'm thinking an easy 10
Sunday: 16km "long run" with last 5km at Goal Race Pace.

Yeah! I'm pretty excited to get this started! I would like to loose 15lbs. That still puts me in the healthy range of BMI. but I'm trying to figure out the proper balance between exercising and cutting calories because either I won't get thinner or I won't properly be fueling for my runs and stuff. They say for every pound you loose you shave 2 seconds of your mile speed. So, 15lbs x2 seconds=30 seconds of my mile. I'm already running, comfortably at 8:40 pace, so 30 seconds off that is 8:10 which is a good goal pace for my race.

We'll talk about race goals later. Right now it's time to go enjoy the day.

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

2007-2008 Fall Winter Grade Report/Test Results

Ok folks,
So I thought I would share with you my first year grades.
I'm definately okay with them considering the kind of year its been. Mother being hospitalized 3 days into first year and a bunch of other crazy things that happened.
So, without further adieu, here they are:

Introduction to Health and Fitness: B
Sociocultural Perspectives in Kinesiology: C+
Worlds of Childhood: B (Somehow!)
Introduction to Psychology: D

Note: I am like ridiculously extactic with that D. I went to psych class, and basically tuned out everything that was going on because it was everything that i was trying to run away from; with them telling me all the poor prognosis' and that there was no hope for any of those psychological diseases. I went into the exam with like a 46% and came out with a D. That grade, my friends, feels like an A.

Swimming: A
Track and Feild: Pass

So that's that. My overall GPA was 4.89 and I am allowed to continue in Kinesiology. Sigh, I'm so happy.

In other news, member how I mentioned that my mom had a test on her heart that could stop it, well it didn't stop, lol. But now we get the results a week sooner than people normally get the results. So that makes me worried. But, I'm not going to worry worry until I get some actual results. They come in today at 12pm. So, yeah. Just think some positive vibes my way, cause hearts are important!

I'll update on training (or lack there of) and Summer-Fall race schedule tomorrow or the next day, the only decision being if I go out to drink or not tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend! I cannot wait for those race reports!!!!


Monday, May 12, 2008

In My Mind, I Am Kenyan

No race is a race enjoyable without the wonderful support of the organizers who spend hundreds of hours thinking about the little things that a runner wants during the expo, deciding the best places to put water stations, and designing a beautiful, flat and fast course to challenge the runners but allow them for Personal Bests and fantastic races.

Then of course there are the hundreds of spectators who line the courses offering support and encourgement to those that are out there.

Finally, there are the volunteers. They man the water stations, they hand out shirts at the expo, the clean up the cups and gel packets the runners carelessly toss on the ground, in order to save time and run a good race. Without them, the runners would be forced to carry much more weight, and it would effect times, cause injury and make the race course be much less fun.

The amazing amount of encouragement from the race organizers, the spectators and volunteers is unfathomable. They deserve a huge round of applause.

The Night Before:

Talk about a bag of stress me. I worked until 6pm. I ran over to the spagetti place across from my work so I could finish my carbo-loading. I then grabbed a taxi to the finish line of the 10km race (the same place I would be finishing a mere 14 hours later). I sit in the park and eat my spagetti on the grass, waiting for the first 10k runner to come by. He was, of course, Kenyan, and he made the sub 4 minute kilometer he was running seem effortless.

My little brother was running the 10k race. I had predicted a time of about 1:40 for him, given that he ran 8k in 1:27. However, he blew me away, and killed that race in a time of 1:09, in with the majority of the pack. Rick was going to run the last kilometer with him, and apparently when he met Stephen and asked him how he was feeling and stuff, all he asked was "Is there food at the end?" in typical Stephen style. I think I might have been more proud of him than he was. It was pretty cool to see my kid brother doing that.

We finally get home by 9pm. We had to take the shuttle bus to the community centre where the car was parked and drive home from there. It was 9pm. I said that already, I know, but this was way later than I had wanted it to be. I had thrown laundry in the washing machine (read: race clothes) and they were supposed to be dry when I got home (which was several hours later) but they were still soaking wet! Start panic mode.

"I'm never gonna get to bed! It's 10pm and I don't have a shirt to put a race bib on!!! *Scream, grunt, cry*. What do you mean you want me to walk the dog? Can't someone else walk the dog? Come on, it's like 3 times a year I do a race, give me a break. Why didn't you dry it and make sure it was dry?!?"

"Tiger," says my mom, "I'll get your laundry out, and put it out for you. What is it you want? You're singlet and crops, right?"

"NO! I can't trust you! Remember your stupid depression medication makes you forget stuff? Im gonna have to get up an hour earlier! And argh, my waterbottles in the car!"

"Just go to bed."

"I can't, I'm dehydrated! My pees still orange and Ive upped my water intake signifcantly (like 3 litres a day) and no I haven't taken a multi-vitamin"

"Here, take this to bed (hands me a sippy cup)"

"Ok, I'll just set my alarm for an hour earlier and get up then."

I then proceed to get in bed, and drink my sippy cup full of water. I go back out and mom fills up my bottle (haha im a child) and I go to bed for the night. I don't remember hitting the pillow. I think I went to bed about 11. Stressed completely out. Note the night before I had thought that I had already missed the race, and woke up when it was still light out. My heart skipped a few beats.

Race Day:

5am: First alarm goes off. Look at it and decide that I can sleep for another 20 minutes. I get up and put my toast in the toaster, and went to the dryer to look for my clothes. They weren't there. They weren't on the table. They weren't near the couch or on the counter or in my room. I went to the bathroom and had breakfast, and then made my way to my moms room to ask her wear my clothes were. They were hanging over my bed. Found them, put mybib on, and drank some more water. Completely dressed, and my bag totally packed (I had a checklist)
-Change of clothes: jeans, sweat pants, sweater, long sleeve shirt
-Blanket (I'm always cold)
-Cookies (for post race)
-Flip flops

On me, I was carrying:
-Camera and 2 batteries
-fuel belt with 3 waterbottles
-4 gels
-one package of sport beans

6:25am: Leave the house. Drive to the Running Room where I would be meeting with the fantastic people that I had been training with the last 4 months and wish them luck.

6:45am: Gave some hugs, talked to some people, took a few pictures, and wished some luck. I found super Dano, and we were on our way to the porta-potties. We talked about our nervous energy and pacing and basically didn't have much time until we had to start heading to the start line.

7:15am: Met a few people I knew that were doing the half marathon. Exchanged some more hugs and words of good luck.

7:25am: I lined up in line with the super Dano who was planning on running a 4hr marathon, and and Jeanette, who I was planning on pacing for a sub2 finish.

7:30am: Gun goes off. My heart skips and beat. OH crap, I think, here we go. No turning back now, I guess. Ok. Pace Tiger, Pace. Don't go out too fast. Just have fun! That's all. Enjoy the course, you love the course, you know the course. It's a Sunday run with 8000 of your closest friends!

The plan: Run 5:45's until the 15k mark, kick the last 6k's butt.

Kilometers 1-5: Done in about 28 minutes. I didn't go out too slow. I stopped to take 2 pictures, which was all I had batteries to do. Argh. Again, I was cheering every kilometer. Apparently, we have to feed the crowd in order to get their energy. At this point I realized that I was carrying WAY too much stuff. The ipod was just getting in my way. My belt fits with winter clothes on but bounces a lot when I had very little clothes on. Was going to give my belt to my dad at the water station he was working at. The camera had already died, and it was just dead weight.
At about 3 kilometers when you look down the hill, and see the thousand people ahead of you, it's just magical. It makes me a little teary eyed and excited about the same time. Looking down at all those people who have the same desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle as you do. Some people there 'outpacing ovarian cancer,' a blind runner, someone running their first half marathon and someone running their 50th. Some were trying to qualify for Boston, and other's were doing it because someone said they never would. It's really quite an amazing feeling to be part of it.

Kilometers 5-10: Kept the pace super consistent. About 5:45's. Found a couple people that I had been running with and wished them a good race. I almost wished that I was doing the full marathon. Almost. We then continued on our way, through the University, and up to the hill at 10k. My goal for the hill was to keep the pace consistent. Shorten your stride, keep your posture good, just get up the hill, crest it, and walk for a whole minute. Up to this point we had been walking for 20 seconds or so just at the water stations.

Kilometers 10-15: Gonna have to pick it up a little. Running about 5:42's. This part of the race is pretty boring. Mentally keep track of wear I am. On Mississauga road by the highway its a pretty boring stretch. It got a little windy, and I just kept my pace consistent. I mentioned to my friend that we were gonna have to pick it up really soon. We also made an agreement that if either one of us couldn't keep up, we'd go on without the other. She ended up having room for my camera in her pocket which was super awesome.

Kilometer's 15-20: Picked it up significantly. My friend kept up til about 17k, and she fell a little behind. At 17k, my dad, Alyson and Stuart, and a bunch of my other Running Room friends were waiting there! That was the perfect spot for them to be, becuase I knew that the next 4k were gonna hurt! They're encouragement was fantastic. It brought another little tear to my eye! It was a happy tear. I gave my dad my belt, and continued on my way. I had to keep running, and I had to keep my pace pretty fast. It was hurting. I changed the song on my ipod and got ready. I walked through the 19k waterstation, and then kicked it into high gear. I was almost there!!! Only 10 more minutes of extreme discomfort. It was going to be really close to meet the sub 2 hour time goal.

Kilometers 20-21.1: HURT! With 500 meters to go there was a lot of crowds. I just concentrated on pushing the pace, and keeping my feet turning over, and keeping myself breathing. My garmin read like 1:57. With the crowds cheering, and my breathing flawless, I ran that last 500 meters. It didn't feel effortless, but I felt like it looked effortless. I felt like a Kenyan, my heart beating in time with the turnover of my feet. My breathing in time with them both. It was amazing. A high. I cross the finish line in 2:02 clock time. Then I look at my Garmin. 1:59:53!

Finish: Got to the finish line, and I almost pass out. I insist to the medics that I am fine, and go ahead to get my medal! I was flying. Soo happy. Less than 2 hours, upright and smiling. I changed, got food and looked for Jeanette. She had finished a little later, but had given my camera to Katie. I had batteries with me so I could catch pictures of Super Dano before she finished. I spent some time with my family and looked for some of the guys who were trying to qualify for Boston. I then headed to where I told Danielle I would meet her. I had my camera and took a couple of pics of other runners I knew as they passed by.

When I finally saw Danielle, about 2 or 3 minutes after the four hour pace bunny, she looked like she was struggling a lot. So I ran the last 400 meters with her. I was cheering for her, and as I ran, I used what little energy I had left to get the crowd moving for her.

"Give it up for Danielle," I yelled, and the audience responded. The last 100 meters she picked it up and I told her that I would find her at the finish! I gave her a big hug when I found her and I found a few more people that ran that night! Gave them all congrats, lent Danielle my blanket and started walking towards the bus.

My parents had already left. I got on the bus to go to Square One and was going to wait for them there. They ended up forgetting my fuel belt and went back to the Port Credit water station. I ended up waiting at the new Running Room for them to come and pick me up. I chatted with the staff for awhile and apparently looked like I was going to die. My family finally came.

The rest of the day:
Came home, and talked a little. Not overthinking, just talking. Hadn't eaten more than cookies all day, so had lunch. Laid on the couch, and changed. Ended up sleeping from 2pm to 7pm. Got up to have dinner, stayed awake until about 9pm. Went back to bed!:)

So, that's that. I'll save the overanalyzing stuff for later!
Took the day off, and I am planning on getting in a run tomorrow. Don't know how long, just enough. See how it feels!

So thats that! Hope you enjoyed!


Friday, May 09, 2008

Last post before race

So I went to the expo today!
Now I am finally excited!
Yesterday I was reminded several times that the race was in like 3 days (it's in 2 days now).

My little brother is running his first 10k. He ran the 5k Around the Bay and is pretty excited. I'll tell you his story later. The 10k race is tomorrow night.
Now, since I am working until 6pm, I am not able to run it with him (the race starts at 6:30).

So Instead of running with him, I am going to cab it to the finish line, and run the race course backwards, and meet him like halfway-ish. Then we can run the finish together (And I'll get in my 10k on the 10th.)
While we were in line, I was talking to my brother and asked "Isn't this exciting?!" with pep in my voice. The woman infront of me said "Yes, it is!" and we were talking about events and stuff. The woman infront of me was trying to qualify for Boston and the man infront of her told us about his Boston experience (he was wearing the jacket)
It was pretty fabulous to be surrounded by people that think the same way that you do!

We got our kits and t-shirts, and headed around the expo. I got advil samples, a free ipod arm pocket thing (a girl can never have too many pockets, right?) and a free pair of socks. I bought a couple of e-load packets (which I won't be trying on race day, I'll be trying after). I also bought my mom a book. It's called "Be A Woman, Inspirations of Life" for Mother's day. I also now have a full race

As for my race shirt, Istarted to make it and got a few people to sign it, but when I pulled it out of the bag when I got home, the marker didn't take and was all purple and green and orange and stuff, so its a no go. The shirt was free anyways, from the vector box last year. Sooo, I won't be wearing, therefor I have no pictures of it to show you. Instead I'll be wearing a purple singlet, with the back that is completely mesh, and a pair of lululemon run tights. It's going to be 16 degrees, so I'm thinking that will be fine. I will have a disposable sweater that I am going to pick up from Value village or something, because my legs are usually fine.
In my bag, I am going to pack clean underoos, flip-flops, clean bra, a couple of long sleeve shirts a sweat pant and sweaters. Today I am making my way to the Shopper's to get vaseline and sun screen because Im not sure how sunny it's going to be. I'm also going to head to East Side Marios to get some pasta for dinner tonight (take out). Then its work til about 10 or 1030 and home to sleep.

Im pretty confident in my ability to run. I'm running with a friend and am going to focus on having a good time. Hopefully we'll get in under two. If we don't we don't. Just no med tent this year. And if worse comes to worse and its really close, at the end we'll run, like Nitmos said, like a guy with a gun was chasing us on the subway.

So something is wrong with my moms heart. Yeah, fantastic, huh? nope. Today she had a test where they use drugs to speed up her heart and see how far they can push it and put nuclear dye it to see how the blood flows. pretty scary huh? Shes home though but sleeping. But sleeping is better than not alive at all with the kind of test she had. Keep thinking positive thoughts this way. Im not exactly sure how much more bad stuff i can handle. But I know, I know, what goes up must come down, you can't have sunshine without the rain, all the kind of stuff cause then you don't truly appreciate the good.
So before I leave, here is the picture of my marathon group.
We are pretty, freaking, awesome!:0)
*I am the one with the hair that looks like a poodle and no shoes on. I was wearing a dress 1o min before the pic was taken, and finally decided I should change. The person laying across the top is my marathon clinic leader, Katie. The guy in the white shirt is the one that designed all the shirts. And he's the only one not wearing one.

Speaking of photos, I will be carrying my camera in the race, and take pics of some of the amazing moments, so you truly understand the beautiful amazing course I get to run!!:)


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Remember me?

Remember me?

That crazzyyy Tiger girl that's on allergy medicine that causes suicide and got a new job and a new boy and needs to sleep soo badly and has her second ever half marathon this Sunday?

That crazy girl that overthinks EVERYTHING?

Yep, I'm back. Sorta.

It's hard to find time to blog in between all this exciting things. I should have an extra, oh, 10 hours this week because I won't be talking on the phone to that boy. Yeah, he's gone on vacation.

So, I figured that this would be a fantabulous time to come by and explain to you the overthinking I have been doing lately.

Mississauga Marathon is in like 4 days.

I'm doing the half, by the way.

Im going to run with J! I trained with her last year, and this year she's aiming for sub2. Im pretty confident in my ability to do a sub 2 race this year.

I've been eating much better, have been catching up on my sleep and have been training much much longer distances. I recentely-ish did a 22k run in 2:07, and that was on a training run.

The race plan is pretty simple: stay slow for the first 10k (until after the hill). Keep the pace at about a 5:40, with walk breaks. Then, the next 5 or so pick it up to a 5:30, with walk breaks. Following this, I would like to pick up the pace to about a 5 min per kilometer. I will, however, wait to pick up the pace until I know we are close and I know we will make it. I'm sure we'll come in under 2. It'll be fantabulous:)

I did Yoga yesterday. it kicked my butt.

Then I was able to see the true kindness and bravery of people. Some random guy was freaking out and decides to hit some lady in the back of the head for absolutely no reason at all, completely unprovoked and start chasing her around the subway. The subway conductor was in my car and firmly instructed the woman to get onhis train. The man did not follow her onto the train, as he knew he would be cornered and caught. As soon as the woman got on the train, many people stood up to sheild her from him. Someone claimed he had a gun.

Editors Note: As all this was going on, I was looking for the safest place to hide had he had a gun.. yes, I am a coward. I did not see the actual confrontation go down, my train arrived in the middle of the commotion.

So there was a derranged man running around the Subway, a child and youth worker with a bruised face and no cops. Yep. Needless to say everyone on the train was pretty shaken up, and I am not an exception. I was glad i decided to sit beside the conductor car.

So I get tomorrow off, which I am pretty happy about. Yoga tomorrow, and a 5k run with John Stanton. Wahoo. Then Thursday is a 10k run at Race pace, which means I'm going to pick the fastest pace that I am going to do on race day. Muahahaha.

So thats my overthinking for the race. Think of me on Sunday if I don't post again. Sorry for being such a crappy blogger. Youuu still lovee me.
Ill take pics of my shirt tomorrow too:)

Ive got news too..
Maybe good, maybe bad.
Stay tuned