Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 In Retrospect

I figured I'd best write a blog post about the past year, and the thing's i've learned throughout it.

January: Ran my first race EVER! Decided to go back to highschool, with the goal of finishing without being noticed. Bought my first major running purchase (Fred, my garmin). Started training for the Mississauga Half Marathon, with Robb's clinic and the core seven. (and a bunch of other people)...The idea for the half marathon came from my science teacher at commencement the year before.

February: Started Highschool. Started to feel really strong doing tempo runs, and long runs. Got my first taste of real hill training, and really enjoyed it. Realized that running was not simply an excersize, it was a way of survival and a great stress reliever. Ditched the knee brace. Applied to University.

March: Maybe starting to enjoy highschool...not the work, the new people I've met. Just a little...Ran over 10km.

April: Ran 10 miles, and felt on top of the world. Started speed work. Got accepted to the University of my choice, for the program of my choice. Hit the Wall on an 18km run. Ran 20km. Became a designer and started to design my very own race shirt!

May: Ran my first half marathon 73 seconds off my time goal... Experienced no sleep, pre-race nerves, and post running blues. Loved to tell the story, and show my medal off. Enjoyed the whole experience.

June: Spent this month, finishing off assignments for highschool (What possessed me to go back I don't know) Figured out the transfer of my job. Went to a talk at the Running Room and watched Lisa Bentley speak. Got my race pics in. Gave them to the important people. Went to live with my Aunt for the summer to 'grow up.' It was seriously like a vacation

July: Turned 19 years old, in a strange town. Probably ran 10 times all month. Enjoyed the vacation. Went to work in the same job with no responsiblility. IT was a nice change. Ran something like 24k, on a like 40 degrees celcius..hott...

August: Got ready to go home. went camping with my family. Prepared for University...was still excited about it... Started to run agian.

September: Started University. Mother was hositalized, and nobody would tell me what was going on. Then I found out and wasn't allowed to tell anyone. Stress of school, and life started to get to me. Running Consistantly agian. Joined Robb's marathon clinic, and started to train for a marathon I am not even running.

October: Mom comes out of hospital at the the Canadian Thanksgiving. (IT was easier when she was in there cause then I didn't have to deal with the reality of it). Running becomes more of a stress reliever and survival mechanism then EVER before. School is starting to get stressful, and work is piling up. Cue nervous breakdown. Learned that boys suck. Ran over the half marathon point.

November: Got my first paper back. It was an A! Work is being ridiculous. Ran about 6 times all month. Most of my time was spent onm my bed eating garbage and studying. Probably failed my psych test. Ran first 'right of passage run' to Union station.

December: First set of University exams. Can you say STRESS?! I survived though. Then, I ran. Symbolized my freedom for awhile. I SURVIVED MY FIRST SEMESTER OF UNIVERSITY.

What I Learned
I learned it's okay to need people
I learned it's okay to cry
I learned that I have the bestest friends in the whole entire world
I learned that it's easier to live by ripping off the bandaid and hurting for just a little while, than it is to live wondering how someone else feels.
I learned that smiling and laughter don't always fix everything
I learned that the best weapon is a positive attitude
I learned that no matter how hard life seems, it will always get better!
I learned that the more your procrastinate, the longer it is hanging over your head.
I learned that in order to stay sane, I need to run
I learned and am starting to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.
That's my 2007 in retrospect.
Think about your 2007. Post it, or don't post it. Always good to reflect.
Hope all is well, and that you had a merry Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year

So, my fellow blogger friends, this will be my LAST post before Christmas. I will be working tomorrow, and then Sunday it's off to see Grandma and Grandpa. From the 23rd, to the 26th, then my Aunt will be coming over.

Today I squeezed in a nice 32km run. Hahaha. Nice would be a kind hearted word. It sucked. SUCKED. Well, not sucked, so much as it hurt. When I would get into my groove, I had a good little clip going, which was quite nice actually, but yeah, it hurt. Bad. And I still hurt. My Garmin is also MIA. Last time I had it was the last time I ran...(Uhm, last Tuesday....) I'm sure it will turn up :0)

I have decided that I do not like GU brand gels. Grosss. Seriously, they have THE WORST AFTERTASTE, and DO NOT ever suggest that ANYBODY try the flavor "Tri-Berry"

I have also decided that I am going to bite the bullet and get orthodics. There is no way that I am going to stop runnning,, I'll just get them, and start using them. 500$ for orthodics AND shoes (Asics, saucony, whatever). I think It might help. I have a really sore right ankle today...

Post run , I decided to go out with my friend. We had a couple drinks. K, well more than a couple. But tis all good. Cept, I think I might have been dehydrating myself as opposed to rehydrating myself. Hahaha. MEHH!

We then decided that we were going to go and see the Golden Compass. That is the most randomest movie ever! Seriously. Like theres a girl and a compass, ok, I can follow. Then out of nowhere, theres goblins, a witch and a polar bear. Right....
Hardish to follow. Whatever. Go see it if theres you feel like concentrating on the actual plot (or lack there of). Yeah. Theres also a book, maybe you should read that first.

So here I sit, in pain. Thinking of some more posts that I could write. Hmm. I'll make one about New Years Resolutions closer to New Years, and I will write a post reflecting on 2007 in a nutshell. P.S. The most exciting parts will be in the past four months.

So, I have got a room to clean, and a bag to pack, and some uh, Running Routes to map out. You know, I loveee my grandparents, but theres only so much you can do at their house. lol. Soo I plan to do atleast one 20k, and a few 10k's. I'm only there for about four days. I could get in 50k! Haha. Seriously, there can only be so many people in a kitchen at one time. They wouldn't miss me if I snuck out for an hour or too. I can assure you :oP

So, before I go, I have something that I want to say!

Merry Christmas to you, my blogger family, those that comment, those that just read and enjoy, and you're families. All the best in the New Year. For Each and every one of you, I wish nothing less than complete happiness, fantabulous runs and wishes granted 100% of the time! Thank you for helping me get through my first semester of University, and the ups and downs along the way! You deserve nothing lesss that the best. Have a great 2008!

So, I guess that's that friends!
See you on the flip side, sorry for being such a crappy blogger and only posting 6times in December! YOU STILL LOVE ME :o)


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


BA HUM BUG!! I am Mister Scrouge or something. I hate how Christmas is SO commercialized. It's really stupid. The malls are so busy, the prices are inflated, the people are RUDE and PUSHY and there are people who WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT so you walk around the mall for 4hrs, hoping that something will jump out at you and IT DOESNT! hahaha.

In other news...I feel as though I have been recovering from a marathon or something.
This eating bad, not running much and not sleeping definately took it's toll on me.

My plan is to run 10k Wednesday, 34k on Friday and a 10k tempo on Saturday. I have the rest of Friday off for rehydration and rest.
I can't be putting too much stress on myself. So if I run 3-4 days a week, I will be happy..and not grumpy.

I'm thinking that I will also need to do a lot of hill training because the race that I want to do the 30k around the bay road race.'s flat the first 15 and the last half is hilly...yeah. I want to have a base of being able to run 30km, SO...That means I'm going to run it every week. Yepp. Thats what I think.

So, guys I tried to spit out a big long blog post, but it's not working.

Hope you're all well and happy and in the Christmas spirit.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

IM DONE!!!!!!

Yay.It is with great pleasure, that I share with you, my fellow bloggers, that I have...


I am very happy. Like BEYOND HAPPY!
Like super dee dooper happy.
And i guess I studied enough too! :o) Cause it felt easy...
But you never know.. NOt until January atleast :o)

Haha. I gotta go catch the bus now. Someones waiting for me on the other end!

I willllllllll beeee backk:P
Im so very very happy


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One more to go!

Ok. So...
I went for a run...5k. It was alright. I was supposed to run with Kathleen and Helen but they both ditched me. So instead of running an easy 10k,I ran 5. Instead of these 5 being tempo, they ended up being my LSD pace. It's ok though, because I like to meet new people! :0)

So, I have been consistantly studying for the past, oh...6days. Yeah. SO If I don't know the stuff now, I am pretty certain that I won't. I am feeling pretty o kay about it, but the exam is worth something like 45%. That's a lot. And it's all multiple choice. AND the info is hard stuff. It's not easy you know.

I have learned that University exams are VERY intense. You walk in in pairs. You line up 15 minutes before. You walk in, and you are directed to each go to a different end. There are 500 people in one place and you can hear a pin drop. It's ridiculous. People come around and sign you in, and they check your ID. Not only do they check your ID, the actually LOOK at the picture to see if it's you on the card! It's pretty crazy! :P

Then tomorrow, immediately follwing my exam, I'm going to my dads house. Yeah. Good fun.

K. So here I go...
Wish me luck..


Sunday, December 09, 2007


What a Relief.
I got my endorphin fix. It should do me until Tuesday or Wednesday.
We ran 24k. It was good. I mean, it hurt like hell, but it was good. \
When we got back to the store though, I was cold. Like freezing. So I changed right away, into my handy sweats (Which I have been wearing all week. Not those particular ones though). I had 2 sweaters and my winter coat.
I learned a magic trick though. If you put your hands under hot water, it warms up your extremities or something, and then
My last exam is on Wednesday and I am very happy when it will all be over.

Here is an idea of what I have been eating over the last few days:
Macoroni and cheese (Not easy mac) out of the box, microwaved. (Stir it every three minutes and add milk and cheese when it's done...brillianto)
Hot dogs
Fun dip
Mr. Noodles

Yeah. That's about it. But haven't gained weight because my eating has gone to about once a day...seriously when ur in study mode you forget to eat!


Congratulations to Wes who ran the Rocket City Marathon this weekend.

Hope you all are well,
Im going to nap because im tired and can't study anymore :o)


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Exams suck.

So, friends, when I wrote that I had hoped to run every day, because I wasn't quite into exams yet, did you know that I would be THIS stressed out?

No. I bet you didn't. That post was the day before the exam review. I figured I had studied that basics..Then I figured out that i had to know the readings, who they were by and what they were about! What the hell? Seriously. Ok. So, I guess I should re-read the readings, and then write down main concepts. I should be able to get in an easy 10k , right? WRONG!

Haha. I have been sitting on this darn computer for like 4 days. It's driving me crazy.
Oh, and guess what I have been eating? GUESS?! Kraft dinner, cooked in the MICROWAVE! Yeah. True University Student food.

So, I need to get in a run before Friday. Friday, I am running a lonely 32k. By myself. That's right. Sigh. Oh well, I gotta get it done...Andddd Im sure 4hrs will help me figure out my place in the world. Lol. Whatever it takes.

Hmmm.. Yep. So, that's my big rant about how much exams suck. Sigh.

I hope you, my blogging family, are happy and well.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Thank you Mister Science Teacher

Mentor: noun

1. A trusted teacher or councellor
2.An influence senior sponsor or supporter.

So, yesterday, I was having a super bad day. Like, gah. I had been running on about 8hrs sleep for the whole week, and the first 3 days of that week, I didn't sleep. At all. Exams. It was ridiculous. So, Saturday I worked a 14hr day. I came home, and looked for my running clothes, and set them out beside my bed. I had my shoes, fuel belt, uncharged garmin, heart rate monitor, everything. I had my alarm set for 7:15am. This gives me enough time to wake up, roll out of bed into running clothes, have a glass of water and bagel, and determine what other fuel I may need. (i.e. Do I have enough gels). I was very ready. I crawl into my bed at 2am. I've run on less than 5hrs sleep before.

So I don't remember much. I don't think I laid in bed at all, I just CRASHED. Like, I don't remember hitting the pillow.

6:50am: First alarm goes off, just a warning to get out of bed. Tiger does not hear this alarm. Sleeps right through it.

7:15am: Second alarm goes off. Again, Tiger does not hear this alarm

7:20-9:00: The snooze keeps going off. I find out later that my mother had come in and shut it off cause it frustrated her so much. lol.

11:15am: Tiger frantically gets out of bed, and starts putting on her running clothes. Her sister is watching treehouse calmly on the edge of her bed. Her mother is making lunch and her brother has gone to work...

shit! I missed the run. I don't care that the weather was bad and it was icy. I know I didn't eat much the night before. It's not like I was trying to burn off a Big Mac or anything. See, that is the thing that people don't understand. I don't run strictly for excersize purposes. I run so that I can get through the next week. Life is stressful for everyone, and this is my way of coping with the stresses in University and exams and all of that stuff...

Yes, I run for 3hrs. Some people may think that i should be studying. But seriously, without that run, I don't study.

So, Sunday was off to a bad start. Then there was the issue of being stuck at home all day with the family. The crazy mother. Yeah..She stresses me out in herself. Then, I leave the house, and take my 4yr old sister to a movie, and we have a Snowball fight. It was fine. Then more stress when I get home.

It was really really frustrating. I was almost at the point of not coping. No run + Lots of stress=tiger going crazy.

I sat down. Ready to just curl up into a little tiny ball and forget about life for awhile. I went to check my facebook, and nobody important was online, and even msn, there was nobody to talk to. I thought about re-evaluating what I was doing...

I opened my e-mail, and I have a little folder where I save special e-mails. A little boost I guess. There was the e-mail that my old science teacher sent me. After I finished the Mississauga Half, I went and told him all about it. I don't think anybody has ever listened that closely to the story. After I got the picture, I wrote a letter, telling him about the impact that Running has had on my life. I truly have him to thank for planting the seed.

In an email, a few months later, he told me that he understood the impact that running had on my life, and that we would run a race together!

Looking at that e-mail, and thinking back to the comments that I get about my running, including those about being crazy, Somebody get's it. Someone that doesn't have to be proud of me, is. I dunno, I guess it's a nice thing.

I hope that everyone at some point in their life has had a "Mr.Science Teacher"..

Don't know what I am doing wiht my life from now on, but I hope that someday I can make as big of an impact on someones life as he has on mine.

So, publically--Thank You Mister Science Teacher! I'll see you for the Mississauga Half in May??