Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Next Race

You know the feeling you start to get, one or two weeks before a race? The constant butterflies in your tummy and you wonder if you are really ready to tackle this next adventure? You barely sleep. You eat LOTS of carbs. You feel your stomach expanding. You second guess all of your training, and worry you've lost a lot of aerobic capacity in this sweet taper.

I feel like I am tapering for school...Due to thicker air, and no sleep, I haven't run since Sunday. I haven't been able to breathe since Sunday. I haven't been able to sleep since Sunday.

I guess it's like a race. You sign up for it, 6 months before you go, and once you have gotten this acceptance letter, you get excited. Then the school year continues, and your teachers are warning you about all the hills, and they have you running the hills, and as many times as you run these hills, you never feel like your ready.

The taper for this race starts about two months before it. Summer vacation. Everyone is scrambling to earn money, for the expo. You got to buy your books, and of course you have have to have a race shirt. At the beginning of this two month taper, you are starting to feel good, actually looking forward to running this race.

Then comes the day when you have to go get your race bib (Student Card). You have the option of a pre-race run...You agree whole-heartedly, thinking it will give you an edge on race day...They give you a course map, tell you where you are, and tell you that you have to get to the finish line. It's like one of those unmarked courses. You wish that you had brought your Garmin to this event but you figured the course would be better marked.

An hour and a half later, you are at final destination. Turns out that it was only a 10 minute walk to finish line. You look at the map they gave you and realize how many other people did what you did. It didn't look that long--it doesn't do it justice.

This race has a strange twist though--after you taper, you go into a week and a bit of INTENSE TRAINING (Frosh week) It's constant training, from 9am to 2am!!

And then it's show time. Did I run those hills enough? Am I ready for the stress it is going to put on my body. Will I finish the race, and come out victorius, with a medal, or will I DNF? Did my coaches really train me for this race? What's my race strategy? Will I run it as fast as I can, or will I take the time to enjoy the sights along the way?

So many questions, uncertaincies...

SO, on September 5th, me and about 10,000 other first year students will line up for what may be the most important race of our whole lives (Or that's how it seems now)

Until then, I guess I just have to find a way to taper less.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Hello out there in Blogger land...

I am home at last. Not just at my Auntie Cyndy's house, but I am home to the smog, and pollution of the GTA, to the sidewalks, and busy streets, to the lake that doesn't look blue, but more brown...and I am so HAPPY!!!

It is fantastic. Today I went to run club--I, however, didn't recognize anyone at first. There was a race going on Yesterday, so I am assuming that some of them ran that said race. But then I saw someone, who was in my last half-marathon clinic, and we ran together, for some of the way. The first half of my run was ok, but it might have been the smog, or lack of food, or something, but I was having a tough time.

But that's okay, cause I was running at home. I'll adjust back to what I am used to again. I ran about 15km...but I was cold.. But whatever. I was home.

Gots a blister on my toe, so bandaids should do the trick. Tomorrow, Im out early to go for a run by myself, then I gotta babysit my sister (which I don't mind because I will be babysitting at HOME with the sister that I missed.) A little tidbit about my sister, we will be 'racing' to the tree, and once we're resting under the tree, she say's, rather enthusiastically

"Tiger, When I grown up, Im going to be a marathon runner!"

It's great. So, this week is jam packed, with running at home, spending time with old friends, and working.

This Wednesday is my University Orientation, and i have to pick up some important documents, and get my student card.

Sunday August 26th, marks the first day of FROSH WEEK!!!!!!! Im so excited guys, I can't wait. We're going on a boat cruise, to a baseball game, to play Whirley ball, and then theres parties, and dinner theatre, and carnivals and a whole bunch of other fantastic things.

Then....It's the first day of schoool! I can't wait!

Ill catch up with your blogs in the next day or too!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

No, Im just kidding!
Im going Camping for the week.

With my family. Then, I am on my way back to Port Credit, to run where there a sidewalks, and hills, and people, and other runners and bikers, and Yay!!!

Alright friends, Take care of yourselves! I'll talk to you sometime next week (sunday--Im going to run club sunday--I can't wait!!)
Finish Strong


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Musings of a Hampster

I think he needs a name. His name will be...Giraffe. He constantly is running around in my head. Please welcome him to our blogger family.
Today, he and I went for a tempo run. I took advil before the run, and we got going. The tempo run was pretty strong. We decided that it would only be 4k, even though I felt like we could go much much further than that, however, body trumps giraffe this time.
For the heat, and condition of my body, I am not going to complain. I still feel pretty crappy. I picked up a card for the people at Chuck E Cheese (cause tomorrow is my last day), bought shampoo, and had subway.
On the way home, Giraffe decided that he would think a lot about future upcoming races, and time goals and how to meet them.
Theres 9 months until the Mississauga Half.
This gives me 5 months to get my LSD runs to about a 5min/km (8:00min/mile) so I can get my tempo pace to something like 4:30/km, and my race pace to about 4:08/km.
By December, I would like to be able to run a 45min 10k. I am currently capable of running a 53min 10k, so I think that this goal is reasonable. Half marathon training will start officially on January 2nd. I haven't decided if I will do it with the Running Room again, or do it on my own.
Between now and December, I will slowly increase my long run pace. Starting where it is (about a 6:10/km) and start pushing the pace until I can get to between a 5:00 and 5:30/km comfortably. The long runs will get up to about 36km, because I am training for, but not running a marathon...
I will do 2 tempo runs a week. The tempo runs will start at a 5:10/km pace, and I will start at 6km. Every week or so I will add another kilometer, and push the pace by 2-5seconds per kilometer until I can do 10km at a 4:30 pace. (This is before December) I will also do Speed work and Hills. Fun fun fun...(no sarcasm. They actually are fun)
I haven't really thought about what will happen in January for official race training, but I know what races I will do to get me ready. The Chilly Half, and Around the Bay 30k in preperation for Mississauga. It should be good. Time goals for those two races are to be determined.
I will probably only do the International with my science teacher for fun, and only for fun if he decides to do it. I will talk to him in September, and if he says he isn't doing it I will do Scotia. A University students income doesn't support doing more than run race a month.
You have proabably heard bits and peices of this floating around in my blog recently, but here it is, all written down. Partially so you can keep me in line, and partially so it is written down, and I know what I am wanting to do and what my goals are.
I know that these sound like pretty hefty goals.
Throw Your Heart Over The Mountain And You're Body Will Follow...
I am really determined. They don't call me Tiger for nothing...
Finish Strong..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I spoke too soon

In my last post I said something along the lines of Oh, It has cooled down a lot...

Well dag nammit, Itt was hot and muggy and stupid again today. I decided that instead of the normal outdoor running I would resort to the treadmill.

I had a headache all morning, and I walked to the gym. (40 min walk).
I warmed up nice and slow. Then did 15 minutes of steady running, having the treadmill set at 8.o or something like that.

Then I got off, and tried the bike. Managed 15 minutes on that, on level 15 hill cycle, avg pace was 23.4 miles per hour.

Not a great workout. I felt like crap. I got on the bus, and still felt like crap. I came home, had a glass of water, and then a nap. I still feel like crap. I don't think it's the heat. I have this shaky body thing going on. I think I am getting sick. It sucks. I just want to run. I have been pretty healthy this summer though...

I will now go to sleep, and attempt to not wallow in self-pity.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007


It seems as if every so often I write a post about nutrition.
So, here's the quarterly ' I need to eat better/differenlty line' and that will be that. I won't bore you again.

I went to the appointment with the personal trainer. The free one It was actually REALLY informative. I got a lot of upper body and ab excersizes.

I should do a 50-70 calorie warm-up before going to the weights. Then I do hypeflexes, crazy crunch things, things for my pecks, back, glutes, biceps, triceps. He said I should work up to 3 sets of 12-15, and then when I can do those relatively comfortably to start increasing the weight. Then cardio afterwards. So swimming, running, biking...whatever. I find though, when I bike, that my knee clicks, and there is discomfort, so i am planning on staying away for that for a wee little bit...Tomorrow it's running in the am and swimming and weights in the pm. Only do the weights every other day--(THANK GOD CAUSE IM SOO SORE!!!)

He didn't try and push me into getting personal training or anything, he just focused on showing me how and what I am supposed to do. I realllllly appreciated that.

I had a crazy weekend, it was fantastic though. I am now at the point where I am overtired. Last night, I was so tired that I COULDNT sleep, so I am going to go to bed early..

P.S. It has cooled down a lot.

Oh, and Friday is my last day at this Chuck E Cheese, me and my family are going camping. Ha I miss them. Then, it's time to get everything in order to start school...I don't think I need to mention again how excited I am for university to come around..

Run Safe,


P.S. I dont know if i have mentioned before that there is always a hampster mulling around in this little head of mine, and you know what he is thinking now???

K-Town Triathlon next August
Ironman in about 4 years, mixed wiht marathons, half marathons, hopefully a boston.

Im too ambitious

Friday, August 03, 2007

Status Quo

This weekend, I am off to see my dad, some relatives and to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in probably four years! It's going to be kick ass, and I can't wait. I am bringing my running gear although there have been smog advisory's all week. ( And it's already like 32 celcius when you wake up at 6am.)

I have been able to get 2 runs in this week (Hills, and a slow torturous one), and am aiming for one more before the end of the weekend. I am extra cautious about doing long runs since I had the experience in the heat, even carrying water, I dunno, it's pretty scary...and apparently if you have had it before, you are more likely to get it again... ( and It's hard to run when you wake up and can' tbreathe. you know...I may have to resort next week to the..*cough, cough* treadmill...if this heat doesn't let up)...Let's hope it does friends, because I am sure some of you are suffering...

Ok guys, Stay cool. I got a room to clean,breakfast to have, and a bag to pack!

Have a great weekend!