Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly!

I have so much to say, but I'm so exhausted. So, I'll make this a short post seperated into the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

I had the best day in a long time yesterday. Woke up and met a friend to go buy running shoes, and then went out for coffee. Came home and enjoyed a nap (cause I nap like I'm an old person lately) and went out at about 9pm to have "A Life Sentence" from Demetris. It was peanut butter icecream with fudge and brownies and chocolate sauce and bananas. And whip creme. Absolutely fantastic. I has been dreaming about it since Saturday night. On top of all that, it was super good company:).

Also got into my doctors by February 3rd, so that means I should be able to start running again by February 4th.

We're going back to school soon too. The government has finally stepped in after 3 months, and are introducing a Back To Work Legislation. Once passed, it will take about 2 days to get back to school.

The Bad:

We're going back to school. That's going to be a rude awakening when I have to get up at some un-godly hour. If we are back to school by the Monday, I also have a doctors appointment at the time when I'll have class. That way I'll have to choose between school and health.

I'm still not breathing very well and get absolutley exhuasted after being awake and active for more than 5hrs. So it's work, and then come home to sleep. Woohoo. What a life.

Still haven't quite snapped out of the zombieness.

The Ugly:

I am getting VERY VERY VERYYYY grumpy about not being able to run. Im getting fat, have little energy. Every 3rd person I meet is a runner, and makes me want to run more. Boo.

Thursday was once again spent in the hospital. They're going to know me by name soon. It's frustrating and embarassing, but I'll be fixed soon. This

We're going back to school. I have a 100% anatomy final.

So thats my life.
Now it's off.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doctor Update

I went to the doctor to get ONE referral, to the doctor that I wanted to go to.
And I got it.
But, I also got a referral to 2 other doctors, and one other procedure.
All marked urgent. So basically I am on call to doctors. If they have a cancellation and call me to be there the next day, I go with no questions asked.

I described to her that I was feeling like there was a little man sitting on my chest all the time, and it was making it difficult for me to breathe, and she decided I needed an EKG, a heart ultrasound and a pulmonary functions test, on top of the referal to the doctor I wanted.
On top of this, easy running only. No more than half hour to fourty-five minutes.

Ok. Fine. Better safe than sorry BUT how am I going to train for the Around The Bay Road Race, that's in about 2 months, hm? Half hour is like 6k, ATB is 30...thats a bigggg difference.
Stressing out a little bit.

Any thoughts?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, I've been a really crappy blogger lately. I only post/read once a week. I do want to assure you though that although I don't comment on all the posts, I do read them all:)

Somethings wrong with me. I'm pretty confident I might be going crazy. I'm sleeping sooo much and still have no desire to get out of bed. I'm finding that when I'm in bed, I'm having nightmares, and when I'm not sleeping I'm thinking. I just can't seem to shut my mind off. Even at work, I'm not my usual happy peppy self. I've been eating healthier, drinking lots of water, and getting a decent amount of exercise but I can't seem to shake it. Seriously--I'm going with crazy. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy. And I don't use that word lightly--just ask anyone that has used that word in my presence before. I just feel like a zombie. It makes me kinda sad.

With that being said, the next logical thing is to tell you that it has been another mediocre week for training. Part of it could be the fact that there is a little man sitting on my chest constantly. I'll be going to the doctor on Tuesday, to get a referal to the Chronic Cough Clinic. I'm hoping that he'll be able to fix me.

I did go out and purchase a triathlete magazine, and got in 3 runs and 3 bike rides. My dad still doesn't think that I'll finish the Half Iron in Peterborough.

Tell me I can't and I'll show you I can.

I would also like to share something with you guys...I love my job. I've said it before. I've figured out one more thing that i like about it. The fact that I always feel loved when I'm there and when I leave. It's a nice feeling:)

So here's to a better week, and being a better blogger.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

HIM Training Program--feedback appreciated:)

So I plan. I like to plan for everything. The weather, what it's going to be like when I leave, how much water I need when I run, how much energy, and when in doubt, I always bring/get more than I need, just to be safe. The sad reality is, however, that I can plan for things in my life, but I cannot prepare. I'm talking about family stuff, and I know I"m being cryptic, but this is so you know where my state of mind is.

This last week of base building for Half Ironman Training hasn't gone as planned. I'm not going to lie that I'm a little dissappointed. First, I'll outline my plan for you, so you can give me some feedback on my plan. I'd appreciate it:)

Base Building: 5 weeks. Swim 3x per week. 30 min, 30 min, 45 min. Swimming is definately my key limiter as they say in the book Going Long. Run (by time--but I'd like to convert into mileage, so I can keep track of that good stuff. No getting discouraged though.) 3x per week. One strength (45-1hr at tempo pace), 1 Speed session (800's!), and one long run (I'd like to be up to about 2hrs--I have ATB at the end of March). Cycling: 3x per week. Work up to long ride of 1:15. Midweek rides 1hr, and 45min. One brick workout- 30 min ride followed by transition run (the amount of time it takes to get from your cycling legs to running legs)

Recovery: Same intensity, half the volume.

Build One (4 weeks): Start building towards Half Ironman Distance. 3 swims per week. 35 min, 35 min, 50 min. Run (still by time), 1 strength, one speed, one long run (work up to about 3hrs!). Cycling 3x per week. Long ride of 1:45 by the end, increasing 10 min each week. Midweek rides 1:10 and 55 min. One brick work out--45 min ride followed by 20 min run.

Recovery 2: Same intensity- almost half the volume. This acts as a mini taper for Around the
Bay which should be on the Sunday of this week.

Build Two: Three swims: 45 min, 50 min, 1hr 10 min. Running 1 strength, 1 speed and one long run (which actually might be reduced given the fact that my next race isn't until May and it's a half marathon--I might even try to PB.) Long ride of 2:30 increasing 15 min each week. Midweek rides 1:10 and 1:30. One brick workout 1hr followed by 30min run.

Recovery 3: Same intensity, half the distance

Build 3: 3 Swims, 1hr, 1hr, 1hr 1hr 20 min. Running--1 strength, one speed and one long run. Long ride of 3hrs 15 min increasing by 15 minutes each week. Work up to a brick workout with a 2hr ride, 1hr 15 min run.

Recovery 4: Same intensity, half the distance.

Build 4: 3 swims, 1hr, 1hr, 1:20. Running 1 strength, one speed, and one long run. Mississauga Half Marathon is during this period, so I may have to cut the third week down a little bit depending on how my body responds. Long ride of 4hrs, increasing 15 minutes each week. Work up to brick workout of 3hr ride, 2hr run. (Wow, sounds kinda crazy to be working out for 5hrs straight...)

Recovery 5: You know what I'm going to say here.

Peak: I'm STUCK! Someone please explain to me what a "peak" should look like...

Taper: How long should I taper for?...


Recap on my week:

Monday: Started the week off good; 30 minute ride, followed later in the day by a 50 minute run. Run was pretty slow, with best friend. Ate good, had lots of trouble breathing and had since Saturday.

Tuesday: Very difficult 30 minute bike ride in the morning. Work in the evening. Left work early beacuse I couldn't breathe. Very frustrated, and very exhausted.

Wednesday: Had big plans because it was a day off--instead I spent the afternoon in the hospital with my mother as she had a procedure done. Ate icecream. Only bad food I had all week.

Thursday: Starting to not feel too great. Whole family had been sick. 45 minute run in the am, work in the evening. Still eating healthfully.

Friday: Reallyyy not feeling well. 45 minutes on bike in the morning. Took my sister to the museum in the evening. Played Wii Fit for awhile. Sleep.Didn't eat much all day.

Saturday: I think I might die. Worked from 8-4. Came home and napped. Babysat my sister (which include nothing more than movie watching and napping on the couch. Had a bath to try and get warm, and warmed up my heating pillow. Slept. Woke up with a burning chest and sat on the floor in my bathroom because thought I was going to throw up.

Sunday: Woke up about 10. Didn't run, didn't bike. Laid on my couch, until about 1130 at which time I had to go to work. Came home and played Wii fit for awhile, and then went to sleep. Following this I woke up and started writing this blog post.

Update on Lake Placid: And the million dollar question: can you make it so your Credit card has a negative balance? For example instead of saving money in an envelope and be temped to spend it, I could put it against my credit card and maybe have say--negative $1000.

I got my cabin. It's in Wilimington, 10 miles outside of Lake Placid. THey have them at a special rate for Ironman. And theres beds and a tv and stuff. It's perfect. I put my deposit down and got my confirmation (finally) today. I could take the greyhound to get there but I don't know if I can take my bike on the bus (nor do I know if I want to). The train is going to take 3 days. Like I said--dad will drive me if I'm in a pickle.

Now, I am committed to getting up early enough to catch up with alllll of your blogs, and get a bike ride in.

Goodnight loves!

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ok, I'm a little late.
Things have been crazy, busy, and fun!

I went to my Grumpy's for Christmas which was a lot of fun, even though we didn't get to stay as long as I wanted to stay. (This was my fault, I had to work on Boxing Day!) Guess what I got for Christmas?!? Guess.

Road cycling shoes!!! I also got the pedals and the cleats. I took my pedals to sporting life after a week of buying things that didn't fit into the pedals and then finding out I needed things like Torque wrenches and tension adjusters. They installed them for free, and I got home, and put the cleats on and got all excited and ready to go but i found out that I needed at 3mm allen key. My dad only has imperial allen keys and wrenches, so I have to go out and buy some today. I'm prettyyyyy excited though because it shouldn't take long once I have them.

New Years was pretty boring. I saw Marley and Me with my family--all 8 of us. Saddest movie in the world and I think it traumatized my little sister. I came home and fell asleep on the couch for awhile and almost missed New Years. Woke up at 11:30 and got a game of battleship going so I could stay awake. I was in bed by 12:10am. What a party animal I am.

Since Christmas, I ran 6 times, and biked 3. Not superb, but it's still keeping things alive. I've still been having problems with the breathing, and it's getting really old. Summer will be here beforeeee we know it. Haha, I'm trying to keep a positive mentality.

SO: Now what you really all care about.

I'm in Planning Mode!!!!!!

First things first: I've designed my Half Ironman Training Plan.

I've been reading going long, and I'm basing it around that.

I know, I know. You're just beside yourselves with excitement. BUTTTT You'll have to wait

I've been looking at hotels, and Bed and Breakfasts and cabins and motels and checking availability and calling people, and looking at bus tickets and train tickets and carpooling and bribing my dad to come and drive me.

The lodging is the most frustrating part.

Everyone either has a 5 or 7 night minimum, and many don't even have availability. There is one I am looking at but my dad doesn't like it because of the cancellation policy or something. It might just have to do.

I'm thinking about camping. Seriously.


Now, onto my first brick workout ever! You'll hear about that (and my training plan) tomorrow!