Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey Guys!

This has gotta be a quickie cause I gotta get on the bus in 15 minutes, cause I picked up some more shifts this week. After work tonight is my seminar on Excellence (which I'm incredibly excited about), so theres not going to be any blog reading or working out until tomorrow. I might even write you a better one tomorrow:)

Here's where I'm at with working out:

  • Run 3 days: 50 min, 35 min, 64 minutes. First one felt effortless, wasn't feeling the second one and the last one was hit and miss, but I was exhausted and had trouble breathing the rest of the day.
  • Swimming: Uhm...yeah. Not so much. Although that is my key limiter so I gotta get on that (That's from the book "Going Long") that I'm reading.

Now, I gotta 'run' but here's a quote from my new book (which I'm loving)

"Unless you test yourself, you stagnate. Unless you try to go way beyond what
you've been able to do before, you won't develop and grow. When you go for it
100%, when you don't have the fear of "what if I fail," that's when you learn.
That's when you're really living--Mark Allen (World Champion Triathlete)

Okay friends,

See you on the flip side!

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At 5:38 AM , Blogger Marlene said...

Great quote - thanks for sharing.

Sorry to hear you're still struggling with the breathing. :(

At 7:13 AM , Blogger Jess said...

You can skip your seminar on excellence and just study me -- for I am an excellent example of what I call swexcellence (sweet + excellent)!

At 6:36 PM , Blogger Marci said...

Glad you are back running, hope you enjoy your seminar!

At 8:45 AM , Blogger X-Country2 said...

Swimming just requires too much before and after business. :o) Stick with the running and good luck with the seminar!


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