Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stopping To Catch My Breath

Both figuratively and literally.

I haven't checked my e-mail in 12 days. (Yes, it's possible to be away from the computer that long in this day and age.)
I haven't visited blogs in about the same amount of time.
I haven't posted a blog for awhile.
I haven't been able to breathe properly since Tuesday night.
So I'm stopping. And breathing!

My runs have been mediocre.
I hate being mediocre. Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is to the top.
Not great. Some were bad, others were just okay.
My longest run has been 16km. I should be at about 20 or 22. I'm not too concerned about this, however, because I can just cut 6k off a 10k tempo run and tack it onto a long run. This way I'm not increasing my mileage too much.

Im running enough. I actually ran backwards into a big telephone poll. Hard. Hahah leave it to me. Im biking a lot (getting more comfortable with the road. I put in one headphone on a dull roar so I can't hear the cars as loud.) and I'm probably not eating enough. I'm down from 126 to 115. In a month. But whatever.

Yesterday I ran in a bra top. I'm not necessarily comfortable in it. I kept wanting to put my shirt back on. I took the before picture. I'll post that whenever my best friend sends it too me. My camera is lost. Joy. And it has not batteries.

Sunday I'm running a 10 miler.
It's my birthday.
I'm going to be in a new age group.
No hopes of winning again until I'm 80. (not that they were that great)
I'm just going to run it for fun, and to get to know the race course.
Which means another week of only a 16km long run.
Or I could do it Saturday morning.
But I have the race Sunday. I know I can run 22, so I'll probably do that Monday or Tuesday, and then do another long run on Sunday.
Or not. Like I said, I'm not too worried. The race is in 78 days, but thats still two months of intense training and healthy eating to get me ready.
And I have a decent base.

I'll catch up, maybe Saturday morning? Or Sunday after my race.
Miss me!



At 4:27 PM , Blogger Lily on the Road said...

Whoa, need to step back and look at all the positive things that are coming your way!

New age group, EHHH HAAAWWW! Happy Birthday!!!

Biking, running, BREATHING, these are all wonderful things...

Have a WONDERFUL race on Sunday...oh you sound like you need a BIG hug....take great care of yourself

At 6:53 PM , Blogger teacherwoman said...

Girl, I have been wondering where you have been! Glad to see you taking a breather! :)

Umm.. backwards into a telephone pole?!

At 7:44 PM , Blogger Steve Stenzel said...

Backwards into a telephone pole?!?!? Explain!!

And I'm a boy, so I don't know what a "bra top" is...

At 10:10 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Happy Birthday!! Gosh, you've lost a lot of weight in such a short time...are you sure you're o.k.? I find the computer motivating, but also very much could I accomplish if I wasn't on the computer?

At 8:19 PM , Blogger Marci said...

Gosh that's alot of weight in a short time. What's your secret? :) Make sure you take care of yourself.

At 6:23 AM , Anonymous Aunt Sue said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!! 20 years...I just can't believe it! You've turned into a beautiful, inspiring young woman, and I'm proud of you!! Keep up the good work, and any secrets you have about losing that weight in a month..just let me know!!


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