Friday, March 07, 2008

PC Road Warriors

It is far too early to be blogging.
Seriously. I dont have to be up for another 2hrs and here I lie in my bed with my laptop, blogging about running. Yahoo.

So, my Running Clinic--we now have a name. It came down to ' Triple Crown 2' and 'Road Warriors' and after the second round of voting (because everyone didn't vote the first time) it was 'Road Warriors'. So that's what I am now. lol. I am Tiger, a member of the PC Road Warriors. We're gonna get cool shirts for the race weekend. I still sorta wanna wear my own shirt--I think it's become like a tradition! I will, however, take my team shirt to put it on after my half marathon, while Im waiting for everyone to finish the full.

Speaking of full marathons--I'm looking into Ottawa the next weekend. Yeah. Sounds like it could be interesting. Nothing for sure yet. But I mean, exams will be done! I have from April 16th to the middle of May to refine/intensify my training.
Still though, I want to run a 3:40 on my first marathon and there is no way that I will be in that kind of shape in a month and a half. Specially cause I'm injured right now. Actually. I lied. I want to run like a 3:20 debut marathon, and finish upright and smiling not crawling across the finish line, and have the last 10k take me 90 minutes and have bzillions of people pass me.
It might be awhile before I run a marathon. Haha.

So Wednesday was a sucky day.
Lots of snow. Left my house at the time that I normally leave my house. Got to school, instead of being about a half hour early, I got there right on time!! The normally 30 minute bus ride turned into an hour and 10 minute long bus ride. Sucky.
So there were 30 ppl in my first lecture. Yeah. Usually there were 500 ppl. We did nothing...
My second lecture was a little busier, but we still did nothing.
I was supposed to have track and feild, but that was cancelled.. Seriously.

Then I went to my psych class. We were talking about stuff that I have been running away from for quite sometime. So I zoned out and surfed bumper stickers on facebook,until the break at which point I left. That was just not sometihng that I could deal with at that point.

So Seriously, why did I wake up? I could have just slept the day away.
After my retarded day, I went to the Running Room to run hills.
Ok--so the crappy day might be getting a little better.
I ran 4 hills. Even though everyone else is at 6. I don't really care, cause I don't want to hurt myself even more. But, that's double what I was doing before, so I guess that I should do 8 next week. Haha. Just kidding.
There was ice, and my hip flexor muscle sorta seized up. That wasn't very comfortable.
But yeah. Hills are getting better.

Yesterday I basically went to the library and did some work. I have another Running Room Curriculum to plan, so I sent out a bunch of e-mails. Hoping for responses soon.
Then I went to the Running Room. Auntie Helen was supposed to be there to see my dress, but she didn't show up :(!

Oh yeah, i don't think I mentioned this to you folks.
I have a formal coming up next Friday. Within the University there are a bunch of different college affiliations, and each college has their own formal.
Ours is called 'In the Still of the Night'...And it's open bar!Thank god the thing is on the Friday so I have Saturday to recover and be able to run our run on the race course on Sunday.
Everyone is gonna hear about formal then.
Hopefully I will be able to meet up with my friend for a little while after the run.

Um yeah. I'm going back to bed.
Goodnight (morning)


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