Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Is The Story Of A Really Bad Run

I haven't decided what caused this run to be stuper UN fantastic, so we can analyze it together.

The Story:

So, we set out to run 25k this morning. Yeah. It was fabulous. I was excited. Was supposed to be the highlight of my weekend. My knee was uhm numb due to advil (Don't say anything, thats not what the story is about), and I had even got up to have breakfast. I had a Banana and Peanut butter with a whole wheat tortilla (as per the breakfast reccommendation sheet), and set off to my run. Got there in time, got the bathroom, talked to some people and found my friend. Then, I set out on my run, and it was fantastic. Then we started running...

Even that was fine. Really it was. We were Running the route where I ran my first 18k in the heat, and got heat stroke. I was determined to kick it's ass this time. Seriously. I was excited. So we run, we walk (which came sooo fast!) drank water and fueled. It was good. Really, it was.
I didn't kill the hill so much as I did the last time. By like 40 minutes into the run, my tummy was starting to do very very very not nice things, which included cramping, naseau and telling me that I should have worn a diaper (TMI, I know). It wasn't too bad though, and there wasn't much around, so I ignored it. Thennn we get to the bottom of the Mississauga road hill. NOT a good thing. Not at all. But still, I ran up the hill at Mississauga road (I LOVE that hill btw). That might have been a mistake, because once again at the top of this hill, EVERYTHING fell apart. Everrryyythinngg. My knees had pain, my IT bands hurt (BOTH of them) and my tummy had become my WORST ENEMY! I seriously wanted to rip it out of my stomach and throw it in the middle of the road, but I know I couldn't. I ran until I was about 5k from the store. (NOTE: We were going to run practically to the store and then run another 8k loop-ish thing)

I then did something that I hate doing. I did something I never ever dreamed I would have to do again. I called my mom. Argh. It was frustrating. I would have rather burried myself in a whole by the side of the road rather than call them. BUT I did it. I managed 14k. Not 23k. Argh again.

Now I have some tylenol into me. And I have some gravol into me.

Possible Reasons for WHY I had such a bad run:

1) The influx of fruit I have been eating lately--well the last three days. This is my first run since starting to eat like that, and maybee my tummy doesn't like it. If it is this, I am hoping that I will get used to it.

2) The fourteen hour day I had worked the day before and the 4 hrs sleep I got today. It explains the knee but it doesn't explain the tummy issues.

3) The route!! I always have bad luck with that route. Who knows. It's just a matter of time before I have another random complication on that route.

Thanks for listening to my analysis.


I fail at life.
Haha. I was doing soo good on Friday. So good. But I am not yet sure about the good carbs that I can eat, so I was like, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that I brought from home. By like 1:00pm I was like ready to pass out. So I had some disgusting greasy thing (but it was chicken, like she said).
And work is almost impossible. I want something with substance (ie. BREAD!!!!) so I toasted a hot dog bun. Yeah.
Sooo hopefully I will get that figured out soon...

Anyways I got a psych test to study for and a tummy to yell at!
Take care my lovely friends,

Tiger <3


At 10:21 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Changing your nutrition can be a definite cause of the tummy issues. Good luck with figuring it out!! As far as the knee and IT issues. You might want to take it easy for a while. Masking the pain is not going to help you heal...

At 12:12 PM , Blogger Darren said...

Tiger, watch your pre- workout fiber intake. Having too much will definately cause problems. My pre run meal is usually eatin an hour before and is a mere 200 to 300 cals.. just enough to top up glycogen stores.

Like Wes said.. taking painkillers before a run to mask pain...
Get yourself fixed up.

At 1:24 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

Maybe you're dehydrated during your run again?


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