Sunday, February 17, 2008


Do You Ever get those days when you get up after oh, 3 hours sleep, don't want to get out of bed, and look at the weather report which calls for freezing rain, and you would just rather stay in bed.

You set your alarm for 6:30am to get up and make toast, but you forget why you set your alarm that early.

Your step-dad gets up at 7:00am, and you ask him why you set your alarm, and he reminds you that you were going to try the whole "eating before you run thing."

You finally figure out how to work the toaster, and wait 7 minutes, to find only that your peice of toast burnt. Or was too hard. You try it again, and this time succeed. You then slather on the nutella, and then have 1/2 a cup of orange juice.

Your then fight to get both your parents out of the house, and to the Ruuning on time, so that you can latch onto someone and not get left behind again. You succeed in getting there, using the washroom and latching on to someone. You beg your mom to wait until you get back, because you might not have been the nicest person in the world but it's calling for freezing rain so you don't want to have to take the bus.

You start your run far from comfortable. You start running and you feel like your knees are going to give out, and your lungs are going to explode. You forgot your mittens so your hands are cold. You drag your butt through your first set of 10 and 1's and start to finally settle into a comfortable pace, that is pain free.

You talk about school, and work and futures. You ask questions about your paper. You enjoy every minute of the company because it takes your mind of what REALLY is going on in your life.
You choke down your gels,about 45 minutes into the run, and drink an entire bottle of water after. You continue to trudge along.

About 10k, you hit a major street that's all the way downhill. Fabulous! you think, and quickly realize that the hill is pure ice. Everyone around you is slipping and falling and you can't help but giggle. After making it down the hill, you turn onto another road that is much less busy, and continue on your journey.

You continue to talk to your company about music, and running and biking trips to russia. Then you turn back onto lakeshore, and realize that there is a gianormous hill that you have to climb. You're only about 13k in, but considering that you hadn't run more than 13k since the clinic started, you're a little tired. But you decide to cheerfully announce that " You LOVE Hills!" And ask the person who has agreed to join you on this journey if she would like to "kill" the hill with you!

And kill the hill is what you do! It is a fabulous climb, and an even better descent! You are about to turn onto the street that would take you back to your starting destination. You debate taking another gel, and realize that you only have 5k to go, and that it probably wouldn't even kick in. So you continue by munching on Sports Beans, and drinking water, and talking.

You then decide to invent new words. The new word of the day is "Texture Mashing" It turns out that you are not the only one who doesn't like texture, and although most people call you picky, your new friend calls you a "Supertaster".

By this point you are hurting, and request a walk break, so that you can stretch. It is fabulous, and we are only 2k away, but it was much needed. You continue to run, and turn back onto lakeshore, where we take another quick break to see if we continue going straight or have to make a little detour. We are supposed to make a detour, but we look at our watches and decide that we will just stick to the 20k and go straight down lakeshore. After passing a group at Mississauga Road (walkers) you decide to push it the rest of the way. You get back to the store and find out that your average pace was 6:09/km, with the walking down the hill. That's fabulous, considering your LSD pace is like 6:22. You finish 20k in exactly 2hrs! Not bad, not bad.

You return to the store with snot running down your face, and grab tissue. You stretch-ish, and then go in search of your parents, whom you hope haven't left without you. You find them, and are on your way home, on a complete endorphin high. The run was fantastic. You couldve run another 10k had you had another gel.

It was one of those magic runs that make you remember why you started running in the first place.

You then go to the movies with your siblings after showering, and come out of the movie with a right knee (the acl, where you tore it) is swollen and really hurting. You have your siblings practically carry you to where your ride will meet you, and you fall into the car. You come home, and immediately put shorts on so you can ice it. Your knee is about double the size of the other one,and your getting nervous.

You put the ice on the skin, and start to write this blog.

Yeah. So. have you ever had one of those runs? (The fabulous part, not the stupid bleeping knee part)

So my reading week was super unproductive. So, whatever. I'll finish the essay by 10pm tonight.

Tomorrow is the new "FamilyDay", a sad attempt at another new holiday. Don't get me wrong though, I'll take an extra holiday wherever I can get it!

So, I thought I'd tell you about magic.
And procrastinate from uh, writing my paper.
I finished my food tracking, so I guess I'm one step closer to eating healthy.

Take care friends,
(Which, by the way, is NOT SLANG. It is phonetically correct)


At 4:41 PM , Blogger Wes said...

ROFL! I'm just pickin on ya Tiger! You can tell me to bugger off in a phonetically correct way :-)

Nice run, chica! You are an amazing and cold-bravery runner :-) Is that a new word?!!

Sorry to hear about your knee. I'll send (more) good thoughts your way!

At 4:39 AM , Blogger Ryan said...

You must be somehow related to my wife. It does not matter how many times she attempts to make toast, she still burns it EVERY time.

She is dishwasher illiterate also, though that might just be a ploy.

Great job with the run.

Some of my favorite runs have happened on days that I totally lacked motivation to even move!


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