Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow Globe

You know what bugs me? When people use ghetto english. It drives me crazy. (although crazy is not a word that should ever be mentioned around me.) You log on to facebook, and people change thier status and it says,
"I got mah license" instead of "I got my lisence"

Other words that bother me include "Fah instead of for, ruff instead of rough and babie instead of baby" Seriously.

Yep. But that's enough complaining for now.
I'm a pretty happy TiGrr.
I was so not feeling well yesterday. I was sooo naseous, and had such a bad tummy ache. It was just not a good thing. But it was a beautiful day for a run. Apparently right now, Canada is living up to it's cold,eskimo-like persona! We have had SO much snow over the past few days, it is ridiculous!
Even I'm not used to it. I feel like I'm a snow-globe and it's getting shaken up everyday! Just when you think the sidewalks are going to be clear cause it hasn't snowed in a few days, and everyones got them shoveled. It's not warm enough for the igloos to melt, but seriously! I just want something a little warmer! Or, wait. Not even warmer, I want less snow.

Anyways, got a little off topic there. I ended up dragging my ass to the Running Room. I met up with Daniellle, and we headed out on a 10k tempo run. (Note: Had she not been there, I might not have run at all. Or I was going to do several 1.5km loops, so I could bail if I needed too!)
Now this girl, she's super optimistic! She believes we should acknowledge tiredness and then just forget about it! We did do 10 and 1's even though it was supposed to be a steady run...but it's okay! Atleast I was running, right?
And it semi-worked. I didn't start feeling like I was going to puke again until 7k into the run. So yeah, the last 3k sucked. We had the clinic talk afterwards, and that was brutal. I wish I had gravol, because I was so naseous. I changed into warmer clothes really quickly, and then sat down to listen to a talk on Injury Prevention!
The guy was hardcore. And he was pretty funny.
Then Rick and I had to go to the grocery store to look for dinner (the last thing I wanted to do) and get cupcakes stuff for my sister's class. Then we couldn't find dinner, so we went to swiss chalet (Mine is still in the fridge).

Yep. So that was my Yesterday. It was fabulous-ish. Despite the feeling like crap part. Sunday's run is 19km. It'll be alright! Even though I haven't done a long run since we did 13k..yeah I missed all the 16k runs--I was hungover one week, ran away the second week, and left behind the third week...SO!
Oh well, anything under like 22k is now a peice of cake. Just time-consuming, that's all.
I get to work after this week though..It'll be fabulous.

So, as soon as the money comes in for my orthodics from the insurance company, I have to get a new Garmin on my Credit Card. Then it might take me a month or 2 to pay it off, but I really think I need one.
We start hills next week! Yay! I like hills--sorta. They're going to be some pretty intense hills.

My Nutrition should be in order soon, as I am going to see a nutritionist very shortly.

Hmm..not much to talk about. I'm in the writing process of my paper now. How exciting.
I just have to go to the library to get one more book title, because the one that I got called "Men In Sports," I guess I didn't look at carefully enough at the book, because it is a compilation of non-scholarly stories. SOoOoO.. yeah, that's where I am going to be. Fabulous, huh? Not so much, actually!

Take Care My Blogger Friends,
I'll check back with you after valentines day is over (I HATE VALENTINES DAY!!!!)


P.S. I hope you all wrote love on your arms yesterday!
I did! :o) *BUT it sweat off during my 6:30 run.


At 4:52 AM , Blogger Wes said...

You crack me up sometimes! Is TiGrr ghetto english? ROFL!!! Glad you are feeling a little better!

At 8:12 AM , Blogger Ryan said...

I got mah Garmin, u'll luv yers 2.

It wuz ruff b4 2 hold tempo pace b4 i gots mah Garmin.

Gots 2 go bak 2 werk.

were u talkin bout hatin sumfin



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