Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lifestyle Overhaul

SoOoOo Lots to tell since my last blog--LIFESTYLE OVERHAUL!
Let's go in order:

1) Last Sunday's horrible horrible run was not due to the influx of fruit or anything, it was due to the stomach flu. Yes. I caught the stomach flu half way through my run. Well, I guess it was already brewing but it made itself incredibly apparent during my run. I went home, probably ran the extra 12k that I didn't get in on the run, going between bedroom and the bathroom. 2 gravols, and a few tylenols and I was out like a light for about 14 hours. Missed my morning classes, only went to track and feild, where I just raked the little thing. So. yes.
However, I know it may not have been the route, but since some people were supposed to run the Chilly Half Marathon this weekend, and I didn't sign up, and my other friend didn't sign up, we were supposed to run the same run again... I've checked with her and she doesn't mind if I re-vamp the run...NOT on that route. Superstitious--Maybe!

2) Went to Doctor Stephanie's again on Tuesday. Hadn't been there in awhile. My IT band is actually feeling better; I mean when she rubs her hand up along the scar tissue, it still hurts just not as much. However, she decide that we should work on my knee. I didn't outright TELL her that it was hurting. She just asked me to straighten my right leg, and I just sort of said that it wouldn't straighten. So she worked on it, and I had to hold my breath to keep from dying. Yeah. It hurt REALLY bad. But then I left, and limped on to my next appointment.

3) Immediately after leaving Dr. Stephanie's I headed over to meet with the nutritionist at our local grocery store. (She's also the leader of my clinic)...We walked through the grocery store to show me what I should and shouldn't buy, and she gave me quick ideas for things like trail mix and other kinds of snacks to take on the go, so I don't buy junkfood at school! She's very good about not making me eat textures that I don't like. Cause I made it clear that I cannot handle texture mashing. HOWEVER, I can't eat Mr. Noodles or Kraft Dinner anymore. That upsets me. I guess I will get used to it. I asked her before we left how long she honestly thought that it would take me to get better at the healthy eating thing. We decided that if I slowly wean myself into it that it won't take long at all but if I go crazy then I'll hate it and not want to do it.

4)Healthier eating, part 1: Not a good day to start I guess. I was exhausted ALL day, and I had a psych test. I kept dozing off during my psych test, and I was so frustrated. I slept on all the buses I took that day and had a nap during my hour break after track and feild. So Im not sure how I did on that test. No more redbull...

5) Wednesday was hill day. I didn't take any advil before I ran this time. YES I understand that masking the pain doesn't heal anything, however that doesn't mean that I'm not going to ignore the pain ANYWAYS so I figure I may as well make it as comfortable as possible and get through the run. So I ran to the hill, with the full intention of doing 5 super fabulous hill repeats, but after the 2nd hill repeat my knee was done. So, guys you will NEVER guess what I did. Wanna guess? Well I'll tell you...I LISTENED TO MY BODY and stopped after only 2 hills. It took a lot to not continue to run , and sit and wait for my friend in the FREEZING cold, but I did! And remember, I was exhausted

6) Dr. Steph, Part 2: We.are.not.on.good.terms. She hurt me today! She hurt me to the point that there were tears in my eyes and I wanted to kick my foot away and run as far and fast as I could. But I laid there and almost died. I asked her about a stretch for my like knee and she told
me to stretch my adductors and stuff. As much as I dislike her though, my IT band is actually stretching out. And she's a nice person actually, but she hurts me. Hahaha.

7) 10k run: Fabulous. Best run I have had in awhile. Started out strong in the beginning, but faded out just a little bit. It was pretty good though. I really enjoyed it actually. I wish, however, that I would have been able to keep the pace throughout the whole thing, but overall I am happy with the run. I was able to generally keep up with the people around me. Then, I changed and drank some water and stretched and waited for my ride to come and get me.

8) Redbull withdrawl sucks. My head hurts, and I'm tired and irratible and really easily frustrated! Don't try going cold turkey when you drink on average 2 a day and then don't drink any.. Yeah, that is a bad idea.

9) HEALTHY FOOD TAKES SO LONG TO COOK!!!!! I came home from my run with the intention of making a simple stirfry. Veggies, brown rice, steamed vegetables. Took a very long time. Infact it's 10:10pm and I am eating my dinner. DINNER!!!!! Oh well I also have lunch for tomorrow too! Now I have to pack my veggies and fruits, and my water and my bagel. Yeah.

10) This is not a diet! This is a lifestyle choice. If this was a diet, I would probably not be eating, because that's how I roll. SO please, don't call it a diet, and don't think it's a diet because it's not. I figure if I get my nutrition under control NOW then I won't have so many problems in the future that have to do with food!

11) It's -27 degrees celcius today. I want winter to be over!

That is all! Thanks for reading <3



At 6:28 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Wha? No more Kraft Dinners? Grrrrr :-) Here's the secret to cooking fast. Take an hour on the weekends to PREP IN ADVANCE :-) Then, hire someone to clean up for you :-D

At 11:00 AM , Blogger P.O.M. said...

Thanks for the hill advice.

Ok, healthy eating can be quick. Get a George Forman grill. Take out chicken, fish, lean pork or meat before work. Come home and grill it up. Max cooking time is 9 mins for chicken. Throw on some low sodium teriyaki and call it aday. I cut whatever veggies are laying around - throw in pan with a little olive oil & some spices - 5 mins. Done.

I ate a variation of that for dinner every night for about 3 months and lost 30 lbs.

At 8:18 AM , Blogger Reluctant Runner said...

Hey, Tiger. I feel your pain when it comes to healthy eating. And I also admire your determination. I agree with the "cook on weekends and eat through the week" approach. That really works for me. Soups are great for this -- and healthy.

At 8:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Very cool and very motivating. I really really really want to run right now; weren't we saying it was a great stress reliever? I want to strangle someone here right now very badly.
-Your running buddy

At 10:52 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Wow, you've been a busy little Tiger, haven't you?

> stopped after only 2 hills

I don't believe it! Did hell freeze over or something? Just kidding. I think you made a wise choice. There's always tomorrow.

At 6:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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