Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do ONE Thing A Day That Scares You

SO Hi.

I just thought that you all should know that I, Tiger, went to go and donate blood today. Yep. I drank lots, and ate lots and all was fine.
Then when they did the finger prick test where you determine if your capable of donating, and it was determined that I have low iron.
I was so brave and so ready too.
Just thought I should tell you.

Oh, and heres my new thing:

"Do One Thing A Day That Scares You"
So TODAY, Day 1: I went completely ready to donate blood. And I couldn't. So I think that counts.

I think you should try it to. Cause we regret more in life that we don't do than what we do right?

And I was listening to a song today. It's called 'Speeding Cars' by Imogen Heap.
I like the words.
Here's a chorus:

There, there baby,
It's just textbook stuff,
It's just the ABC's of Growing up.
Now, Now darlin', Oh don't loose your head
'Cause none of us were angels,
And you know I love you, yeah.

k. So I like it. And I don't really feel like explaining why. You can find the whole set of lyrics here.
I think if you read them you'll understand why.

I had a good hill run yesterday. Well maybe not necessarily good, but I got out there. I was doing it in leiu of tomorrows hills cause I didn't know how I would be feeling, but it turns out I could have just rested yesterday. It's ok though.
Was supposed to run 26k in Hamilton on Sunday but apparently it's been moved to Saturday--which is the day after formal.
Formal is open bar.
So. The options are: I do my 29k run in Port Credit and make it as HILLY as possible, maybe do some hill repeats.


Go to Hamilton by myself on the Sunday. But if I do that, I will have nowhere to put my bag and stuff. So I'll figure that out whenever. Im leaning more toward the 29 in PC, as HILLY as possible. Yeahh.

So Dr. Steph tonight. I get my orthodics:) Gotta run tonight just because.
OH! P.s. you wouldn't believe it. I ran 18k in like 30cm of snow. Mind you that 18k took a long time, but it was SO much fun. Me and my running buddy had good conversation and explored a lot of new neighborhoods. And I think we trespassed too. Hahaha. Yeah.

We gotta move out of our house for the next 3 days so they can fix our floors. Don't know if I told you this either but the floors were flooded after we came home from Niagara falls. So we have to get them redone. Boo.

But "Be Everything That Scares You," my friends and have a good day



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