Thursday, May 28, 2009

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I need a fresh start.
In more ways than one.
Good place to start? Why the blog of course. Anybody have any solutions to the issues on screen (random "GO" bar) let me know!

Bear with me for awhile. I have to make this iron thing official

Friday, May 01, 2009

Second Guessing

I need your honest opinions.
Seriously. If you don't think it's a good idea for me to do it, then let me know. Please. I was going to write..."If you don't think I can do it, please let me know"...but I know I can do it. I just don't know if I should.

I'm talking about the Peterborough Half Ironman.

Here's my Logic:

  1. Race is coming, Training is not: Biked outside 2 times, 90 minutes on trainer once a week. Outside is so much harder. Swimming--haven't been in the pool since February, if we're being completely honest. A couple of reasons too. The big one is that it's the hardest place for me to breathe. As for running, I'm not even in peak running fitness.
  2. It's so expensive: Well maybe not expensive compared to ironman, but I get to go to school for an extra 2 months...and buy bus passes and stuff. And I can't work as much as I was planning on it. And I have to save money to get to lake placid (well gas for the car...lodging is already paid for). And it's $125.
  3. I don't know why I used numbers: because I only had two points. I am going to go to Kingston in June. For 3 weeks. 3 weeks of perfect training time. If I can get myself into reasonable shape, then I can spend my time doing long rides and long runs and long swims. It's the perfect area and place. I love it.

But I don't know. My reason behind doing the peterborough half was to have a little confidence going into lake placid to sign up. (BECAUSE I WILL SIGN UP!). Maybe I could do an olympic in August. Do some fake halfs in December. Then

And I'm thinking--I wouldn't have gone into my first half marathon just winging it. I trained hard. For months. And I don't feel like this is something I should wing. I have papers due. (One 10 pg), 4 more midterms, 8 labs, and then finals. Plus I work, and am running a run club out of the store. Yeah.

The other thing I could do is train like I'm going to do it, and then sign up a few weeks in advance if I feel ready. That's totally not commiting, but this way if I don't think I'm ready, then I can back out and not loose anything. I don't think there is a cap on the race, and you can register race weekend for an extra 15$.

In Other News:

Em's army is running their first half marathon next weekend. I have two girls that are going to rock it and bring it in under two hours and I have another two who are going to rock it in about 2:30. I'll be running with them, and enjoying the race. I will also be winging this race. I did a 16k on Monday, and I'm doing one today as well. I'll be able to finish...The girls will be making race reports for you to read after the race. Wait until you see the shirts we have for this year! I'm soo excited!

In More News:

"You have, at this very moment, everything you need to deal with whatever life decides to throw at you"--Brian Tracey.

Sorta what gets me through my days. Yep.

So let me know what you're thinking about the half iron. Honestly. And I don't care if you tell me what I dont want to hear. And I promise not to hate you for it if you do. Just so you know.

I'll catch up soon!