Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A long Overdue Update

Good news...Life is busy!
And it's kinda the exciting kind of busy. Not the stressful busy, it's the ok, kinda sorta figuring things out staying completely distracted until nighttime busy. And I'm enjoying it.

What I'm not enjoying is the part where I lay down at night and everything that I've been avoiding all day. And then I end up sitting there worrying about it until morning. I have some pretty amazing friends who put up with my blackberry messenger messages anywhere between 1-4am. I'm slowly coming up with a plan for this, BUT I'm pretty worried about starting it. And I'm not ready to say anything else about it. So we'll leave it at that. You can make up your own ideas, or try typing into the random magic GO Bar I have, but that's all you're getting:)

This weekend coming up is the weekend before my birthday. So I took Saturday off, and I'm going out Saturday night. i'm spending the day getting all beautiful (hair done, new outfit, and new shoes). Coming home to make jello shooters, and then pre-drinking. THEN I'm going out to a pub and having a good time. And I'm going to forget alll of my responsibilities for one night. I think I deserve that!

The following week is pretty busy...I have to get my bike repaired. Member when I fell off it?? WELL now the gears don't work. So I'm going into gears on Monday. Working the rest of the week, and working a boxing day type sale on Friday in Oakville. People who live in my area..come out. It's called midnight madness. And apparently they close down the streets and bbq corn and stuff. Party.

Saturday I'm taking a "beginner bike class". They teach you how to clip in, about proper gear selection and group ride ettiquette. Then you go on a ride. It's about time I guess.

The following weekend...I go to Lake Placid. To sign up for Ironman. Woahhh I still can`t get over that. I`m crazy or something. And it makes me a little naseous to think about it. But once I drop 700$ canadian on the thing, I`m pretty sure I`m gonna be super intense at training and I`ll be super fit within like 2 months and then I`ll do an amazing ironman and do so well that they invite me to do kona and i become a pro. Or I atleast finish. Hey, a girl can dream, right

Oh, and I`m now a licensed driver. Don`t worry, I won`t have my own car for a few months. As in like 20 months. Or 28. Or something. No roadtrips for me.
But I want to drive to Florida when I get my own car. Or texas. or Arizona. Or...Ohio. Or somewhere. Theres this chicken finger place in Ohio...they sell only Chicken fingers. Yeah. I would drive there just for chicken fingers. My favourite food.
If I do Ironman, does that mean I cant have chicken fingers...

I had a really good goal coacching and have some very exciting things in progress. I`m baccck home now. And I`m happier. Things aren`t different but I have thicker skin.

And that`s about it. I have pics but they is all on my crackberry. So You`ll have to wait. `
I`m going to catch up with you guys now.

Does anyone know how to make a `google reader`